Insights Into Upcoming The Sivok-Rangpo Rail Project

Introduction: The upcoming  Sivok – Rangpo rail project is going to be the fastest route from West Bengal to Sikkim for the Indian Soldiers as it will be easy for them to commute in this area. 

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) along with IRCON international limited, which was formerly Indian Railways Construction Company Limited has proposed to construct the 44.98km in the breathtaking journey time of 2 hours which was impossible through the mountain terrains and forest reserves.

Features: The project has several benefits as the Northeast parts of the area from Sivok to Rangpo has a single road route which is not smooth. Traveling on this route is very tough, The  Sivok Rangpo rail line will become the ultimate solution for the regular passengers and tourists in that area.

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Strategic Importance: The journey will also cover Sivok, Reang, Teesta Bazaar, Meli and Rangpo stations along with the Teesta bazaar railway station which will also be developed underground. The rail project will span across the total distance length of 44.98kms, also crossing the 19 bridges and 14 tunnels.

The tunnels on this route will cover the distance of 38.55kms along with the longest tunnel covers 5270 meters and the smallest tunnel covering  538 meters. Amazingly these tunnels will cover 85% of the journey. The rail will go through with mountains and valleys to connect Sikkim to the Main Indian Railway network for the very first time.

Development and Booster: The Sivok – Rangpo project is also a green project as it takes care of the environment, also this rail project will not disturb the environment as the train passes through tunnels. The line will cross the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Kurseong  Forest division, Darjeeling Forest Division, Kalimpong Forest division and the East Sikkim Forest divisions. 

This line will also improve the trade industries like medicines, hydropower projects which helps as the power generation source of Sikkim.


Conclusion: The Sivok – Rangpo rail project makes the travelling easy for the people of West Bengal and Sikkim and also for the tourists across the country and the world.  Travelling across these routes will make the travel cheaper and time saving and will also improve the socio – economic welfare of the region. Mostly this route will help to shut down the landslides, jams and etc. in monsoons.

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