IRCON Tender Update: M/s Devangi Power Pvt. Ltd. bags contract for design and installation of gantry crane and rolling system for TTF at Surat depot in connection with MAHSR project

IRCON International Limited has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Devangi Power Private Limited for Design, fabrication, supply, installation & commissioning of 1.5T capacity gantry crane system movable on rail track with synchronized hoist  arrangement and providing conveyor rolling system for TTF (Temporary Training Facility) at Surat depot location of National High Speed Project, in connection with construction of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (Package-MAHSR-T2).

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/3026/MAHSR/T2/1.5T Gantry Crane Rev.1
  • Name of Work: Design, fabrication, supply, installation & commissioning of 1.5T capacity gantry crane system movable on rail track with synchronised hoist  arrangement and providing conveyor rolling system for TTF (Temporary Training Facility) at Surat depot location of National High Speed Project, in connection with construction of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (Package-MAHSR-T2).
  • Accepted Contract Amount: INR 1,14,91,211.74/- (Including GST)
  • Completion Period: 45 Days

In January this year, the IRCON invited a tender for Tender Number: IRCON/3026/MAHSR/T2/1.5T Gantry Crane Rev.1

Scope of Work:

  • Proposed work broadly comprises of but not limited to works for Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1.5T Capacity Gantry Crane System movable on Rail Track with Synchronized Hoist arrangement and Providing Conveyor Rolling System for TTF (Temporary Training Facility) at Surat Depot Location of National High Speed Project, in connection with Construction of Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (Package-MAHSR-T2).
  • The Contractor shall work out the requirement of manpower and machineries coping with the scope of work to be completed within the targeted period and accordingly ensure deployment of those manpower and machineries.
  • The Contractor(s) is expected to use the latest technology and machinery and achieve the most efficient and best quality work.

Various elements involved in this work are broadly indicated below for guidance:


  • Design of the Gantry as per requirement and taking approval of IRCON
  • Fabrication of the Gantry System as per Technical and Operational requirements (Indicative Drawing of Gantry is enclosed with this tender)
  • Fabrication, Supply, installation, testing & Commissioning 06 nos. of Gantry crane of 1.5T capacity x 8.92 Mtrs. Span single girder overhead crane assembly with lifting height of 6.0 Mtrs.
  • 03 Gantries will be moving on One Track, So there will be 02 Sets of Gantries
  • Movement of Gantry is Independent of each other and shall be wire rope based using Drum system operated manually for a distance of 100 metres
  • Design & fabrication/procurement of required capacity Hoisting system with synchronized movement. All 03 hoists shall have synchronized movement both vertically & horizontally
  • Design & Fabrication of Roller based Conveyor system 100m length for movement of Welded Rail panels, 50m length
  • Supply of both Gantries and Conveyor system to site and Installation and Commissioning
  • 52 Kg Rails for Gantry movement shall be provided and fixed by IRCON
  • Necessary Civil work required for fixing Conveyor system shall be completed by IRCON. However, the Contractor shall submit the Drawings for Civil works beforehand and guide for fixing of rails.
  • Necessary Electrical connections for operation of Gantry & Conveyor system shall be provided by IRCON
  • Contractor is required to visit Surat TTF location for planning and designing the requirements as per Site conditions. He shall provide location and capacity/type of Electrical connections required for operation of Gantry and Conveyor systems
  • Supply of M&P equipment includes design, engineering, manufacture and supply of equipment and facilities including mechanical equipment, electrical equipment & controls and utility services as per the Contract Specifications of Plant & Equipment together with the necessary vibration pad, foundation (if any), foundation bolts, special inserts, integrating parts, field foundation plates and bolts, railings, cross-over and safety guards within the stipulated delivery time. Unit cost of Gantry & Conveyor Roller System shall be inclusive of cost of two years Defect Liability. Any defects arising out of Design, Fabrication, Installation of Gantry & Conveyor and Motors, spares shall be made good free of cost.
  • M&P offered must be of proven design and capacity. It must be capable of continuous operation for long periods in temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and humidity up to 98%.
  • The scope of supply also includes all the concomitant accessories/ equipment as detailed in specification and other concomitant accessories/ equipment’s, which the manufacturer considers essential to make the machine/ equipment fully operational.
  • The Contractor shall commission the System/machine/ equipment at the place of Delivery as per Delivery Schedule as well as the schedule for Commissioning.
  • The Contractor or his agent will be required to inspect the consignment at the consignee’s premises before unpacking is done and carry out a Joint Check of the receipt of components to avoid subsequent complaints regarding short shipment or transit.
  • The Bidder shall offer complete commissioning of System/Machine/ equipment on a turnkey basis. Responsibilities of Bidder in this regard shall be as per the following details:
  • The bidder shall quote for System/machine in fully tooled up condition with sufficient quantity of tools for a period of two years covering normal consumption.
  • Contractor will ensure the presence of his representative for safe unloading of the System/machine/ equipment. IRCON shall not be liable for any damages. Contractor will intimate, at least 15 (fifteen) days before the expected time of arrival of machine/ equipment at site for information only.
  • All facilities required for the Installation & Commissioning such as manpower, material handling equipment like cranes, lifting arrangement etc., tools & tackles, welding or cutting machine, first fill of all lubricants/oils etc. shall also be the responsibility of the Contractor.
  • Any other resources/ facilities required as deemed necessary by Bidder (Supplier).
  • The Contractor shall depute his authorised experienced installation & commissioning team immediately after receipt of material at site at his own cost.
  • The Contractor shall also submit priced quotations separately for machine specific consumables along with average consumption to enable IRCON to procure, if considered necessary.
  • The rates of all the critical / vital assemblies/ sub-assemblies like motor etc. shall also be furnished separately. IRCON reserves the right to purchase these items as it deems fit. However, non-procurement by IRCON shall not dilute the warranty.
  • The contractor shall attend all defects arising out of Design, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning of Gantry System and Conveyor Roller System for a period of 02 Years from the date of Commissioning of the Systems. Price quoted shall be inclusive of this cost.
  • The contractor shall provide necessary tools, tackles and appliances for erecting, testing, operation & maintenance, and commissioning of the unit as required, if any. The list of tools & tackle required for M&P to be submitted separately with the offer.

About MAHSR Project:

  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR) Project is 508 Km long first High- Speed Rail (HSR) network planned to be constructed in India.
  • Out of 508Km, 352 Km lies in the State of Gujarat (348 Km) and Dadra & Nagar Haveli (4Km) and the balance 156 Km lies in the State of Maharashtra.
  • The Construction Work is in progress in both Gujarat and Dadra & Nagar Haveli where 98% and 100% land has been acquired respectively.
  • In Gujarat, High Speed Rail alignment passes through eight districts i.e. Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Kheda and Ahmedabad and work is in progress in all the eight districts.
  • In Maharashtra land acquisition done so far is 40%.
  • The project will entail an investment of 72,000 Crs in the state of Gujarat in both Land & construction.
  • So far an expenditure of 14,200 Crs has been done.
  • The project will generate direct & indirect employment of 60,000 in Gujarat state.

About IRCON International Limited:

  • IRCON International Limited (IRCON), a Schedule “A” & Mini Ratna-I Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU), incorporated by the Ministry of Railways, Central government, under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited.
  • IRCON is an integrated engineering and construction company in India operating since last 44 years with specialisation in major turnkey infrastructure projects, including Railways, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels, Aircraft maintenance hangars, Runways, EHV substations, Metro & MRT, and others.

Source: IRCON- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): NHSRCL

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