K-RIDE invites bids for Detailed Design Consultancy for various electrical works for Corridor 1 to 4 of BSRP project

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has invited Bids from eligible Bids, for Detailed Design Consultancy for design of receiving sub stations, 25 kV AC traction substations, auxiliary substations, extra high voltage & high voltage network, auxiliary network, 25 kV flexible overhead equipment, 25kV rigid overhead equipment and SCADA system including simulation of complete system, EMI/EMC study, load flow analysis, protection relay coordination, insulation coordination, harmonics, power factor, line resonance, preparation of drawings, BOQ, cost estimate, technical documents for Corridors- 1, 2, 3 & 4 of BSRP project including associated depots and design of 25 kV flexible overhead equipment suitable for IR on the section of IR Km 211.325 to Km 216.200 in Corridor – 2, modifying same OHE suitable for BSRP afterwards.

  • Tender Reference Number: KRIDE/2023-24/EL/WORK_INDENT6
  • Name of Work: Detailed Design Consultancy for design of receiving sub stations, 25 kV AC traction substations, auxiliary substations, extra high voltage & high voltage network, auxiliary network, 25 kV flexible overhead equipment, 25kV rigid overhead equipment and SCADA system including simulation of complete system, EMI/EMC study, load flow analysis, protection relay coordination, insulation coordination, harmonics, power factor, line resonance, preparation of drawings, BOQ, cost estimate, technical documents for Corridors – 1, 2, 3 & 4 of BSRP project including associated depots and design of 25 kV flexible overhead equipment suitable for IR on the section of IR Km 211.325 to Km 216.200 in Corridor – 2, modifying same OHE suitable for BSRP afterwards.
  • EMD: INR 10 Lakhs
  • Period of Work: 50 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 16th Aug, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 15th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 16th Aug, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 15th Sep, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 16th Sep, 2023

Project Highlights:

  • BSRP is a flagship project being executed by K-RIDE, a joint venture of Govt of Karnataka and Ministry of Railways.
  • The 4 corridors of BSRP with about 148 km of Railway line will act like a connecting bridge between Rural and Urban areas. For details, see the system map provided in the bid document.
  • The K-RIDE infrastructure project is being built at a projected cost of ₹ 15,767 crore. It will provide a delightful travel experience for travellers across different sectors and streams. The trains will be air conditioned (Metro-like with automated double-leaf sliding doors).
  • The 57 suburban stations will be enabled with Metro-like facilities and promote smart card-based cashless travel for suburban Railway users.
  • BSRP planned to setup two (2) nos. of depots at Akkupete (near Devanahalli) in North Bangalore spreading in about 49.42 Acres area and at Soladevanahalli (Near Chikkabanavara) in South-West Bangalore in an area of about 50 Acres. K-RIDE plans to construct about 77 stabling and 16 inspection & workshop lines to cater rolling stock for all the 4 corridors.

System Description of Bangalore Suburban Rail Projects The Rail Systems are based on: 

  • Continuous Automatic Train Control (CATC):
    • This is based on CBTC which consists – Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) sub-systems.
    • The train borne Automatic Train Control system will consist of Automatic train Operation (ATO) and Automatic train Protection (ATP). This will work on a fixed block principle.
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP):
    • The primary function of the train control system. This sub system will be inherently capable of achieving the following objectives in a fail-safe manner. Line side signals will be planned at diverging routes (i.e., at points & crossings), which shall serve as backup signalling in case of failure of ATP system.
    • However, in such cases, train speed will automatically be restricted to 25 km/h.
    • The cab-borne equipment will be of modular sub-assemblies for each function for easy maintenance and replacement.
    • The ATP assemblies will be fitted in the vehicle integrated with other equipment of the rolling stock.
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO):
    • The system will operate the trains automatically from station to station within the safety envelope of ATP and open the train doors on the correct side. In conjunction with ATP/ATS, ATO can control the dwell time at stations and manage the train running in accordance with the headway/ time table.
  • Automatic Train Supervision (ATS):
    • A train supervision system will be installed to facilitate the monitoring of train operation and also remote control of the station.
    • The train supervisor will log each train movement and display it on the workstation with each Traffic Controller at CC and on the workstation placed in the Station Control Room (SCR) with each Station controller.
  • The centralised system will be installed in the Control Centre (CC). The CC will have a projection display panel showing a panoramic view of the status of tracks, points, signals and the vehicles operating in the relevant section/whole system providing the following main functionalities:
    • Automatic Route Setting
    • Automatic Train Regulation
    • Continuous Tracking of Train Position
    • Display Panel & Workstation Interface
    • Link to Passenger Information Display System for online information
    • Computation of train Schedule and Timetable
    • Issue special commands to train such as train hold, skip station etc.
  • Rolling Stock:
    • To meet the traffic demand, 3.2 m wide & 21.7 m length AC rolling stock is recommended for running suburban rail services in Bengaluru.
    • The Design speed is 90 kmph and operational speed shall be 80 kmph (except at stations).
    • The operating speed at stations shall be 50 kmph. The operating speed in depots shall be 25 kmph.
  • Train power supply shall be fed by 25KV- A.C. OHE System.

