IRCON invites bids for construction of sub-structure for bridges in Katni-Singrauli Rail line under West Central Railway

IRCON International Limited has invited online bids in two packet system on prescribed  forms from bonafide firms/companies (‘JV’ firms not allowed) having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work detailed in the table given below. The bidder is advised to examine carefully all instructions including addendum/ corrigendum, condition of contract data, forms, terms, technical specifications, bill of quantities in the bid document

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/2065/tender/099
  • Name of Work: Construction, Strengthening & Extension of Existing Sub-Structures Along with Construction of Substructure for Important Bridges IMP Bridge No.s1158/1 in Katni – Singrauli Rail Line Doubling Project under West Central Railway in the state of Madhya, Pradesh, Pkg-8”.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 27.48 Crore
  • Completion Period: 8 Months from the date of issue of (LOA).
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 03-Mar-2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 24-Mar-2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 11-Mar-2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 24-Mar-2022 

Scope of Work:

  • Proposed work broadly comprises of but not limited to civil works for “Construction, Strengthening & Extension of Existing Sub-Structures along With Construction Of New Foundation & Substructure for Important Bridge IMP Bridge No.s1158/1 in Katni – Singrauli Rail Line Doubling Project under West Central Railway in the in Katni – Singrauli Rail Line Doubling Project under West Central Railway in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Pkg-8” for eventful completion.
  • The construction work of Rail doubling project from New Katni Jn. to Singrauli (261Km) With electrification and other allied work has been awarded to IRCON International Limited under West Central Railway, Jabalpur.  There a Retotal 29 stations in between.
  • All the existing major and important bridges in the section were built in the year 1960 for BGML loading standard. Foundations and substructures of most of these bridges were constructed for 2 tracks (keeping c/c distance of track 4.725m then) interview of a future provision of superstructure for a 2nd track to be constructed as and when required. Now the section will have a 2nd line with 25t Axle loadings and ards & track geometry and minimumc/c distance of track. 
  • The scope of work includes strengthening and extension of such existing bridges’ substructure and foundations by way of R.C.C. Jacketing or other methodology as will be finalized on its detailed design and drawings, construction with Additional open / pile /well foundations, and by widening of the substructure’s piers/abutments/ extension of RCC Boxes of the existing bridges in the section.
  • These existing bridges’ foundations and substructures constructed with a provision of double tracks with track Centers of 4.725m are to be verified and examined by the IRCON’s design consultant for with standing 25t loading, and decision for Extension as to accommodate at a minimum 5.3m track Centers and strengthening of existing substructures with additional foundations wherever required shall be finalized. The works are spread scattered over the section.
  • The scope of work includes Construction, strengthening, extension of existing sub- structures along with construction of new foundation & substructure for major bridges, construction of new/Extension of existing bridges, drains and Retaining walls, etc.,in Katni-Singrauli Rail Line Doubling Project as per approved drawings and Specifications.
  • Various elements involved in this work aretocarry Plate Load Test to Determine safe bearing capacity (atleast one pier & one abutment for each bridge ) without claiming any extra costas desired by the Engineer Civil works for open foundation/ Well foundations, piling work, and Load testing of piles, wells, Earthwork in Foundation, jacketing for strengthening and extension of old substructure Supply And using cement.
  • Execution of all associated civil works for construction of major bridges, including temporary diversion of road (including the cost of maintaining the same in good & motor able condition till the bridge/level crossing is completed and road traffic is allowed), including abutment, piers, wing walls etc. in the stretch mention above, including arranging inspection of concerned IRCON/railway officials/ Commissioner of Railway safety. Payable items are provided in the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and any other enabling /temporary works required to be carried out for the eventful completion of the proposed railway line are deemed to have been included in the rates quoted for the payable items in the BOQ. Nocl aims of whatever nature shall be entertained for any item of enabling / temporary works including supply of necessary materials, tools & plants not specifically covered in this scope of work and in the bill of quantity.
  • Enabling / temporary works required but not specifically indicated in the scope above and not covered for payment in the bill of quantities.
  • The Contractor will arranges it clearing, required Dismantling, left over utility shifting etc.
  • Safety bands, Ribbons and other gadgets for Construction site & workmen shall be maintained aspers approved by the engineer. Safety board’s duly Written with desired LOGO & safety slogans shall be displayed for information of workers so that they do not enter restricted premises.
  • The quoted rates are deemed to include the cost of all such bands, ribbons, gadgets etc. and nothing extra shall be paid for such items Unless provision exits in BOQ.
  • Based on the approved design and drawing, the contractor will organize surveys andshall re-establish the locations of bridges, centerline of track etc. Alignment of proposed rail track also to be marked and maintained by providing reference Pillars during execution and till handing over of the site.
  • The Contractor shall organize, conduct & maintain required & Proper quality control test and records for day to day work on regular basis. The contractor shall ensure that the work is executed conforming to the approved design,drawings and specifications. For execution of work the contractor has to follow Safety, Health & Environment Manual of IRCON and the approved quality Assurance Programme.The Engineers/Supervisors/ staff to be deployed by the Contractor shall work under the direction of the Engineer/Employer.
  • They shall be bound to carry out all duties related with the work assigned by the Engineer or his representative. All facilities & equipments required for proper construction & quality control during execution of entire work such as survey instruments including TOTAL testing equipments, laboratory facilities etc. shall be arranged by the contractor at his own cost.
  • Wherever required, the contractor has to carry out accurate instrumental survey to establish co- ordinate, lay out and proper verification system at site.
  • The contractor shall submit free of cost all “As built drawings (in Hard Copies and softcopies)” inappropriate size & sufficient number of copies, as directed.
  • The contractor shall provide completed design for any/ all load teste.g.Platelo adtest, Pile load test, Bridge load test etc.of required no s.& desired location during construction stage including all temporary works, arrangements, etc.for the same, without claiming any extra cost as desired by the Engineer if any or otherwise mentioned in BOQ and Estimation of Hydrological parameters of Each bridge under scope of work using Remote Sensing Satellite Imaging and Geographical Information system (GIS) with complete analysis of large-scale imageries and generated GIS maps have also to be done with out claiming any extra cost as desired by the Engineer. 
  • Vertical & Horizontal Clearance shall be maintained for corresponding construction / components of subject work, within / outside Railway / Construction limits for maintaining desired safety /construction requirements.


