IRCON invites tender for providing PMC services for double line high speed railway track between Zaroli Village-Vadodara for MAHSR project

IRCON International Limited has invited an online e-Tender for Providing PMC services to fulfil the roles as contractor’s PMC for the work – Design, supply and construction of track and track related works including testing and commissioning on design-build lump sum price basis for double line high speed railway between Zaroli Village at Maharashtra-Gujarat Border (MAHSR Km. 156.600) and Vadodara (MAHSR Km. 393.700) in the state of Gujarat and the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli for the project for construction of Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail.

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/HSR/T2/PMC/2023/08
  • Name of Work: Providing PMC services to fulfil the roles as contractor’s PMC for the work – Design, supply and construction of track and track related works including testing and commissioning on design-build lump sum price basis for double line high speed railway between Zaroli Village at Maharashtra-Gujarat Border (MAHSR Km. 156.600) and Vadodara (MAHSR Km. 393.700) in the state of Gujarat and the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli for the project for construction of Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail.
  • EMD: INR 4.63 Lakh
  • Period Of Work: 36 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 09th February, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 01st March, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 16th February, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 24th February, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 01st March, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 02nd March, 2023

Scope of Contractor’s PMC:

  • Proposed Major Scope of Work for Project Monitoring Office for  RCON. The overall scope of work is planned to be delivered in five work streams:
    • Project Governance & Processes
    • Planning, Scheduling and Progress Reporting.
    • QS related works for Contracts, Claims and Risk Management 

Project Governance & Processes:

  • Design and establish project processes which are critical for project management of the project including PMO processes, protocols such as escalation protocols for critical events (major delays, safety, site interruptions, etc.), documentation management process, communication management process, schedule management process, cost management  process, scope management process, project review process, continuous risk identification, assessment and reporting processes etc, for Client and Subcontractor Management.
  • Develop formats / templates for reporting, monitoring, tracking & controlling key Project KPIs like progress, time, cost, safety, quality etc.

Planning, Scheduling and Progress Reporting:

  • The PMC shall be responsible for modification, submission and approval of the Baseline Work Programme and Work Segment Programmes already prepared by IRCON.
  • Monthly review and update of the baseline schedule/ Work Programmes/ Work Segment Programme in Primavera EPPM Module, Unifier (IRCON’s or Sub-Con, NSC etc.,). The update and analysis of the updated baseline schedule should include preparation, review, updation, establishment, substantiation of, but not limited to:
    • Input of actual project progress against the planned progress 
    • Interface management with other contractors
    • Review, Monitor and approval of Subcontractor’s Work Programme
  • Assessment of site productivity, work front, schedule performance index, critical and near critical activities
  • Determine predicted deviations for 3 month look ahead schedules and identify issues for escalation
  • Report on progress on the 3×3 look ahead schedule (3 weeks – week wise, and overall, 3 months – month wise schedule) highlighting key activities, delays, and its root cause
  • Preparation of impacted/ recovery plan / schedule compression / accelerated programme/ fast tracking using various methods for catching up on delays as per requirement of NHSRCL and IRCON.
  • Developing sustainable strategies for time optimization and fast tracking of schedule Reporting of works and progress as and when required as per Employer’s requirement to the extent Primavera can generate the customised reports in P6/Excel/Ppt etc formats.
  • Implementation of CPM, PERT techniques in Primavera for optimization of resources. Conduct earned value analysis of the project for review of Project performance
  • Assess potential delays and underlying root causes for delay for providing inputs to the Contracts team for raising EOT and other claims with Client.
  • Conduct delay analysis on a continuous basis for the Project and preparation of records for delays impacting the project critical path.
  • Assistance to Contracts team for various types of Claim and Dispute related matters.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the progress status of Project against the planned schedule. This shall include preparation of Daily, Weekly, Monthly Progress reports through Primavera Unifier, Project Management Information System (PMIS) established by Client.
  • Review progress across the project functions like engineering, procurement and construction and flag off issues impacting project progress/schedule/cost budget.
  • Establish a system for early warnings, bottlenecks / issues escalation for review of the Project progress
  • Conduct and prepare reports for management review on the project progress based on monthly progress reports using the MIS system
  • Preparation & updating of Look Ahead schedule and/or presentations.
  • Implementation and Integration of Primavera P6 EPPM for schedule management, reporting and control
  • Preparation of Time related submissions/ approvals such as DPR/MPR/Updated Schedules/EOTs etc. 

Project Cost Control:

  • Assess the completeness of the project budget through Cost to Completion strategy in every quarter and contingency planning to identify gaps/issues for the project including cost  reporting and monitoring process and coverage from sub-contractor costs, other costs, and revenue from client billing, including preparation and assistance to optimize the Project cash flow.
  • Prepare the Cash Flow and tracking of the cash flow planned vs actuals for the project and suggest measures to avoid deviations or improve cost performance.
  • Suggest and assist in other cost control mechanisms for Optimising the cost front of the Project work.
  • Preparation of Cost to Completion for Direct and Indirect Cost of the Project on Quarterly basis which may be critical for cost claims to clients under the Contract.
  • Review and prepare all cost variations due to scope change, changes in site condition, additional requirements at site etc. and establish records of the same through the Construction team at site on quarterly basis.

Contracts, Claims and Risk Management:

  • Preparation of Contractual correspondences to be done with Client and Subcontractors/Suppliers linked with the Project.
  • Preparation of Contract Appreciation Document and Risk Register/Matrix including its updation and analysis from time to time against Contract Agreement/Orders agreed with Client and Subcontractors/Suppliers.
  • Preparation of Contract Agreement to be/being signed with the Client and Subcontractors/Suppliers.
  • Preparation of various types of Contractual Claim opportunities/documents for its substantiation with Client and Subcontractors/Suppliers for taking up Dispute and Arbitration  proceedings.
  • Preparation of Extension of Time Application and Delay analysis as per FIDIC Standards and Contract requirements.
  • Contract Management with the Subcontractor and Suppliers for reviewing and replying/defence statements to claims and EOT applications of Subcontractors/Suppliers vis a vis comparing and taking into account IRCON’s claims with the Client for taking up Dispute and Arbitration proceedings.
  • Guidance and assistance to the Project Team / consultants of IRCON for Contract Management, Scheduling works and Claim management works, Dispute resolution works.
  • Review and preparation/modification/integration of various types of Work programme and advising way outs for finalization of Critical Path for dealing with Progress reporting, Claim management, EOTs application and as necessary under the Contract matters as per FIDIC  Standards.
  • Review of IRCON’s Planned & Actual Financial Arrangements to analyse Cash Flow Disruptions Post award with Client vis-à-vis Subcontractors/other agencies/suppliers and identifying claim opportunities.
  • Establishing Merit/ Computation/ Substantiation of Claims, Changes in scope, Changes in Contractual Provisions, Deviations from Employer requirements with the Client and Subcontractor. 
  • Study and analysis of Time related submissions/approvals (based on current status) such as DPR/MPR/Updated Schedules/EOTs etc. to Analyse and prepare shifts in Critical & Longest path for “Risk & Opportunity”.
  • Study and analysis of Submission/deliverables (as per Contract/agreed Schedule) by IRCON/Contractor such as “Approvals of Drwgs/Designs source approvals for supplies, resource deployment & utilization, methodology of Constructions in line with Contract Management works.
  • Assistance to IRCON’s team/its legal counsel in preparation of documents pertaining to Dispute, Arbitration, Claim Statements, Statement of Defence/Respondent etc.
  • Any other regular and day to day Contractual Advisory and appearance and acting as expert witness for Disputes and Arbitration, if required.
  • Review all the clauses of the Contract with the Client and identify redflag clauses which may impact project profitability negatively or positively, obligations of parties and risks allocated.
  • Prepare a contract compliance checklist for key commercial conditions for IRCON.
  • Preparation on behalf of the IRCON team in raising claims under the Contract for variation, EOT Applications and any other claims relevant to the project in a timely manner with analysis report to all these claims.
  • Prepare documentation to support claims made by IRCON on the Project.
  • Review, analyse and respond to claims made by Client and Subcontractors on the project to IRCON.
  • Assist IRCON on appropriate mechanism for claims or dispute resolution in case the same are not addressed by the Client.
  • Monitor the risk responses and occurrence status to further plan the action items on risk response. Develop a risk register to track the risks and its mitigation plans.
  • Review the risks reported against the risk register and undertake the risk assessment and mitigation (on monthly basis).
  • Assistance in Dispute and Arbitration Proceeding and other pre and post award works related to these proceedings as and when required during the Contract Currency period. 


  • The bidder must have minimum 3 (three) years of experience in the field of Project / Program management consultancy for large infrastructure projects for value> 100 Cr.
  • The bidder shall submit minimum 03 work orders for assignments where the bidder has undertaken Similar works as described below in the last 5 years in India or abroad.
  • Similar work would be defined as experience in the field of Project / Program management  consultancy for Ballastless Track/Slab Track/Ballasted Track for Indian Railways/Regional Railway/ High Speed/ Semi-High Speed/ Metro/RRTS for projects in India and abroad.
  • The Bidder should have completed or shall have carrying out the following activities in Similar work:
  • At least any 1 Scope areas / Attributes from Category A and Category B each as per table below (Table 1)
  • In total and aggregate scope areas/attributes, the bidder shall have performed or under performance in any 3 scope area/ attributes out of 6 scope areas /attributes as per table below (Table 1).
Sl. No.Scope areas / Attributes
1Master Program / Project Schedule & Schedule Analysis
2Project Management
3MIS, Reporting & Coordination
4Risk Management
5Contract Management & Claims assessment
6Dispute Resolution Mechanism including Arbitration.


  • The Bidder should submit performance certificates in reference to above, issued by Government Organizations / Semi Government Organizations / Public Sector Undertakings / Autonomous bodies / Municipal bodies / Public Limited Company / Concessionaire Company / Private Company / JV Company. Certificates issued by Public Limited Company / Concessionaire Company / Private Company / JV Companies must be supported by Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) certificates in evidence of the value of work.
  • Work executed as main consultant to the employer/contractor shall be considered.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: IRCON- Tender | Image Credit (representational): NHSRCL