Insights on Progress of MMRC’s works in 2021

MMRCL are beginning the new year on a very positive note. As they look back at their journey in the last two years, it’s noteworthy to mention that they have executed works worth more than five thousand crores during the period April 2020 and December 2021.

  • On 7th January 2022 they are working with almost full capacity of more than  16,000 workers and they have completed 97% of tunnelling and82% of civil work. 
  • The eleven stations – Cuffe Parade, Vidhan Bhavan, Churchgate, Hutatma Chowk, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai Central, Siddhi Vinayak, CSMI-T2, Marol, MIDC and SEEPZ – are showing more than 85% of completion. 
  • Mahalaxmi, Science Museum, Worli, Dadar, Dharavi, BKC, Vidyanagari,  Santacruz, CSMI T-1 and Sahar Road are showcasing more than 75% progress. 
  • The remaining five stations – Girgaon, Kalbadevi, Grant Road, Shitaladevi, Aacharya are Chowk – have progressed around 50%.
  • Also, during the period from April 2020 to December 2021: they have completed 6,721 meters of Tunnelling Segment Rings, 33,514 square meters of Base-Slab, 48,336 square meters of Concourse Slab, 8,942 square meters of Mezzanine / Car Park Slab and 58,503 square meters of Roof Slab. 
  • On the Systems part,16 escalators have been delivered – out of which 2 have been installed at Siddhi Vinayak station and  one at MIDC station.  
  • 4 lifts are delivered and one each has been installed at MIDC and Siddhi Vinayak station.
  • The other two are at the assembling stage. 
  • It is also noteworthy that two trains are ready, and another is in the process and that more than 15% of tracks are already laid which work is progressing.
  • In this year 2022, many a major work will happen such as completion of tunnelling, installations of systems, architectural finishes to the stations, filling back and restoration of the original pieces of lands that were claimed for the project, track  works, electrification, and air conditioning of stations etc. 
  • They had to put in a lot of effort and planning into implementing the Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro-3 Corridor.

Covid-19 pandemic:

  • They may state that sans pandemic the project figures could have looked much  better than what they appear on 7th January 2022.
  • The two pandemic waves indeed affected the project progress. 
  • During the first wave as well as in the second wave they worked with restricted number of workers as bulk of the labour went back to their hometowns. 
  • They faced shortage of skilled workers and technicians for works such as control blasting and other special applications, equipment,and machinery operators etc. 
  • Many experts and consultants also were not available at crucial junctures for want of international and domestic travel restrictions.  
  • Disturbed  supply-chain also played its part in completion of activities requiring diverse resources. 
  • Also, the covid impact was not localised to a certain geographic area but on the entire world. They had to move many meetings to online mode. 
  • However, for a project of this nature there is a limitation to such measures and physical movements and interactions are unavoidable.
  • After the workforce returned, albeit gradually, they strived hard to achieve targets.
  • They followed and are following all the covid-19 related rules, regulations and instructions laid down by the state government scrupulously at all places such as offices, work sites, tunnels, casting yards etc. 
  • Along with medical facilities. The year 2022 will bring in new challenges.  
  • Let us not forget the pandemic continues and pandemic made us, and the project suffer.  
  • Obviously, there will be restrictions on work, manpower, skilled workforce, supply chains, experts,and general speed of the work. 
  • People are affected psychologically and are weary of unknown fears. 
  • However, despite these limitations all stakeholders are committed to deliver their best and keep the progress on fast track.

Souce: MMRC-Press Release