IRCON invites tender for detailed design engineering, 25kV overhead equipment and S&T for railway electrification between Thaiyat Hamira to Sanu section

IRCON International Limited has invited an online e-Tender for Detailed Design Engineering, survey, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 25kV overhead equipment, switching posts (SSP), SCADA (Supervisory Remote Control and Data Acquisition), signalling & telecommunication for railway electrification between Thaiyat Hamira (Excl.) – Sanu (Incl.) Section [55.78 RKM / 66.225 TKM] (Package No. 3) under the Jodhpur division of North Western Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/ELECT/5033/RE NWR PKG 3/OT/3A
  • Name of Work: Detailed Design Engineering, survey, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 25kV overhead equipment, switching posts (SSP), SCADA (Supervisory Remote Control and Data Acquisition), signalling & telecommunication for railway electrification between Thaiyat Hamira (Excl.) – Sanu (Incl.) Section [55.78 RKM / 66.225 TKM] (Package No. 3) under the Jodhpur division of North Western Railway.
  • Estimated Cost: INR 32,48,42,590 Crore
  • EMD: INR 22,24,500 Lakh
  • Period Of Work: 09 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 07th October, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 31st October, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 23rd October, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 31st October, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 01st November, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • The project is planned for a commissioning as under:
S. No.Name of SectionRKM /TKMTDC
1Thaiyat Hamira – Sanu55.77 / 66.2259 (Nine) Months from LoA.
  • Chainage wise detail of proposed SP/SSP in the section is given below:
S. No.Name of SSP’sChainage (KM)
1Thaiyat Hamira0/826
  • The chainages mentioned above are indicative, it is provided to give a brief idea of the section to the bidder. However, the contractor is expected to carry out the work as per the actual site.
S. No.DescriptionThaiyat Hamira – Sanu
1Route Kilometer55.77
2Track Kilometer66.225
AOpen Route49.444
3No. of stations2 Nos (Lanela & Sanu)
4SSP’s02 Nos
6Railway DivisionJodhpur, NWR
7Auxiliary Transformer5 Nos.
A10 kVA3 Nos for SSP’s & 2 Nos  for Lanela & Sanu Stns.
  • Notwithstanding the specifications and conditions stated in the contract, the contractor shall  keep IRCON authority fully indemnified and free from all liabilities and risks consequential to any lapse on his part in respect of material quality, standard of workmanship and handover of the system in good working conditions.

Design & Drawing:

  • The Contractor shall carry out, and be responsible for, final design of the Works, including any site surveys, subsoil investigations, materials testing, overall system design, manufacturer’s design and all other things necessary for proper planning and design. Design shall be prepared & checked by qualified designers who are engineers or other professionals who are knowledgeable about the requirements of rigid overhead conductor system (ROCS), flexible overhead conductor system (FOCS) and associated activities like SP/SSP, SCADA, etc. as per the RDSO Specifications, Indian Electricity Rules 1956, Electricity Rules 2005, UIC Code, NFPA 130, NFPA 13, relevant BS / EN standards of ROCS etc. with latest amendments and experienced in design of such systems as detailed in the bid/contract. For each part of the Works, the prior consent of the Employer shall be obtained to the designer and design subcontractor, if they are not named as such in the Contract.
  • Nothing contained in the Contract shall create any contractual relationship or professional obligations between any designer, or a design subcontractor, and the Employer. The Contractor’s responsibility for design will normally be limited to those activities which are necessary to comply with the requirements of Construction Documents. Final designs and construction documents will be based on preliminary designs provided by the Employer, and will usually include conducting the necessary surveys, site investigations, subsoil investigations and detailed designs.
  • The Contractor holds himself, his designers and design Subcontractors as having the experience and capability necessary for the design.
  • The Contractor undertakes that the designers shall be available to attend discussions with the Employer’s Representative at all reasonable times during the Contract Period. The Contractor will be fully responsible to ensure that its designs, drawings and construction documents satisfy the requirements for constructing Works that are complete and sufficient in all respects, and satisfy the objectives of providing completed facilities that can be operated efficiently and economically.
  • No approval of, or failure to object to, the Contractor’s designs, drawings or Construction Documents by the Employer’s Representative will relieve the Contractor of its responsibility. The Contractor shall develop the design based on technical specifications. The design details shall be submitted with technical data / product catalogue and calculations to the Engineer/Employer for consent. The Engineer/Employer may obtain independent input before communicating his consent to the Contractor. The E&M System including all sub-systems and equipment shall be of proven design.

