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Do we need Smart Transportation?

Dubai, UAE, August 30, 2016 – According to demographic forecasts, the world population will reach 9 billion by the year 2050 with 70% living in urban areas, according to a United Nations survey.A strong emphasis on solving problems faced by people living in the world’s cities is therefore needed. Some of the main challenges lie in addressing unmet and growing needs for sustainable mobility, while at the same time greatly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources.

This brings about the question of whether or not we’ll be running out of oil within the next fifty to a hundred years. However, while there are conflicting opinions on this matter, countries worldwide are working towards alternative smart solutions. This was clearly evident when last December almost 200 countries from every corner of the world signed the Paris Agreement, committing to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, forging ahead towards a low-carbon future.

A study in 2013 indicated that approximately 43 percent of oil was consumed in the road transportation sector. Thus, this is the sector with the largest amount of consumed oil. Furthermore, Oil demand in the transport sector experienced annual average growth of 33.4 million tons between 1973 and 2012. Naturally, this is related to the increased use of transport vehicles such as passenger cars and airplanes.

Government representatives, private companies, industry experts and academic researchers will be gathering in Abu Dhabi on October 25 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center to discuss the future of transportation in tomorrow’s smart cities at 2nd edition of NATRANS Expo. The two-day event will showcase efficient mass transit solutions, transport regulations and new global trends in order to help steer the future investment in modern transport systems. It is also dedicated to sustainable transport solutions and smart cities involving all forms of connected mobility and infrastructure.

NATRANS Expo is held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuami, Minister of Infrastructure Development, and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime.His Excellency Abdullah Salem Alkathiri, Director General of the Federal Transport Authority Land & Maritime said in a press conference held earlier this year: “The UAE is always attracting the latest trends and discoveries in numerous aspects of the transportation technology that will bolster the UAE’s initiatives to advance its society in various sectors.” H.E. added that the Federal Authority supports NATRANS Expo due to its major success in putting forward many important topics and attracting companies to showcase their creative and effective contributions to the transportation sector, which will eventually help in supporting the development of the UAE and the Arabian Gulf. Two Technical Conferences will be running parallel to the event; one conference will be discussing sustainable transportation and one will be dedicated to IoT in transportation. The conferences aim to be the industry’s meeting point for all top transport professionals. It will deliver a diverse line up of industry experts, academics and market leaders with more than 75+ speakers from 30 countries and over 300 delegates. Both conferences will discuss the very latest in the future of transportation systems. Key topics include: Smart Infrastructure, Future of Parking, Smart Ports and Planes, Hyperloop, walkability, IoT implementation and the 2030 vision.

One of the main speakers at the conference, Stephen Goldie, City Planning Advisor, at Al Ain Municipality commented: “My topic is – Out of the Box: Walkability- and will explain the theory behind walkability that I have developed over many years of professional practice in land use – transport integration and how this can inform expenditure decisions regarding the benefit cost of various options, such as footpath/sidewalk improvements versus closer station/stop placement”.
He added: “Walking is the most sustainable means of transportation, so it is significant everywhere, but it is particularly significant in the Gulf Region as cities progress to or beyond populations of one million and public transport becomes imperative. Without an excellent understanding of walkability applied in the initial planning stages public transport systems are likely to be inefficient and overly expensive”.
“NATRANS is the premier event dedicated to sustainable transportation in the middle east so, as an urban planner and designer with vast experience in land use and transport integration, it enables me to inform a wide audience of professionals involved in such projects”. Goldie concluded.

Exhibition Director Alex Heuff said: “As part of the UAE ‘School Bus Safety Week’ in October, NATRANS Expo are pleased to host the School Bus Safety Masterclass Workshop on the first day of the event. This free to attend, half day workshop guarantees to be fun and informative. Open to all transport professionals and head school principals as we discuss how to improve school bus safety, training, recruitment, maintenance, route management, customer service and public relations. The Bus Safety workshop welcomes 10 senior speakers from Transport Research (TRL), Department of Transport, Road Safety UAE, Abu Dhabi Police and School Transport Services LLC Dubai”.

“Fleming are pleased to be part of the School Bus Safety Week; we recognize the importance in helping reduce the deaths on our nation’s roads. Accountability lies with both the schools and parents to be better informed on how to keep our school buses and public transport infrastructure safe and secure. With the new academic year starting this week will see tighter safety measures on school buses. In Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) introduced a few changes to school bus specifications earlier this year. An electronic tracking system using GPS technology became mandatory on school buses operating in Dubai. Many buses were already equipped with real-time satellite tracking before it became mandatory”. Heuff Concluded.

NATRANS Expo is organized by Fleming. and with the support of the Federal Transport Authority Land and Maritime. With Last Mile Consortia as the platinum sponsor, Honeywell as the Gold Sponsor, Lean Park as the parking innovation partner and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies as the Strategic Partner. Several big players in the market will also be participating at the event, such as Omnix, Fybr, Aeromobil, Mitsubishi, XRAIL, Emirates Driving Company and Tactical Partners AECOM and ATKINS.

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