Operation Control Centre:

  • The Operation Control Centre (OCC) for the all corridors shall be intimated at a later stage.
  • KRIDE intends to engage a competent and experienced Design Consultant for Detailed Design Consultancy of Receiving Sub Stations cum 25 kV AC Traction Substations and Auxiliary Main Substations, Extra High Voltage & High Voltage Cabling, Auxiliary Network and Substations, 25 KV Flexible Overhead Equipment and SCADA System, Operation Control Centre for Complete Corridor and Proof check of Design of 25kV Rigid OHE and Associated Works and supply & training for design software, design calculations, preparation of drawings, BOQ and Technical documents of bids for Corridor-1,2,3 & 4 of BSRP project including depots at Soldevanahalli and Devanahalli.
  • The Consultant shall provide the Consultancy Services, to the standards and in the manner, frequency, quantity and times specified in accordance with the Conditions of Contract, except for variations which have been agreed to in writing by the Employer/Employer’s Representative.
  • DDC shall perform services relating to the Project.
  • DDC shall exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of his obligations under the Agreement and in accordance with the prevailing standards of the profession.
  • The DDC shall provide professional, objective and impartial advice and at all times hold the Employer ‘s interests paramount.
  • Where the Services include the co-ordination between the DDC and other consultants and Contractors employed on the Project, the DDC shall do such coordination.
  • The DDC shall obtain, interfacing requirements and submit to the Employer/Employer’s Representative for his information and approval of all details, drawings, arising from such coordination with others. Such coordination will take place throughout the contract period.

Design Phase and Construction/Execution Phase:

  • DDC shall submit detailed feasibility report cum techno economical comparative studies, supported with Simulation studies for following options
  • 25kV AC Traction with BT & without BT for design speed of 90 KMPH all corridors
  • DDC shall recommend Techno Economical Traction System for BSRP corridors.
  • The DDC shall propose locations & number of RSS/TSS /AMS/ASS
  • The scope of works shall include but not limited to:
    • System description
    • Preliminary Design of OHE, Traction, PSI, SCADA, RSS, TSS & ASS and Simulation Studies
    • Detailed Design OHE, Traction, PSI, SCADA, RSS, TSS & ASS and pending Simulation Studies
    • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) which will also include Cost of comprehensive maintenance (Routine, Periodical, Breakdown including consumables and Spares) of RSS, Power Supply, OHE, and SCADA for the period of 10 years after completion of Defect Liability Period
    • Cost Estimate
    • Preparation of Tender documents including Tender Drawings
    • The Good for Construction Drawings.
  • RSS/TSS/AMS/ASS Construction methodology for GIS/Control Room, Boundary Wall, equipment foundations, baffle wall, cable trench, road, drainage etc.
  • Tentative Works Program of the Project including Key dates.
  • Soft copies of design calculations Excel etc, Drawings in ACAD/MicroStation & PDF shall be submitted
  • Interface requirement and required site meetings.
  • Validation of Contractor’ Design documents
  • Review and issuance of design conformity certificate of As-built drawings.
  • The DDC shall provide design and drawings of utilities required for RSS/TSS/AMS/ASS etc. to include but not limited to:
    • Sewerage
    • Provisions for future installation of all utilities
    • Fresh water supply
    • Electrical ducts 
    • Fire protection and detection systems
    • Integration with Renewable Energy System

Task 1:

  • Report on Power Supply arrangement – Traction Power, HV Load Flow study and other Simulation Studies:
  • DDC shall prepare the 2 or 3 alternative schemes of feeding the Auxiliary supply network. Best scheme shall be selected based on the recommendations of DDC.
  • Auxiliary network Single Line diagram, which is having optimised redundancy and able to cater the load in case of failure of One RSS, failure of part of Ring Main Cable, Failure of one ASS and other failure scenarios.
  • Scheme shall be a simple way to extend the feed in case of failure. Auxiliary network Scheme shall keep improved reliability and availability of the system.
  • For the 25 KV Traction system, DDC shall also prepare the conceptual optimised LOP, wiring diagram, Sectioning diagram.
  • The Power requirement of the station area and Property development will be provided by the DDC for station E&M works. Power requirement depots at Devanahalli and Soladevanahalli shall be provided by the DDC for depots. 

Task 2:

Detail design of 25kV AC OHE System:

  • Detailed design of 25kV AC OHE System including but not limited to:
  • Sectioning Diagram of all the corridors including depots.
  • OCS Conductor Tension and Tension length Calculation.
  • Maximum Span calculation.
  • Overlap Span calculation.
  • OCS loading and Mast & portal sizing calculations, Special Steel Structure for at grade, elevated and Depot.
  • Turnout & crossovers schematic arrangement.
  • Neutral section Design
  • Modular cantilever system and fittings.
  • OCS regulation design.
  • Drop arm load calculations
  • OHE mast foundation and Anchor foundation design for At grade, Depot & Feeding post
  • OCS Base Plate and U Bolt Design for Masts, Portals and Anchor design at Elevated section
  • Dropper schedule calculation
  • Technical Specification of Flexible OCS Items
  • Technical; Specifications of 25 kV switching Equipment for At grade, Elevated and depot including GTP
  • Preparation of Pegging plan & list of holding down Bolts.
  • OHE Layout plans
  • Cross Section drawings
  • General Arrangement drawings
  • Structure Erection drawings.
  • Earthing & Bonding plan.
  • Power block procedures
  • Validate the design submitted by the contractor
  • Proof checking the design of ROCS
  • Station working rule diagrams
  • Station Working Instructions
  • Over line clearance study
  • Minimum clearances 

Detailed design of SCADA System including but not limited to:

  • Traction Power Control system in OCC, BCC.
  • SCADA Architecture OCC, BCC
  • Communication Network for SCADA
  • SAS Architecture for RSS
  • Communication Network for SAS
  • Equipment layout for OCC, BCC and RSS
  • Tentative GTP of SCADA, SAS, and Relays, Servers, etc.

Detailed design of RSS/AMS/TSS/ASS System including but not limited to:

  • Equipment Layout of RSS/TSS/AMS/ASS
  • Earthing Calculation and layout of above
  • Typical Cross Sections drawings of EHT cable from GSS-RSS
  • EHT Cable X-Bonding Arrangement
  • Typical Single Line Diagram for ACDB
  • SLD of DCDB
  • DSLP (Direct stroke Lightning Protection) & Building Lightning Protection
  • Indoor Lighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm and Detection at RSS (FACP)
  • Buried Rail Arrangement Drawing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cable Trench Layout and Section Details
  • RSS Equipment Earthing Details-Typical Dwg.
  • CT’s Structures 25 kV 33kV & Other Steel Structures
  • Ventilation System Plan + HVAC+AHU
  • Outdoor Lighting Drawing, Dialux Cal.
  • Interfacing Document (GSS-PSA)
  • Feasibility Study of use of Cable for 25 kV Feeder


  • All the tenderers shall provide the requested information accurately and sufficient details in section 3: Qualification information. The Joint Venture to be formed prior to the Bidding.
  • Pre-qualification will be based on Applicants meeting all the following minimum pass–fail criteria regarding their general and particular consultancy experience, financial position, personnel and equipment capabilities, and other relevant information as demonstrated by the Applicant’s responses in the Information Forms attached to the Letter of Application. Additional requirements for joint ventures are given in para 2.2

The following qualification criteria should be met by the intending Tenderers:

  • Required average annual turnover (in all classes of design/consultancy work): The intending Tenderer/firm/ company/Joint Venture should have achieved a minimum average annual turnover of 3.00 Cr. in the last five Financial Years from 2018-19 to 2022-23.

Work Experience:

  • The bidders will be qualified only if they have successfully completed similar work/works as defined in clause 3.3.b) at current FY: 2023-24 price level in the preceding five financial years (FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23) and till the last day of the month previous to the month of bid as given below:
    • At least three “Similar Work” each of value Rs. 2.00 Cr. or more, or
    • At least two “Similar Works” each of value Rs.3.00 Cr. or more, or
    • At least one “Similar Work” of value Rs. 4.00 Cr. or more
  • Value of successfully completed phases of any ongoing traction and power supply design work within the period mentioned above, will also be considered towards qualification of work experience criteria, provided these phases have been tested, commissioned and put into operation.

Similar work is defined as below:

  • Consultancy for Design and simulation of 25 kV Overhead Equipment Traction system with Traction Power Supply, SCADA, and Auxiliary Power supply comprising of Load flow, harmonics, EMI/EMC, Earthing and bonding, Relay coordination and Protection for Elevated and At-Grade section of Metro Rail / Rapid Rail Transit / High Speed Rail system.

The complete documents can be downloaded from https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in

Source: K-RIDE- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR