Integrated Intelligent Solutions and Technologies bags contract for commissioning of Building Management system at 17 stations of Metro Line-2A

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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to M/s Integrated Intelligent Solutions and Technologies Pvt. Ltd (I2ST) for the work “Contract AE-07R: “Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Building Management system at 17 stations of Mumbai Metro Line-2A.”

  • Contract No.: AE-07R
  • Awarded Value: INR 4.84 Crore 
  • Work Completion Period (in days): 365

In July this year, DMRC had invited a tender for Contract: AE-07R.


  • The objective of the contract is the Building Management System. In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works.
  • Building Management System at Elevated stations of Line 2A of Mumbai Metro: Shall include 17 nos. Elevated stations of Line 2A of Mumbai Metro From D.N. Nagar to Dahisar and shall be done in accordance with Employer’s Requirements and the other requirements of the Contract.
  • Building Management System at Elevated stations of Line 2A of Mumbai Metro: shall be of highest standards available using proven up-to-date good Engineering practices. 
  • The Specification shall in any case not specify standards which, in the Engineer’s opinion, are less than or inferior to those described in the Technical Specifications contained in the Tender Documents.
  • Contractor shall use the material/components/products make as approved by the employer’s representative before execution of the work.

Scope of Work:

The contractor will execute the work i.e., “Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Building Management System at 17 stations of Mumbai Metro Line-2A”

  • SITC of Building Management System.
  • Integration of BMS with systems of E&M, S&T etc as required.
  • Any other associated works.

The Above Works are indicative only and not exhaustive.

NOTE: – The work may be carried out during 24X7 hours as required as per site condition. Scope of work shall also include the following.

  • De-mobilization, clearing of all temporary works after completion of work.
  • Any other item of work as may be required to be carried out for completing the work under this contract in all respects in accordance with the provisions of the contract and/or to ensure the safety of installation during and after execution.
  • Handing over the commissioned system.
  • The contractor may be asked to carry out above said work anywhere in the metro network in Mumbai.
  • False ceiling & False flooring removal (for installation of cable trays, cable laying etc.) and its reinstallation (once the work is complete) is in the scope of this work.
  • Minor Masonry works (As required) and its repair including painting is also covered in this work.

Taking Over of the System: 

  • DMRC/ MMMOCL shall take over the commissioned system after thorough testing conducted by its technical team in order to ensure that the equipments are fully functional as per the requirement of DMRC. 
  • The systems do not encounter any shortcomings/loss/failure on account of distance problem or any other communication/network. 
  • Once the system has been made fully operational, thereafter the contractor shall inform DMRC to conduct joint testing to check its conformity to DMRC’s requirement. If the work done by the contractor has been satisfactory, a joint note shall be prepared and system will be taken over by DMRC/ MMOCL. 
  • If the system experiences any failure or shortcoming or DMRC/ MMMOCL engineer suggests any additional requirement in order to make the system more effective/aesthetic the contractor shall immediately undertake the same. 
  • Only after preparing the joint note, the system shall be taken over by DMRC/ MMMOCL.

About Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Dahisar – D.N. Nagar):

  • Metro Line 2A from Dahisar to D N Nagar is 18.589 km. long elevated corridor with 17 stations.
  • It shall provide interconnectivity among the existing Western Express Highway, Western Railway, Metro Line 1 (Ghatkopar to Versova), the ongoing Metro Lines 2B (D N Nagar to Mandale) & 7 (Andheri (E) to Dahisar (E)) and the proposed Metro Line 6 (Swami Samarth Nagar to Vikhroli).
  • It shall facilitate smooth and efficient interchange with the suburban rail system and MRT system at Dahisar and D N Nagar.
  • It shall provide connectivity between the Western, Central Mumbai and the Northern suburban Mumbai.
  • It shall provide rail based access to the commercial and geographical landmarks in Mumbai.
  • It shall reduce the current travel time by anything between 50% and 75% depending on road conditions.

Source: DMRC-Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): BEML

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