Insights on monitoring and safety preventive measures during the operation of Tunnel Boring Machine in Phase-2 of CMRL project

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CMRL has ventured into an extensive infrastructure development in the city comprising of 3 more corridors of metro rail for a total length of 118.9 km & 128 no’s of stations being funded by several multi-national funding agencies including the JICA, ADB and AIIB.

More details:

  • The first TBM tunnel drive in Phase-II has already commenced and CMRL has undertaken several safety measures in TBM tunnelling to ensure the safety of the public.

Safety Preventive measures in TBM Tunnelling:

  • Ground Monitoring instruments are installed in the ground surface above tunnel alignment.
  • Structural monitoring instruments are installed in the buildings above the tunnel influence zone.
  • The instrument readings are recorded on a daily basis during TBM Tunnelling.
  • Ground distortion observation is ensured by the Surface monitoring team during tunnelling.
  • Existing building surveys including Structural & Plastering cracks are recorded and are acknowledged by residents.
  • The building cracks that are found widen up after TBM crossing are repaired completely.
  • All bore wells/Open wells in the influence zone properties are considered for Temporary/Permanent plugging.
  • Permanently plugged bore wells are provided with alternate bore wells.
  • Open wells must be closed and provided with alternate bore wells.
  • Bore wells which are plugged temporarily during TBM pass-through, adequate water supply is ensured for the residents.
  • In-case of buildings listed out as unsafe, evacuation of occupants is ensured with alternate accommodation for two months or as required.
  • In the event of any old age building structurally unsafe after tunnelling, new construction will be considered.

Mr. T. Archunan, Director(Projects) has said “Several safety measures are being undertaken during the tunnel drive as there are various parameters to be monitored while the TBM is being operated like water pressure adjustment considering the water table in the area, even the slightest modification will impact the roads on the surface and nearby buildings. Hence its most crucial that we monitor every 50m to ensure smooth and safe working space in the area without creating impact”

Source: Chennai Metro- Press Release  | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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