Supply & Erection of Overhead Equipment (OHE):

  • The scope of work described here is only indicative in nature and shall be deemed inclusive of all items to be executed for its completion as per RDSO/CORE specifications &  standards.
  • This work shall be inclusive of the following:
  • Casting of OHE foundations and anchor foundations as per approved LOP & CSD.
  • Supply of all types of OHE mast, portals with all components i.e. uprights, end pieces, central pieces, knee bracing, cover angles etc. and required fasteners for boom erection.
  • Erection of OHE masts and uprights of portals with portal components as per approved SED and grouting of structures as per RDSO specification and approved drawings.
  • Supply & erection of small parts steel other than mast, Brackets, Guy rods, Anti-creep wire,  feeder wire, all ancillary items, structure bonds, IR bonds, Transverse & special bonds, supply & installation of Protective screens on FOB and under the overhead structure and all other pre wiring activity complete in all respect.
  • Supply of catenary & contact wire as per RDSO specification and drawing.
  • Stringing of catenary wire, contact wire, feeder wire and supply & erection of ATD with counter weight, droppering & Clipping, provision of section insulators, Isolators, AT, jumpers, false catenary wire under FOB and overhead structures etc.
  • This shall also include adjustment of Cantilevers, height & stagger of contact and catenary wire, SED checking, Tower wagon checking, provision of anti theft charging on the wired section with 2.2 kV in the night hours till commissioning of the OHE with 2×25 kV supply.
  • Provision of required number of DG sets with operator (at least at 2 locations in the section) for anti theft charging of wired section in case of non-availability of normal supply and deployment of security personnel for security of wired section.
  • Supply & Erection of all types of caution, warning, instruction and protection boards at required locations. Supply & installation of Traction Station Working Rule along with sectioning diagram at required locations viz. all Railway stations in the section, SWS, TPC, Traffic control, OHE Depot, AEE office etc.
  • Provision of safety items i.e. key box, first aid box, shock treatment chart etc. at required locations. It also includes preparation of all necessary documentation for EIG sanction and CRS Inspection, attending Breakdown till handing over of the completed section to Railway.
  • The contractor shall hand over all released/waste/scrap materials obtained during the execution of the work with proper handing over note to the concerned Railway store.

Switching Stations:

  • Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all Switching Stations in the section, including, but not limited to:
    • 25 kV Switchgears
    • Jumpers and connecting cables
    • Measuring and protection equipment (if required)
    • Marshalling Box
    • LT and Control Cables from the Switching Station to the Station control room in the nearest station
  • Civil Structures and foundations (if necessary) to support the equipment and all other related  works to make the Switching Station complete for its successful and satisfactory working. The locations of switching posts above are indicative. However, the contractor is expected to carry out independent feasibility surveys & obtain approvals before commencement of switching post work.
  • The traction substations (TSS) are located at Jetha Chandan Railway Station, which are not in the scope of contract. But Supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 1). 25 KV single pole Vacuum circuit breaker with interlocking of rating 1600 amps, 2). 25 KV current transformers (1500- 750/5A), 3). Control and numeric relay panel suitable for Single Circuit breaker as per latest RDSO specification are to be installed at Thaiyat Hamira Switching Station.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning (including integrated testing and commissioning), trial running, fire testing and maintenance, supply of Contract Spares, O&M Manuals, training, As Built Documentation, coordination with Other Contractors and other Contractual obligations and as per statutory rules and regulations.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA):

  • Scope of SCADA work for supply, erection & commissioning through SCADA approved vendors with defect liability period of 2 years is a part of main contract as per RDSO Specification No. TI/SPC/RCC/SCADA/0130 (Rev-2) with A&C slip No.-l, 2 & 3 and latest amendments. Brief of the scope for SCADA system given as below:
Item No.DescriptionMOUTHM-SANU
1Design and DrawingsLS1
2Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment at the Remote-Control Centre for required work Stations.LS1
3 (a)Supply, installation & testing of standard SCADA software.LS1
3 (b)Modification / up gradation, testing & commissioning in existing standard SCADA software at RCC Equipments for configuration, integration / hooking up of additional RTUs of adjacent sections with master station.LS1
4Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of GPS ReceiverLS1
5Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of RTUs at remote  stations.
BSectioning Posts (SP)Nos
CSub Sectioning Posts (SSP)Nos3
6Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning 2×5 KVA dual redundant hot standby UPS system.Set1
7Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Low maintenance lead acid battery Sets.Set1
8Supply & Erection of furniture at RCCSet1
9Supply of 10% spare cards after AMC for Operation & maintenanceLS1
10Supply of Special tools, plants for maintenance.LS1
11Supply, installation, configuration & commissioning of Web server of standard SCADA software for Railway SLDC/SLDCNos.1

