IRCON invites bids for Carrying out electrical utility shifting with construction of ROB between Godhra-Ratlam section

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IRCON International Limited on behalf of Western Railways has invited online bids in the Single packet system from limited firms / companies on prescribed forms for execution of the work detailed in the given below.

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/3021/ROB-Guj/32and28-EU/21/02
  • Name of Work: Carrying out electrical utility shifting (underground/overhead as per site condition) in connection with construction of ROB in lieu of LC No. 28 (Piplod) & 32 (Pania), between Godhra-Ratlam section of W.Rly. in the state of Gujarat.
  • Completion Period: 120 days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 29-Oct-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 08-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 29-Oct-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 08-Nov-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 09-Nov-2021

Scope of Work:

Western Railway has decided to construct ROBs at LC- 44 in Dahod, Gujarat. At these locations several utilities are falling in the alignment of the ROB which are required to be shifted. This tender has been called for shifting of the Electrical utilities falling in the alignment. The scope of work is mainly consisting of:

  • Shifting of the existing electrical utilities to the suitable place so that execution of ROB is not obstructed and to continue the services to the users.
  • The utilities are to be shifted underground / overhead as per availability of land also considering the safety of the people dwelling nearby.
  • Shifting of utilities may be done by using new/ old materials as per instruction of the engineer.
  • Before the start of shifting work, the contractor will make a proposal drawing for shifting of the Electrical utilities and will be approved by IRCON/ Railway officials.
  • The work has to be executed as per approved plan only.
  • If required as a statutory requirement or instructed by IRCON/ Railway official contractor will arrange for the testing of the material to be used in shifting of utilities for which no additional payment will be done.
  • After completion of the work, the contractor will prepare a completion drawing and list of inventories. 
  • This will be jointly signed by the contractor, IRCON official and Railway official. After completion of shifting of utilities the full system of shifted utilities will be handed over to the Electrical department of Railway for their operation. 
  • After commissioning of the work it will be maintained by the contractor up to defect liability period. 
  • The defect liability period for this work will be up to completion and commissioning of the ROB.
  • The scope of work is not limited to mentioned above but the scope of work also mentioned in Technical Specification or any where in tender document is to be also included.

About IRCON International Limited:

  • IRCON International Limited (IRCON), a Schedule “A” & Mini Ratna-I Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU), incorporated by the Ministry of Railways, Central government, under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited.
  • IRCON is an integrated engineering and construction company in India operating since last 44 years with specialization in major turnkey infrastructure projects, including Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels, Aircraft maintenance hangars, Runways, EHV sub-stations, Metro & MRT, and others.

Website may be referred for detailed terms and conditions of the bidding documents, which is available online.

Recent Tender:

Recently, IRCON International Limited has invited the following tenders:

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/ELECT/5040/RE NFR PKG 2/EPC/6
    • Name of Work: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Railway Electrification work for Badarpur Jn. Excl. (BPB) Badarpur-Jiribam, Katakhal-Bhairabi & Badapur-Karimganj-Sabroom incl. Karimganj-Maishasan, Agartala-Akaura & Baraigram-Dullabachera & Sidings of Sections (557.870 RKM / 692.393 TKM) of Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) (Package No. 2) on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Mode”
    • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 5,837,180,243/-
    • Completion Period: 660 Days
    • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 15-Nov-2021
    • Bid Opening Date: 14-Dec-2021 
    • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 27-Oct-2021     
    • Document Download / Sale End Date: 13-Dec-2021  
    • Bid Submission Start Date: 01-Dec-2021 
    • Bid Submission End Date: 13-Dec-2021 
  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/2065/CGM-KTE/ERC/95
    • Name of Work: Manufacturing and Supply of Elastic Rail Clip MK-V,RDSO per IRS Specification No.T-31-92(Corrigendum no.4 of December 2016)with latest amendment upto date of opening of tender for Katni Junction to Singrauli in connection with Katni-Singrauli Rail Project of WCR, Jabalpur (M.P.).
    • Estimated cost of work: INR 5.16 Crore
    • Completion Period: 06 Months
    • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 26-Oct-2021
    • Document Download / Sale End Date: 11-Nov-2021
    • Bid Submission Start Date: 02-Nov-2021  
    • Bid Submission End Date: 11-Nov-2021
    • Bid Opening Date: 12-Nov-2021
  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/2065/Katni-Singrauli
    • Name of Work: Construction of balance work of residential Buildings including Approach Road & other miscellaneous works between Bharsendi to Gondwali (including both stations) in connection with Katni-Singrauli Rail Line Doubling project (Pkg-3).
    • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 26.16 Cr.
    • Completion Period: 15 Months
    • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 20-Oct-2021     
    • Document Download / Sale End Date: 10-Nov-2021   
    • Bid Submission Start Date: 03-Nov-2021     
    • Bid Submission End Date: 10-Nov-2021
  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON /2071 /JCRL /Tender /EW /Minbr
    • Name of Work: Civil works including Earthwork for Railway Formation, Blanketing work, Minor Bridges, RUBs, Wildlife passes etc. for the section between Kathautia (km -0.700) to Duari (13.150 Km) in connection with the construction of Shivpur-Kathautia New BG Electrified Rail Line in the State of Jharkhand
    • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 12-Oct-2021
    • Document Download / Sale End Date: 11-Nov-2021
    • Bid Submission Start Date: 16-Oct-2021
    • Bid Submission End Date: 11-Nov-2021
    • Bid Opening Date: 12-Nov-2021

Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): IRCEP

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