IRCON invites bids for Track linking works between Kasichak-Nawada in connection with doubling of Kiul-Gaya Rail line

IRCON International Limited has invited online bids in two packet system on prescribed forms from bonafide firms/companies having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the work detailed in the table given below.

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/KG/Track Linking/Tender/2022/02
  • Name of Work: Mechanical Track linking for B.G track, track at level crossings,  bridges and linking points & crossings including supply of P. Way small fittings along with spreading of stone ballast on finished  formation, packing of track as  well as Points & crossings, carting, loading and unloading 52 kg/60 kg Rails and  PSC ordinary sleepers, spreading of PSC ordinary sleepers and allied miscellaneous works in between Kasichak (Including) – Nawada (Including) in  connection with Doubling of Kiul-Gaya Rail line.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 20.21 Crore
  • Completion Period: 15 Month
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 02-Mar-2022 
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 21-Mar-2022
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 08-Mar-2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 12-Mar-2022 
  • Bid Submission End Date: 21-Mar-2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 22-Mar-2022

Scope of Work: 

  • This specification deals with the requirements for the manufacture, supply, assembly, installation, testing and commissioning of Permanent Way Works.
  • The successful tenderer shall be required to interface closely with the Employer, Engineer, other contractors and other officials of Indian Railways.
  • Permanent Way works involved for the proposed double line can briefly be described as under: Laying and Linking of new track between the Stations mentioned in the Bid Documents including Remodeling of Station Yards, Laying of Loops and other Safety requirements like Sand Humps, alterations to the existing manned and unmanned level crossings to suit to the provisions of proposed new track. 
  • Nature of works:
    • The Permanent Way works to be executed can broadly be grouped as under:
    • Supply of small P. way fittings.
    • Setting out the line and level of track for the proposed line and establishing working, bench marks and alignment references, taking the details from bench marks and alignment references established by the Employer / by the same or other Contractor earlier in main lines, and in station yards including for loops, turnouts, cross over roads, derailing switches, sand humps etc.
    • Spreading of ballast.
    • Transportation of rails, sleepers, P.Way fittings etc.
    • All transportation, handling, stacking materials, watching, protection of the above listed material from the manufacturer’s works to the sites of use, including rails.
    • Assembling and laying of new track, turnouts, switch expansion joints, glued joints, derailing switches etc., on newly made up formation with/without traffic blocks.
    • Dismantling / replacing existing turnouts where necessary with plain track on running lines at stations under block. Insertion of new turnouts on main line and running lines where necessary under block.
    • Slewing and lifting / lowering of track as required with / without blocks.
    • Fabrication of check rails for Level Crossings, shifting of gate leaves, W & W/L boards etc.
    • Installation of P.Way components for all level crossings including shifting of existing gates posts, fencing etc for the new line.
    • Installation of P.Way components for shifting of level crossings in yards for both the lines including provision of gate posts, fencing etc.,
    • Packing of PSC sleepers including lifting and lining of track, turnouts, etc., as required.
    • Welding of rail joints by Flash Butt/ SKV process for Conversion of free rails to LWR/CWR/SWR /10-Rail panels.
    • De-stressing of LWRs/CWRs, gap adjustments for SWRs and Free Rails.
    • Laying of guard rails on bridges including at bridge approaches.
    • Erection of all type of Boards / Indicators
    • All other miscellaneous works.
    • Making and supply of “As Built‟ drawings for the new assets created.

About IRCON International Limited:

  • IRCON International Limited (IRCON), a Schedule “A” & Mini Ratna-I Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU), incorporated by the Ministry of Railways, Central government, under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited.
  • IRCON is an integrated engineering and construction company in India operating since last 44 years with specialization in major turnkey infrastructure projects, including Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels, Aircraft maintenance hangars, Runways, EHV sub-stations, Metro & MRT, and others.

The complete Bid Document can be viewed / downloaded from the e-Procurement portal i.e. free of cost.

Source: IRCON-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR