K-RIDE floats tender for internal electrification and other works for Belandur Road and Huskur Station buildings and platforms for BYPL-HSRA doubling project

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has floated bids, for BYPL-HSRA Doubling: Internal electrification of Belandur road and Huskur station buildings, provision of lighting arrangements for open and covered platforms at Belandur road station, power supply arrangement for Belandur road and Huskur stations and any other associated works.”

  • Tender Reference Number: KRIDE/2023-24/EL/WORK_INDENT7
  • Name of Work: BYPL-HSRA Doubling: Internal electrification of Belandur road and Huskur station buildings, provision of lighting arrangements for open and covered platforms at Belandur road station, power supply arrangement for Belandur road and Huskur stations and any other associated works.”
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 1.29 Crores
  • EMD: INR 02 Lakhs
  • Period of Work: 12 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 15th Sep, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 16th Oct, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 29th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 15th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 16th Oct, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 17th Oct, 2023


The brief scope of work of this tender is Power Supply arrangement and Electrification of New Station Building, Platform and Circulating Area Lighting in Baiyyappanahalli to Hosur section under proposed Track Doubling Work at Belandur Road, Huskur, Heelalige, Anekal, Maranayakanahalli which comes under Bengaluru Division of South Western Railway.

The objective of the contract is to arrange Power Supply and Electrify the newly Constructed Stations and Service Buildings and its associated works, related to Track Doubling work between Baiyyappanahalli to Hosur as stipulated in the contract.

In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works. The general and specific requirements of the employer are detailed out in this document for understanding of the bidders and for mandatory compliance by the successful bidder/contractor.

The Employer’s requirements have been divided into different sections / sub-heads for convenience only. They do not restrict any cross-references. The Contractor shall take into account inter-relations between various parts of works. No claim shall be entertained on account of compartmental interpretations.

Scope of Works:

The project site is located in and around Bengaluru City. The tendered work is associated with the track doubling project between Baiyyappanahalli to Hosur.

The scope of work includes Electrification of New Buildings, Platform, Circulation & Approach Road Lighting of Track Doubling Project between Baiyyappanahalli to Hosur.

Bidders should inspect the alignment before submission of bid and assess the scope and its associated work. It is the responsibility of the contactor to thoroughly examine the site of work and all constraints before submitting the bid(s).

Before carrying out the work at site, necessary permissions from various local agencies / Railway authorities / road authorities such as SWR, BBMP, BESCOM, PWD, GAIL, Traffic Police etc., shall be required to be obtained by the contractor. The Employer shall assist only by way of issue of necessary support letters.

Any services affected by the works must be temporarily supported by the contractor. The work of temporarily supporting and protecting the public utility services during execution of the works shall be deemed to be part of the contract.

The contractor shall take all precautions for safeguarding the environment during the course of the construction of the works. He shall abide by all laws, rules and regulations in force governing pollution and environmental protection that are applicable in the area where the works are situated. The contractor must take all necessary steps to fix especially dust nuisance during the construction of the works.

The levels, measurements and other information concerning the existing site as shown on the drawings are believed to be correct, but the contractor should verify them for himself and also examine the nature of the ground as no claim or allowance whatsoever will be entertained on account of any error or omission in the levels or strata turning out different during execution from what is shown on the drawings.

The preliminary works such as site clearance, barricading, trail trenching etc., wherever required, shall be taken up simultaneously along with mobilisation activities.

The contractor shall at all-time carry out the work on either side of existing IR tracks/ highway/road/service road in a manner creating least interference to the flow of traffic. The contractor shall take prior approval of the Engineer and traffic police regarding traffic arrangements and diversion of traffic during construction.

All temporary traffic diversion works, which will be required for the smooth flow of running traffic in order to carry out the works without any interruption including all safety precautions, signage, barricading, emergency lighting, traffic marshals, look-out men / watchmen etc.; shall be carried out.

The permanent traffic diversions shall be carried out in consultation with traffic police. Contractor has to provide traffic diversion proposals, traffic marshals, cones, traffic diversion boards etc., as desired by Traffic Police.

Restoration of Road and allied works immediately after completion of work up to road level or as per instructions of Engineer.

Maintaining and keeping the Existing Railway banks, structures and adjacent roads clean in the area of work and where construction machineries ply. Measures to minimise water, air and noise pollution;

All aspects of quality assurance, including testing of materials and other components of the work, as specified and as directed; Clearing of site and handing over of all the Works, as specified or as directed

Maintenance of the completed Work during the maintenance period as directed; Submission of completion (i.e., ‘As-Built’) drawings and other related documents as specified; and

The contractor shall not display any name-board for the works without the written permission of the engineer. No labour camp shall be allowed at the work site or any unauthorised place.

Work Content:

  • Works to be performed shall also include all general works and works of any kind necessary for the due and satisfactory construction, completion and maintenance of the works to the intent and meaning of the drawings adopted and technical specifications, to best Engineering standards and orders that may be issued by the Engineer from time to time, compliance by the agency with all as per Contract document.
  • Supply of all materials, apparatus, plant, equipment, tools, fuel, water, transport, offices, stores, workshop, staff, labour and the provision of proper and sufficient protective works, diversion, temporary fencing, lighting and watching required for the safety of the public and protection of works on adjoining land; first-aid equipment, accommodation and sanitation for the staff and workmen, effecting and maintenance of all insurances, the payment of all wages, salaries, provident fund, fees, royalties, duties or the other charges arising out of the erection of works and the regular clearance of rubbish, clearing up, leaving the site perfect and tidy on completion.
  • The work to be constructed and maintained as per BOQ, Technical Specification, relevant Codes, and specifications of I.E Rules 1956 IS, CPWD, KPWD, BESCOM, drawings, best engineering practices and/or as directed by the Engineer.

The complete documents can be downloaded from https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in

Source: K-RIDE- Tender | Image Credit (representational): West Central Railway