IRCON invites bids for construction of Station Building, Platforms, FOBs & Passenger sheds at Rajendrapul and Rampur-Dumra Railway Stations

IRCON International Limited has invited online bids in two packet systems on prescribed forms from bonafide firms/companies having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work given below. 

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/2066/RTR/TN/03-2021
  • Name of Work: Construction of Station Building, Platforms, FOBs & Passenger sheds at Rajendrapul and Rampur-Dumra Railway Stations in connection with Rampur Dumra-Tal-Rajendrapul: Additional Bridge and a doubling project near  Mokama  in  Danapur Division of ECR.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 25.85Cr.
  • Completion Period: Fifteen Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 13-Sep-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 04-Oct-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 24-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 04-Oct-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 05-Oct-2021

Scope of Work:

The Scope of work includes the followings works at Rajendrapul (RJO) & Rampur-Dumra (RDUM) Stations in connection with New Mokama Bridge Project:

  • Construction of Station Building, High Level Platforms, FOBs across running/new Railway tracks & Passenger Sheds at Rajendrapul Railway Station as per approved drawings.
  • Construction of Station Building, One Medium Level Platform & Passenger Sheds at Rampur Dumra Railway Station as per approved drawings.
  • Proposed work broadly comprises of but not limited to civil works inclusive of all required electrical & pluming works, for the construction of Station Buildings, Platforms, FOBs & Passenger Sheds on above said locations.
  • The scope of work is inclusive of any temporary protection work of existing embankment/ structure/Building and dewatering etc. if required during excavation or construction of new structure under the scope. No payment shall be made to the Contractor for any such protection work / dewatering work / drawing & design of such work and rate quoted in Bill of Quantities shall be deemed to be inclusive of all such costs.
  • Building work at all locations to be completed within scheduled time. Hence the contractor shall work out the requirement of manpower, machineries, material and tools & tackles so that work could be executed within the targeted period and accordingly ensure deployment of those manpower and machineries.
  • The Railway/IRCON reserves the right to get the work executed in the best and most economical manner and may add or may not operate any item(s) of work(s) as the Railway/IRCON may consider fit.
  • The Contractor(s) is expected to use the latest technology and machinery and achieve a most efficient and best quality finished construction.
  • Various elements involved in this work are broadly indicated below for guidance: –
    • Execution of above said scope of work with written approval of Engineer-in-charge.
    • Arranging inspection of concerned IRCON/railway officials.
    • Any other work required for completion of the work under this contract as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. The details of works are indicated elsewhere in the tender documents/drawings. The scope described here is only indicative in nature and shall be deemed as inclusive of all items to be executed for its completion as per Specifications and Drawings.
    • Payable items are provided in the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and any other enabling / temporary works required to be carried out for the eventful completion of the proposed work are deemed to have been included in the rates quoted for the payable items in the BOQ. No claims of whatever nature shall be entertained for any item of enabling / temporary works including supply of necessary materials, tools & plants not specifically covered in this scope of work and in the bill of quantities.
    • It is expected that the contractor being selected based on the previous experience of executing the similar work/works is well acquainted with the extent of enabling/ temporary works required but not specifically indicated in the scope above and not covered for payment in the bill of quantities
    • The Contractor will arrange site clearing, required dismantling, left over utility shifting etc.
    • Safety bands, Ribbons and other gadgets for construction sites & workmen shall be maintained as per scheme approved by the engineer. Safety boards duly written with desired LOGO & safety slogans shall be displayed for information of workers so that they do not enter restricted premises. The quoted rates are deemed to include the cost of all such bands, ribbons, gadgets etc. and nothing extra shall be paid for such items.
    • The Contractor shall organize, conduct & maintain required & proper quality control test and records for day to day work on regular basis. The contractor shall ensure that the work is executed conforming to the approved design, drawings and specifications. For execution of work the contractor has to follow Safety, Health & Environment Manual of IRCON and the approved quality Assurance program. 
    • The Engineers/Supervisors/staff to be deployed by the Contractor shall work under the direction of the Engineer/Employer. They shall be bound to carry out all duties related with the work assigned by the Engineer or his representative. All facilities & equipment required for proper construction & quality control during execution of entire work such as survey instruments including TOTAL STATION, testing equipment, laboratory facilities etc. shall be arranged by the contractor at his own cost.
    • Wherever required, the contractor has to carry out accurate instrumental survey to establish co-ordinate, layout and proper verification system at site.
  • The contractor shall submit free of cost all “As built drawings (in Hard copies and soft copies)” in appropriate size & sufficient number of copies, as directed by the Engineer.
  • The contractor shall provide complete design for any/all temporary works & arrangements etc. for the same, without claiming any extra cost as desired by the Engineer.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Clearance shall be maintained for corresponding construction/components of subject work, within/outside Railway/Construction limits for maintaining desired safety/construction requirements.
  • If required, contractor shall arrange all desired test for building work, plumbing work, and electrical work before handing over of building on his own cost. Contractor shall do all desired formalities for proper handing over of the building to their end user on his own cost.

About IRCON International Limited:

  • IRCON International Limited (IRCON), a Schedule “A” & Mini Ratna – I Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU), incorporated by the Ministry of Railways, Central government, under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited.
  • IRCON is an integrated engineering and construction company in India operating since last 44 years with specialization in major turnkey infrastructure projects, including Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels, Aircraft maintenance hangars, Runways, EHV sub-stations, Metro & MRT, and others.

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Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR