IRCON invites bids for Civil works in connection with New BG Electrified Rail Line

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IRCON International Limited, has invited online bids in two packet systems on prescribed forms from bonafide firms/companies (“JV‟ firms not allowed) having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work detailed given below. 

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON /2071 /JCRL /Tender /EW /Minbr
  • Name of Work: Civil works including Earthwork for Railway Formation, Blanketing work, Minor Bridges, RUBs, Wildlife passes etc. for the section between Kathautia (km -0.700) to Duari (13.150 Km) in connection with the construction of Shivpur-Kathautia New BG Electrified Rail Line in the State of Jharkhand
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 12-Oct-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 11-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 16-Oct-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 11-Nov-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 12-Nov-2021

General Information

  • M/s JCRL (Jharkhand Central Railway Limited- A joint venture of Central Coalfields Limited, Government of Jharkhand and IRCON International Limited) has appointed M/s IRCON International Limited, (a CPSE under Ministry of Railways) (hereinafter referred as IRCON), for executing the Special Railway Project of Coal Corridor from Shivpur (excluding) to Kathautia (including) in the State of Jharkhand, in the jurisdiction of Dhanbad division of E.C. Railway. 
  • This tender is for civil works including Earthwork in formation (in filling & in cutting), blanketing, Minor Bridges, RUB/LHS, Wildlife Overpass, Diversion road for RUB, Providing Site facilities and other ancillary works from Kathautia (km -0.700km) to Duari (13.150 Km).
  • IRCON intends to engage an experienced and resourceful agency who can carry out Civil works including Earthwork in formation (in filling & in cutting), blanketing, minor bridges, RUB/LHS, Wildlife Passes, diversion road for
  • RUB,Retaining wall, side drains , Providing site facilities and other ancillary works from Kathautia (km -0.700) to Duari (13.150 Km).
  • The subject tender envisages construction of Railway formation (compacting by mechanical means), Blanketing work, Minor Bridges, LHS, RUBs, Wildlife Passes, Retaining Wall, side drains etc from Kathautia (km -0.700) to Duari (13.150 Km) in connection with the construction of New BG Electrified single Railway Line for Jharkhand Central Railway Limited in the state of Jharkhand over East Central Railway, Dhanbad Division. 
  • Contractor is supposed to complete all civil works as per scope between these sections.

Position of Land Acquisition / work front availability:

  • This is a new BG line project where the complete extent of land is being acquired to execute the project. The contractor can execute the work in Government/Owner Land. The Land acquisition between sections Kathautia (-0.700 Km) to Duari (13.15Km) of JCRL has been in nearby completion stage. Diversion of Forest land for above mentioned Sections is under progress. However, Land shall be made available progressively.
  • The contractor should note that Land acquisition has been done. Contractor must deploy resources like manpower, material, and PMV (plant, machinery & vehicles) etc. as per the land availability with the consent of IRCON. Contractor may revise the construction/ execution programme with the consent of IRCON as per the Land availability. It is the contractor‟s obligation that he has to execute and complete the works (part/All) on available land or so.
  • It is understood that the contractor will not submit a request for any claim other than time extension with relevant clauses on account of “Land acquisition/Land availability for work” and “Design & Drawings of structures”. Any claim, other than on account of “Land acquisition/Land availability for work” and “Design & Drawings of structures”, shall not be entertained or payable by IRCON. 
  • Contractor may submit his own request/plea for closure of the part or balance works on the site not handed over for a period more than 06 (Six) months beyond the planned date. However, the decision of IRCON in the above regard shall be binding to the contractor.
  • The contractor should also note that “No other land will be provided for disposal of unusable excavated material”. Contractor should arrange land at his own cost outside the Railway boundary for this. Unusable excavated materials have to be disposed out of the Railway land at contractor‟s own cost.
  • The contractor should also note that within the forest area, construction work is allowed to be done only in day time (6AM-6PM) and no labour camp is Allowed at night within the forest area.
  • Establishment of Labour camp is not allowed in forest land.

Scope of Work:

The scope of the work shall comprise broadly of the following:

  • Earthwork in Railway Formation & Blanketing with side drains/catch water drains, slope protection work including Retaining wall, construction of Minor Bridge Works, RUB/LHS & Wildlife Passes, Road works, Site facilities such as providing site office, Vehicles for site movement of Engineers, Setting up of Earthwork & Concrete laboratory, disposal of unusable cut spoils outside Railway boundary, Trees cutting and all enabling works for completion of section from Kathautia to Duari station.
  • The scope described hereunder is only indicative in nature and shall be deemed inclusive of all items to be executed for its completion as per specifications and drawings. 
  • The contractor shall satisfy himself/herself regarding all aspects of site conditions and collect all site information necessary for the construction and completion of the works. 
  • No claim will be entertained by the employer on account of any error or insufficiency in site. Site information provided is given in good faith by the employer.

Website may be referred for detailed terms and conditions of the bidding documents, which is available online.

Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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