IRCON invites bids for Design & Construction of Boundary Wall at New Electric Loco Shed, Daund, Pune

IRCON International Limited on Behalf of Central Railway has invited online bids in two Packet System on prescribed forms from bonafide firms/companies having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work detailed given below.

  • Tender Reference Number: 5017/NELS DD BOUNDARYWALL/OT/34
  • Name of work: Design & Construction of Boundary wall, RCC cable trench, Earthwork & other allied Balance Civil works at New Electric Loco Shed, Daund, Pune (Maharashtra).
  • Approximate Estimated Cost of the Work: INR 2.03 Crores
  • Completion Period: 6 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 05-Nov-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 26-Nov-2021 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 20-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 26-Nov-2021 
  • Bid Opening Date: 27-Nov-2021 

Scope of work:

The scope of work/contract includes the “Design & construction of Boundary wall, RCC cable Trench, Earthwork and other Allied balance works, etc,for Setting up of New Electric Loco Shed at Daund, Pune (Maharashtra).” The work mainly includes the following:-

  • Construction of Boundary wall and other Allied balance works, etc,. The boundary wall has constructed in other part of site. The same approved drawing shall be provided by IRCON for this work, however, in case any modification required as per site requirement then agency will provide the specific design & drawing duly complying with all requirements of RDSO, CORE, BIS, CPWD specifications as applicable & as directed by Employer & Engineer in-charge.
  • The Contractor will arrange site clearing, required Dismantling, left over utility shifting etc. and submit the proposed land utilization plans for proposed construction of Boundary wall. The limits of construction shall be cordoned by continuous barricade of approved design and drawings. 
  • The steel frame & plate barricade safety board’s duly written with desired LOGO & safety slogans shall be provided continuous blocking for not intercepting the construction activities. Safety bands, Ribbons and other gadgets for Construction site & workmen shall be maintained as per scheme approved by the engineer.
  • Construction of Temporary approach road/Diversion as per site condition construction of temporary approach roads/Diversion may be required for transportation of machineries, materials etc. to the site. The same has to be constructed by the agency at his own cost without any extra financial implication.
  • Based on the approved GAD & design, the contractor will organize surveys and shall prepare detailed layout plans showing approach roads of Construction site, etc. and execute based on detailed engineering drawings for all items of works. The working drawings shall be prepared on computer in standard CAD formats.
  • The contractor shall submit Quantities with calculations for any item mandatory for execution, but not covered in subject contract by any means, along with it’s justification, analysis of rates (AOR) and detailed specifications for any/all such items for finalizing rates & obtain instructions from the Engineer for it’s execution. Awaiting approval of Rates for any such item, the work will not be stopped at site.
  • The AOR is to be prepared based on CR SOR and/or MoSRTH standard codes of practice, MoSRTH Standard Data Book and/or as per instruction of the Engineer. The contractor shall submit a detailed construction delivery program for completion of proposed work along-with schedule of matching resources deployment proposed within 14 days from issue of Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
  • The contractor shall carry out construction of all components of Boundary wall based upon approved drawings, design & approved methodology, following codal provisions and requirements etc. for all safe & sound completion of the proposed buildings by providing his own Manpower, Machineries, Materials etc. complete.
  • The contractor shall provide complete all temporary works & arrangements etc. without claiming any extra cost as desired by the Engineer. Various activities of the proposed railway section will be executed by more than one agency. The interfacing for the purpose of integration of works between the Contractors will arise. 
  • Moreover, during the currency of this contract, other agencies will be deployed for execution of earthwork, signaling and electrification works. The contractor may be required to plan and phase his activities as per the directions of the Engineer for accommodating simultaneous execution of other works also. This has to be kept in view.
  • The contractor shall submit free of cost all “As built drawings (in Hard copies and soft copies)” in appropriate size & sufficient number of copies, as directed by the Engineer.

Website may be referred for detailed terms and conditions of the bidding documents, which is available online.

Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): North Central Railway