IRSDC invites RFQ for Redevelopment of Udaipur Railway Station on DBFOT mode

In continuation to the RFQ for Redevelopment of Surat & Udhna Railway Stations, the Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd. (IRSDC) has now invited Request for Qualification (RFQ) for the redevelopment of Udaipur Railway Station on DBFOT mode. The Revenues for a period of 60 years .

  • Tender Reference Number: IRSDC/HQ/RFQ/2021/28/Udaipur
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 10-Jul-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 31-Aug-2021
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 06-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 17-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 31-Aug-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 31-Aug-2021


  • The Ministry of Railways (MOR) is engaged in development and modernisation of Railway Stations across India through Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”). Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited’ (hereinafter referred to as (“IRSDC” or the “Authority”) is a special purpose company incorporated under the MOR. 
  • As a part of this endeavour, Authority has decided to undertake redevelopment and operation/maintenance of Udaipur Railway Station (the “Project”) on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (the “DBFOT”) basis, and has, therefore, decided to carry out the bidding process for selection of the bidder to whom the Project may be awarded.
  • IRSDC has been approved as the nodal agency for the development/redevelopment of railway stations across Indian Railway network and also as the main project development agency by the Union Cabinet. 
  • IRSDC will be carrying out the bidding process for the Project, including provision of development plans master plan, architectural drawings etc., consult with urban local bodies/other statutory authorities while approving the plans, so that the development is harmonious with surrounding development, generally following National Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Policy.

Scope of Work:

The broad scope of the work envisaged is as follows:

  • The Concessionaire shall redevelop the Project within construction period specified in Concession Agreement,
  • The scope of work of the Concessionaire shall include design, construction, and procurement of the Udaipur Station. 
  • Also, real-estate development (including [development of air rights) of project land by dismantling the existing structures on the land forming part of the Udaipur station, the land belonging to Railways, and such other site(s) identified by the Authority.
  • The Project envisages relocation of existing facilities that includes ORH, electrical substation and staff parking in phase 1 and staff quarters, existing offices, workshops and other essential operational buildings of railways at identified locations in the [Master Plan of Udaipur Station] or any other land identified for the specific purpose in phase 2. Construction activities may be related with the relocation arrangements of the above existing facilities.
  • The Concessionaire will be at liberty to accommodate the existing facilities temporarily on rental properties on obtaining the consent from the respective affected parties. A comprehensive list of such facilities requiring shifting along with the identified location shall be part of the RFP.
  • The Concessionaire shall have flexibility, however, shall be responsible for keeping the design ethos intact and ensuring continuity in vision of various aesthetic and functional elements evolved in conjunction with government bodies and stakeholders.
  • The Concessionaire shall be required to carry out a complete comprehensive mobility plan within project land after field study to ensure free and un-obstructive movements of various modes of transport (i.e., railway, long distance bus, city bus, auto, taxi, non-motorised vehicles, etc.) and pedestrians. 
  • The said plan should ensure that the convenience of users of the rail transport and bus facilities are not compromised even after completion of the Project.
  • The specifications in respect of the Project shall be set out in the Bidding Documents and all construction shall be carried out as per such specifications.
  • The Concessionaire shall be responsible for arranging and paying for all the utilities i.e. water supply, electricity, back up of electricity arrangement, fire safety, and fire detection etc. from relevant authorities during the entire term of the Concession Agreement.
  • The concessionaire shall be responsible for payment of taxes, scrutiny fee, infrastructure charges and other cesses to the local body as per the prevailing norms.
  • The Concessionaire shall be entitled to undertake the station estate development as specified in the concession agreement.
  • The scope of work also requires development of all connectivity (through concourse, widening of the underpasses, new roads, widening of the roads etc.,) and augmentation of facilities of Railway Administration for making available the utilities, etc. Details of the same will be provided in the Bidding Documents.
  • It may be noted that while construction, neither the services of train operations shall be suspended and therefore the technology adopted, and phasing plan have to be made in advance so that there is minimum inconvenience to passengers.
  • The work excludes any works for modification of tracks, Signalling & Telecom equipment, Overhead Electric equipment, and those related to operations of trains etc. except those directly related to the execution of station redevelopment works as per the detailed scope of work to be shared at bid stage.

About IRSDC:

  • Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd. (IRSDC) is a Joint venture company of RLDA, RITES and IRCON.
  • IRSDC is at the core of Indian Railways mission of transforming the country’s railway stations into world-class 24×7 hubs and is the Nodal Agency and the main Project Development Agency (PDA) for the redevelopment of Railway stations.
  • These redeveloped hubs will be called ‘Railopoli, as it will attract huge investment and business opportunities.

To fast track the redevelopment of Railway Stations and harness the true value of commercial development, the following tools have been developed by IRSDC/MoR to streamline all processes for planning, designing, tendering, implementation and management of Railway Stations in India:-

  • Model Agreements for Station redevelopment and Station Facility Management
  • Updation of Manual for Standards and Specifications for Railway Stations; brought out by MoR
  • Handbook for Master planning & Value Creation far Railway Station (Re) development
  • Harmonized Guidelines for Standards of Accessibility & Provisions of Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) in Indian Railways – by MoR
  • Form-based codes for Commercial Development within Railway Land, comprising of:-
    • Codes for Station Area Layout Regulating Plans
    • Codes for Property Development Cards (Commercial Development)
    • Codes for Architectural Design within Commercial Development
    • Codes for Green Buildings within Commercial Development
  • Handbook for Preparation of Layout Regulating Plans and Property Development Cards
  • Codes for up-gradation of Heritage Railway Assets (For full project lifecycle).

The above RFQ documents can be downloaded from the website

Source: IRSDC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): IRSDC

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