K-RIDE invites bids for Flash Butt welding for Yesvantpur-Channasandra and Baiyyappanahalli-Hosur Doubling Projects

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has invited Bids from eligible Bids, for the Execution of works detailed in the table below under Single stage:Two tender document system (Technical Bid and Financial Bid).

  • Tender Notice No.: K RIDE/DL/19/2021
  • Name of Work: Yesvantpur-Channasandra and Baiyyappanahalli-Hosur Doubling Projects-Flash Butt welding of new/second hand 60kg/52kg/260R rails (90UTS/260R/72UTS) Rails/Panels at site using rail cum Road Mobile Flash Butt welding plant including USFD testing of welded joints.
  • Approx. Value of Work: INR 1.73 Cr
  • Period of Completion: 18 Months
  • Tender Document Downloaded From: 26.10.2021
  • Date of Pre-Bid Meeting: 09.11.2021
  • Date of Opening of (Technical Bid): 29.11.2021

Scope of Work:

  • The work involves carrying out Flash Butt welding of rail joints including USFD testing of welds executed at site using contractor’s own labour, own Rail cum Road Vehicle mounted Flash Butt Mobile Welding Plant (RCRV-MFBWP), USFD  machine, own infrastructure and all other tools & plants in-situ on non-running  lines / running lines or cess / ballasted bed in existing lines etc. at various  locations on South Western Railway.
  • Flash Butt Welding of rails/rail panels shall conform to the specifications in the Manual for FBWR and USFD testing of welded joints shall conform to Manual Ultrasonic Testing of Rails and welds-2012 with uptodate correction slips issued by RDSO.
  • The contractor has to make his own arrangement for positioning/movement of rail or rail panels, pull and align the rail for creating gaps, end cleaning of Rails, welding and stripping of welded joints, grinding and final finishing of welded Joints etc. complete.
  • The contractor shall arrange adequate labour, competent supervision, equipment for grinding, welding, stripping, pre and post straightening as required.
  • All the machines, plant and equipment shall be arranged and provided by the  contractor at his own cost.
  • Rails to be welded will be of 60kg/52kg (90UTS/260R//72UTS). The welding process and methodology will be governed by the Manual for FBWR.
  • Rails as mentioned above will be supplied by KRIDEat locations along the section on cess or in yards.
  • KRIDE may also offer rails already linked in the track. It shall be the responsibility  of  the contractor to pull and align the rails supplied on cess/  depot as required and directed by the Engineer-in-charge with the rails in “head on” position without allowing the rail ends to contact with soil.
  • The contractor shall arrange all the necessary plant & equipment, labour to  handle, move and distribute the rails for welding.
  • The contractor shall exercise special care in handling of rails so as not to bend or damage them and shall follow the stipulations of Para no.11 -“Handling instructions for 90 UTS rails-as detailed in Manual for FBWR.
  • In addition, the contractor shall maintain on-site equipment and  labour to straighten and re-align rails that may have been bent or damaged during the rail -handling process, to straightness tolerances as specified.
  • The contractor shall ensure that the handling rails or welded rail panels shall be such that the sleepers suffer no damage.
  • Rails or welded rail panels shall not be dropped onto place.
  • If rails are being welded away from the exact locations of their use, the welded rail panels shall be stacked on levelled and well drained platforms suitably supported in head-on position near to the site of the use.
  • Locations/Sites for setting up of temporary welding depots will be identified by KRIDE.

Flash Butt Welding Plant:

  • The tenderer along with their offer shall indicate the model of RCRV-MFBW-Machine proposed to be deployed  for  the  execution  of  work  with a detailed Technical Description of the same with System/sub-systems  and working mechanisms of  the machine.
  • The Machine deployed should be of reputed make with proven credentials. The  machine shall conform to the General, Functional and Technical requirements etc. as prescribed by Railway Board/RDSO.
  • A Photograph and technical literature of the RCRV-MFBW  machine  proposed  to be deployed shall also be enclosed with the tender. The photographs shall also show close-ups of various working assemblies/systems and the full   RCRV-MFBW-Machine.
  • The tenderer may also furnish video compact disc showing the working of RCRVMFBW-Machine in real time under field condition.
  • The RCRV-MFBW-Machine shall be self-contained and self-propelled vehicle consisting of:(i) Flash Butt  Welding unit (ii) Carrier Vehicle  (Rail cum Road) and capable of executing in-situ welds on Running / Non-running lines / cess / ballasted bed by the side of the existing lines as well as on yards.
  • The RCRV-MFBW-Machine shall be mounted on such a carrier vehicle with  all necessary requisites/ attachments / manipulator etc. for carrying out all operations related to welding of rail joints as per Indian Railway’s Manual for FBWR.
  • The Plant should be designed for welding rails by the Electric-Flash Butt Welding Process. Each welding machine shall be equipped with a brush recorder to produce charts showing traces of electrical impulses and movable platen travel, with simultaneous recording of butting pressure, upset force or pressure (forging) for each weld.

Tender documents may be downloaded from the web site http://eproc.karnataka.gov.in.

Source: K-RIDE-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MMRC

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