IRCON invites bids for supply of Hot Dip Galvanized OHE Steel Masts for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor

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IRCON International Limited (IRCON) has invited online bid in Two Packet system on prescribed forms from bonafide firms/companies having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work detailed in the table given below. 

  • Tender Reference Number: NCRTC/OHE_STEEL_2/OT/52
  • Name of Work: Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Hot Dip Galvanized OHE Steel Masts, Portals, SPS etc for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor of NCRTC (Package – 19, Stage 1& Stage 2, Lot 1 & 2)
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 7,24,92,200
  • Completion Period: 30.04.2022
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 16-Dec-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 30-Dec-2021 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 24-Dec-2021 
  • Bid Submission End Date: 30-Dec-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 31-Dec-2021

Introduction of Work:

Project: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Receiving Sub Stations [including 25 kV AC Traction cum 33 kV Auxiliary Main Sub Stations], Extra High Voltage & High Voltage cabling, 25 KV Overhead Equipment (FOCS/ROCS), Auxiliary Power Supply [including Auxiliary Sub Station], SCADA Systems, Operational Control Centre and Associated works on Viaduct & Tunnel for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor of NCRTC (Lot 1 & Lot 2). 

The project is planned for a phased commissioning in 4 stages as under:

Stage Sections Tentative ROD
Stage 1 Sahibabad (incl) – Duhai (EPE) including Duhai depot March 2023
Stage 2 Duhai (EPE) – Meerut (South) December 2023
Stage 3 Sarai Kale Khan – Sahibabad (excl) including Jangpura Stabling Yard October 2024
Stage 4 Meerut (South) – Modipuram including Modipuram Depot March 2025

The route length details, number of stations, depots etc. for Lot-1 and Lot-2 are as under:

Stage Sections Length UG stations Elevated Stations No. of depots
Stage 1 Sahibabad (incl) – Duhai (EPE) 20 rkm 04
Duhai depot 14 tkm 01 At-grade o1
Stage 3 Sarai Kale Khan – Sahibabad (excl) 11.5 RKM (FOCS) 06 RKM (ROCS) 01 02
Jangpura Stabling Yard 5.5 TKM
Stage 2 Duhai (EPE) – Meerut South (incl) 25 RKM (FOCS) 0 3 0
Stage 4 Meerut South (incl) – Modipuram 25 RKM 5.5 RKM (ROCS) 3 9 1
Modipuram Depot 21.5 TKM 01 At-grade

05 nos. Receiving cum Traction cum Auxiliary Main Substations, as under:

SN Name / location Details Lot
1 Sarai Kale Khan RSS, GIS type (Ch. 1km) In coming supply: 66kV AMS transformers: 66kV/33kV, 2×15/20 MVA Traction transformers: 66/27.5kV, 4×40/50 MVA Lot-1
2 Ghaziabad RSS, GIS type (Ch. 21.5km) Incoming supply: 220kV AMS transformers: 220kV/33kV, 2×15/20 MVA Traction transformers: 220/27.5kV, 2×40/50 MVA Lot-2
3 Murad Nagar RSS, GIS type (Ch. 40km) Incoming supply: 220kV AMS transformers: 220kV/33kV, 2×15/20 MVA Traction transformers: 220/27.5kV, 2×40/50 MVA Lot-3
4 Shatabdi Nagar RSS, GIS type (Ch. 60.7km) Incoming supply: 220kV AMS transformers: 220kV/33kV, 2×15/20 MVA Traction transformers: 220/27.5kV, 2×40/50 MVA Lot-4
5 Modipuram RSS, GIS type (Ch. 78.8km) Incoming supply: 220kV AMS transformers: 220kV/33kV, 2×15/20 MVA, Traction transformers: 220/27.5kV, 2×40/50 MVA Lot-5

Scope of Work:

  • The scope of work is to “Design, Manufacturing and Supply & Delivery (including Transportation) of Hot Dip Galvanized OHE Steel Masts, Portals, SPS (including Foundation Bolts, Fasteners, Washers) etc.” in line with Drawings, technical specification, GTP, type test, inspection & in accordance with latest relevant RDSO specifications and International Standards for Contract Package 19 LOT-2 Stage-2 for National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC)”.
  • The drawings attached with the tender are tentative. However, the exact size of masts/portals, baseplate and drilling schedule shall be provided to the Contractor after finalization of detail design before manufacturing.
  • All technical specifications, Main Applicable Standards, Technical Sheets, Test Sheets, and other details has been enclosed as Separate Volume.

Delivery Period:

  • Delivery of the material for proposed route of Stage-1 & Stage 2 Lot-1 and Lot 2 (Ghaziabad/ Sahibabad-Duhai (EPE)-Meerut South (incl)) shall commence from date of issue of LOA and shall be completed by 30.04.2022. 
  • Tentative Schedule of the delivery material is as follows:
Sl. No. Stage & Lot Month Quantity Delivery Date & Milestone Target
1 Stage-1, Lot-1 Jan -22 93 MT 31.01.2022
2 Stage-2, Lot-2 Feb-22 300 MT 28.02.2022
3 March -22 300 MT 31.03.2022
4 April-22 341 MT 30.04.2022
  • Detailed Quantification of BOQ Quantities and type of OHE masts, portal, SPS etc. for Stage-2 shall be provided during the design stage.
  • Tentative location for delivery of material shall be at any site between Duhai (EPE) to Meerut South (incl)). However, the exact location of delivery of material shall be provided with dispatch clearance.

About Delhi-Meerut RRTS Corridor:

  • The Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor is approximately 82 km long corridor with 25 stations, which will cover the distance from Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to Modipuram in Meerut in about 60 minutes (Currently, it takes around 3 hours to commute from Delhi to Meerut).
  • The total project completion cost of Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor is about INR 30274 Crore.
  • RRTS is a rail based high-speed transit system with a design speed of 180 kmph and an average speed of 100 kmph.
  • Once operational, it will be the fastest, most comfortable and safest mode of commuter transport in NCR.

About IRCON International Limited:

  • IRCON International Limited (IRCON), a Schedule “A” & Mini Ratna – I Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU), incorporated by the Ministry of Railways, Central government, under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited.
  • IRCON is an integrated engineering and construction company in India operating since last 44 years with specialization in major turnkey infrastructure projects, including Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels, Aircraft maintenance hangars, Runways, EHV sub-stations, Metro & MRT, and others.

The complete Bid Document can be viewed / downloaded from the e-Procurement portal i.e. free of cost.

Source: IRCON-Tender

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