Kanpur Metro begins pier cap casting for the elevated section of Corridor-2

In a bid to ensure seamless construction, Kanpur Metro commences the casting of first pier cap for the elevated section of Corridor-2 stretching from Chandrashekhar Azad (CSA) University of Agriculture to Barra 8. All girders and pier caps will be prepared in the casting yard located at Naubasta.

More Details:

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (UPMRC) is progressing at a steady pace with the recent commencement of the casting of the first pier cap for the elevated section of Corridor-2 of Kanpur Metro project, stretching from CSA to Barra-8. This marks a crucial milestone in the project, as all girders and pier caps for this section will be meticulously prepared at the dedicated casting yard located in Naubasta. This methodical approach ensures precision and quality in the construction process, furthering the project’s commitment to enhancing urban mobility in Kanpur.

About Corridor-2:

  • The total length of Corridor-2 is about 8.6 Km having 3.977 Km as elevated, switch over ramp in a length of 413m from (-) 8.0m to (+) 7.5m for underground to elevated portion followed by 4.210 Km as elevated.
  • Total of 9 stations have been proposed for the corridor which includes 4 as underground namely, Agriculture University, Rawatpur, Kakadeo and Double Pulia and 5 as elevated namely, Vijay Nagar Chauraha, Govind Nagar, Barra Road, Barra – 7 and Barra – 8.
  • The proposed MRTS alignment of Corridor-2 starts from Agriculture University along VIP Road. The alignment heads in the South direction passing through UPSRTC workshop, Mathura – Kanpur Railway tracks at Rawatpur Railway station and private properties of R.S. Puram. 
  • To integrate with Corridor-1 and with a view to provide scope for future Northward extension of Corridor-2, Rawatpur has become an obligatory point for Corridor-2.

Importance of Casting Yard:

  • Casting yard is required for casting of precast structural segments and other precast units like U-girder, I-Girder etc.
  • The structural segments are pre-casted in casting yards, pre-stressed and then transported to the location of use and launched by means of suitable launching arrangement.
  • The structural elements for superstructure i.e. box segments, I-Girders, U-girders and sometimes pile caps are casted by pre-cast technique. Precast construction may be segmental or non-segmental type.
  • Segmental construction permits a reduction of construction time as segments are manufactured in a casting yard while substructure work is in progress, and erected rapidly thereafter.
  • Better quality control is possible in the casting yard.

The preparations made by Kanpur Metro are in line with its plans to ensure efficient construction of robust infrastructure by providing the required elements in a timely and quality manner and also adopting systemic approaches to enable the same.

Source: UPMRC | Images Credit: UPMRC

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