  • The scope described here is only indicative in nature and shall be deemed as inclusive of all items to be executed for its completion as per Specifications and Drawings.
  • The scope of work is inclusive of any protection work of existing emban kment/ structure if required during excavation or construction of New structure under scope. No payment shall be made to the Contractor for any such protection work and rate quoted in Bill of Quantities shall be deemed to include all such costs.
  • The contractor shall work out the requirement of manpower and machineries coping with the scope of work to be completed within the targeted period and accordingly ensured eployment of those manpower and machineries.
  • The Railway reserves the right to get the work executed in the best and most economical manner, and may add or may not operate any item (s) of work (s) as the Railway may consider fit.
  • The Contractor (s) is expected to use the latest technology and machinery and achieve a most efficient and best quality finished construction.
  • The tenderers are advised to explore accessibility, availability of approach road,nature of soil, availability of materials, and extent of lead and lift involved in the work, availability of skill and unskilled labours etc. that may be encountered in the course of execution of work. 
  • As the nature of work warrants ensuring the high level of dimensional precious accuracy along with high control,tenderers should make it a point to understand the work carefully and thoroughly be for equoting the rates.
  • The contract or shall work out the requirement of manpower and machineries scoping with the scope of work to be completed within the targeted period and accordingly ensure deployment of those manpower and machineries.
  • The Railway/IRCON reserves the right to get the work executed in the be stand most economical manner, and may add or may not operate any item(s) of work(s) as the Railway/IRCON may consider fit.
  • The scope of works also includes installation of concrete batching plant of adequate capacity at site.The batching plant should be automatic with proper printing facilities.

The complete Bid Document can be viewed / downloaded from the e-Procurement portal i.e. free of cost.

Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): DFCCIL