Signalling & Telecommunication Work:

  • Modification to existing EI/PI/RRI signaling system to fit Railway electrification of various stations (THAIYAT HAMIRA (SSP communication work & other required works), LANELA & SANU of THM-SANU section along with associated works at adjoining stations/sections in THM-SANU section in NW Railway if required.
  • As the El/PI work of various stations of the THM-SANU section has been done by NWR construction so most of signaling RE fit work has been already done.
  • Excavation of Trench, cable laying & backfilling, Testing and Termination of underground  signaling, quad cables etc. including termination, testing & all protective works.
  • Provision of bonding to convert Double rail DC Track circuit to single rail track circuit if required.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Maintenance free earthing, & Normal Earthing as per schedule.
  • Coordination during laying of Glued joints for Track circuit, point and crossings, execution of drilling and holes etc.
  • Cleaning, painting and lettering of various gears as advised by the engineer.
  • Preparation and planning of NI, Post NI work, arrangement for the same to complete the complete work.
  • All connections/terminations in indoor after indoor wiring should be tested by the contractor and after satisfying himself and then to be tested jointly with IRCON’s representatives.
  • Nylon cable tags should be used for dressing of cables wherever required.
  • All the work shall be executed as per RDSO specification with latest amendments and as per prevailing practice of NWR, with good industrial practice.
  • Cable plan with distribution chart for each cable should be prepared by the contractor. The necessary approval of layout plan and cable core distribution chart etc., should be obtained  before start of cable laying work.
  • Supply and transportation of concrete Cable route Marker & its installation in route at the  spacing of 50 M in the trench and also at places / corners where the route of cable changes. Concrete cable route markers shall also be provided at all types of joints.
  • The various S&T equipment shall be installed at stations as per actual requirements and the decision of IRCON shall be final and binding on the contractor in this regard.


  • The contractor should possess the experience of having successfully completed similar works during the last 7-years (ending last day of the month previous to the one in which tenders are invited) which should be anyone of the following:
    • Three similar completed works, each costing not less than the amount equal to 30% of the estimated cost. or
    • Two similar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to 40% of the estimated cost. or
    • One similar completed work costing not less than the amount equal to 65% of the estimated cost.
  • Work shall be considered similar, if the executed work consists of the following:
    • 2×25 kV Railway Electrification work (Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning). or
    • 25 kV or above voltage level Railway Electrification work (Supply, Erection, Testing &  Commissioning).
  • The average annual financial turnover during the last 3-years should be at least 30% of the estimated cost.


  • The financial turnover shall be judged from Annual Reports including Profit and Loss Account.
  • In case the financials of immediate prior Financial Year have not yet been audited till the time of submission of the tender, the bidder shall submit an Affidavit to this effect stating that “the Financial Results of the immediate prior Financial Year has actually not been audited so far”.
  • In such cases, the financials of preceding three audited financial years will be taken into consideration for evaluating the Annual Financial Turnover of the bidder.
  • In the absence of such an Affidavit, the benefit of considering three preceding years would not be given and the bid would be evaluated considering turnover for two preceding years only.
  • The Contractor should have a positive net worth. This will be judged from the audited Balance Sheet of the last financial year ending on a date not prior to 18 months from the date of invitation of the tender, but not earlier than a year immediately prior Financial Year.
  • The contractor should submit performance certificates and Letter of Award in reference to S.No.1 (minimum 3 nos., 2 nos. or 1 no. as the case may be) above issued by Government Organizations/ Semi Government Organizations/ Public Sector Undertakings/ Autonomous bodies/ Municipal bodies/ Public Limited Company / Concessionaire Company/ Private Company for having successfully completed similar works in the last 7 years.
  • Certificates issued by such Public Limited Company/Concessionaire Company/ Private Company must be supported by Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Certificates (Form 16A/26AS) in  evidence of the value of work executed.
  • The bidder shall sign the Affidavit as enclosed in Annexure- ‘IV’ of “Instructions to Tenderers”.
  • The Contractor should be in possession of a valid Electrical Contractor Licence issued by the Chief Electrical Inspector, Govt. of Rajasthan or any other state in India, as per the provision of Law. An attested copy of the aforementioned Licence must be submitted alongwith the Bid.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: IRCON -Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR