Kochi Metro Update: Tender invited for Detail Design Consultant for power supply, electrification and SCADA system for Phase-II project

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has invited online bids (e-Tender) under two packet systems from eligible applicants for Engagement of Detail Design Consultant (DDC) for power supply & distribution system, 750 V DC third rail traction electrification and SCADA system for Kochi Metro Phase-II Project.

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2022-23/164
  • Name of Work: Engagement of Detail Design Consultant (DDC) for power supply & distribution system, 750 V DC third rail traction electrification and SCADA system for Kochi Metro Phase-II Project.
  • EMD: INR 2,85,000 Lakhs
  • Period Of Work: 36 Months (4 Months Design Period Plus Construction Support)
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 31st January, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 04th March, 2023
  • Pre–bid Meeting Date: 10th February, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 22nd February, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 04th March, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 07th March, 2023


  • The Employer has endeavoured to delineate the scope of the Services to be provided by Detailed Design Consultant in this volume. Such descriptions are not intended to be comprehensive, it being understood that Design Consultant shall be required, without adjustment or addition to the fixed rates or maximum compensation agreed to herein, to provide any services, whether or not elaborated herein, but that are generally within the scope of services set forth in this volume or that would be customarily furnished by other providers of professional services of the type and nature provided for in this Agreement, to accomplish such services.
  • The Consultantshall provide and complete the Consultancy Services, to the standards and in the manner, frequency, quantity and times specified in accordance with the Conditions of Contract, except for variations which have been agreed to in writing by the Employer. DDC shall perform services relating to the Project.
  • DDC shall exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of his obligations under the Agreement and in accordance with the prevailing standards of the profession. The DDC shall provide professional, objective and impartial advice and at all times hold the Employer’s interest paramount.
  • Where the Services include the co-ordination between the DDC and other consultants and Contractors employed on the Project, the DDC shall provide such coordination. The DDC shall obtain, co-ordinate and submit to the Employer for his information and approval all details, drawings, arising from such coordination with others. Such coordination will take place throughout the contract period.

Scope of Work:

  • This section comprises the detailed Scope of work for the following corridor: 11.2 km Elevated Metro Corridor with 11 Stations (JLN Stadium to Infopark via Kakkanad Line).

These Services generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Report on Power Supply arrangement – Load Flow and Traction Simulation Study. This would involve working out power requirements (both traction & auxiliary) for the above Corridor. The power requirements for property development, if any, is also to be worked out based on inputs by Kochi Metro.
  • Optimization/simulation study, which will include prescribing of the power supply arrangements for above corridor, under normal & emergency conditions and voltage drop at farthest end in each case.
  • This study will take into account emergency conditions arising due to failure of one or more power sources, transmission grid network and/or power supply equipment. The overall reliability of the power supply system, under various conditions, shall be analyzed and reliability percentage indicated in the report.
  • The study would cover composite power supply arrangement detailing as a minimum the various power receiving point of Kochi Metro, corresponding power supply points of power supply authority, method of extending supply from substation of power supply authority to Kochi Metro receiving substation, implementation of internal 33kV network of the Employer including sectioning arrangements, cable cross sections, other technical details & locations of the RSS, TSS & ASS.
  • Interconnection study, which will include the study regarding feasibility of interlinking of various power supply systems of the above corridor at 33 kV levels, to improve reliability and availability:
    • Detail design of 750V dc Third Rail & its installations
    • Detail design of 750V dc Third Rail & its installations including preparation of Structure Erection Drawings,
    • Power Supply system for the above mentioned corridor,
  • Third Rail- Sectioning Diagram covering mainline & finalisation of locations of different types of TSS and location of traction interrupters giving due consideration to location of turn-out and cross over.
  • This will also include the interface management of design and installation of third rail with track designers and the contractors.
  • Preparation of Sectioning Diagram covering mainlines & finalization of locations of Feeding arrangements giving due consideration to site conditions. The interchange station between Phase-1 Corridor & Phase-2 Corridor has to be specially designed for interchange of 750 V DC power between Phase-1 Corridor & Phase 2 Corridor, The simulation study of traction power should take into consideration this aspect of interchange between both the Phase-1 Corridor & Phase-2 Corridor.

Plan for EMI and EMC Management:

  • Study as per standards, for limiting the induction effect due to 33kV 3-phase Power supply running along the viaduct for power supply through cables on the adjoining signal and telecommunication circuits and recommend the mitigation measures.
  • The rectifier transformer used in the dc traction system produces harmonic voltages, which may cause interference to telecommunication and signalling and control and protection circuits.
  • The study and mitigation measures design will include the above harmonic induced voltages due to the dc traction system.
  • To interface with signal and telecommunication contractors, in respect of system design with mitigation measures against the EMC-EMI effects.
  • The details regarding the telecom cables, other cables, telephone exchange etc. on the viaduct, shall be obtained. Based on these and other input details, the electromagnetic compatibility study will be performed by DDC, with the help of already validated available software. Full and complete explanation will be submitted by DDC along with the results of EMC study and the mitigation measures proposed. The EMI/EMC management shall be designed according to IEC of series 62 236.
  • EMC/EMI study shall include the interference of 25kV AC Traction of Indian Railways lines below the Phase-2 corridor as well as 66kV/110kV/220kV EHT lines crossing at 07 locations above the Phase-2 corridor.

Protection Coordination for Power System:

  • Protection co-ordination with power providers and the detailed protection scheme to be adopted in all RSS, TSS and ASS including those required for feeders and auxiliary networks. The digital protection system should be duly compatible with the SCADA system for operation, control, and data management of protection systems from OCC through SCADA.
  • In addition, review and finalize the detailed technical and performance specification of auxiliary distribution transformers and traction transformer rectifiers set and HSCBs and Interrupters in TSS for stations.
  • The work shall also cover designing the incoming high voltage power cable terminations as well as any outgoing power cable termination in the RSS, as well as 33kV power cables and terminations for 33kV Power supply system on viaduct as well as the outgoing cables and cable terminations for Auxiliary power supply and 750 dc Traction supply positive and negative cables connected to the third rail and the return running rails respectively.
  • The work shall also include co-ordination of the protection system of the entire KMRL network (Phase-2 corridor as well as existing) with that provided by the Power Supply authority for incoming/outgoing feeders.
  • It would also cover the protection system of the internal power supply network of Kochi Metro. The work will also include design of the protection scheme of the feeder from source to the Kochi Metro RSS/nearest ASS/TSS.
  • The protection coordination study shall cover the entire solar system implemented/ proposed for Phase-2 corridor. DDC shall validate the protection setting between Solar feeders and HT/LT panel
  • Final validation of the relay settings after completion of the construction work 33kV and LT Power Supply System
  • Preparation of Drawings and specifications related to internal 33kV network. As per study in task 1 and task 2, it is required to set up the internal power supply network by Kochi Metro for reliability, voltage regulation, feasibility of supply sources and flexibility considerations.
  • For this, the detailed design work would include finalization of single line diagrams, cross section & specifications of cables, their laying on viaduct, at grade. The specifications, drawings & calculations (particularly those related to derating factors) required for executing this network are also included in the scope of work.
  • Prepare the layout of various indoor type auxiliary substations equipment layout, interlocking schemes for HT (33kV) and LT (415V) protection (only upto LV main distribution board incomers), duly compatible with remote operated SCADA system, control and distribution panel employing indoor circuit breakers, other switchgear and bus bar arrangements.
  • Prepare the layout of various indoor type traction substations equipment layout, interlocking schemes for HT (33kV) and LT (750V dc ) protection, control and distribution panel employing indoor high speed circuit breakers, other switchgear and bus bar arrangements, filters, cable connection scheme to third rails and return path cable scheme including earth panels etc.
  • Prepare details and advise the access arrangements for connecting the Phase-2 33kV feeders with the existing 33kV network at JLN Stadium ASS/TSS. Detailed design & schematic shall be submitted by DDC to ensure smooth connectivity of existing 33kV network with Phase-2 33kV network
  • DDC shall recommend measures to ensure that the reactive power attributed by the 33kV cable in the network is compensated and unity power factor is maintained at all times.

Design, Drawing & Specification of SCADA system:

  • The Purpose of the SCADA system shall be remote monitoring and controlling all the power supply installations of the Phase -2 of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd, from the Operational Control Center (OCC) and Backup Control Centre the Operational Control Centre (OCC), which is situated in the Muttom Depot area.
  • The Backup Control Centre is situated at Thykoodam RSS. Existing SCADA software application installed at OCC & BCC is ABB Micro SCADA.
  • DDC shall design the SCADA system to operate the above corridors. The scope of work includes RTUs at TSS/ ASS and associated networking equipment required to connect upto OCC & BCC SCADA system. DDC shall review the current SCADA hardware & software specifications and prepare an integration plan for integrating the Phase-2 RTU’s with existing SCADA systems at OCC & BCC.
  • In case augmentation of servers, workstations, Large Video Screen/ mimics panels, SCADA application software licenses are required, DDC shall include the same in Design submissions.
  • The scope of work does not include the design of the transmission network although, which is under Telecommunication scope of work, but for this purpose the DDC shall interface with the telecommunication contractor to apply the same communication protocol and provision of space and power supply for installation of communication interface equipments to be provided in Telecom Equipment room at the stations and the OCC, as required for SCADA communication from OCC, including the communication channel medium, capacity required, interface equipments.
  • This task includes also the determination of the functionalities to apply for the operation, the list of data to be transmitted and the treatment of them.
  • DDC will design the ETS system and its cable management system for the above corridors. The ETS system should be duly integrated functionally with the SCADA system locally as well as from OCC. ETS tripping logic shall be designed in such a manner that failure of RTU or SCADA shall not make ETS nonfunctional.
  • DDC shall interface with Signal & Telecommunication contractors for provision in design for power supply requirements, communication interface and master clock connectivity of SCADA system in OCC and SCADA equipment room. DDC shall also interface with DDC (E&M)/E&M Contractors at stations and OCC for design of cable management system to incorporate the requirement of cable trays for SCADA, ETS system and its communication cables.
  • DDC shall ensure the SCADA system design for Phase-2 is complying to the MoHUA, CEA regulations and Cyber security guidelines.

Final Review Submission:

  • When the design and drawings and other details required are substantially complete, the DDC shall submit the documents for the Final Review to the Employer’s representative. The quality of this submission shall be such that the entire work can be executed using these documents & all items indicated in scope of service of DDC are covered.
  • The final proposal of DDC after duly modifying/updating all the documents submitted at this stage. Documents submitted for final review by Employer’s representative’s shall include but not limited to:
    • Design calculations which are indexed and checked,
    • Drawings sufficiently detailed to define the works, complete and checked,
    • All design report including specific actions which are necessary to complete the design,
    • A detailed implementation schedule detailing the various interfaces during construction stages with other contractors,
    • A detailed description of the assumed construction methods,
    • Bill of quantities with quantity takeoff sheets,
    • Construction cost estimates with their basis,
    • All Particular (Technical) specifications and other details required for tender invitation,
    • General specifications, General and Special conditions of contract


Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work(s) during seven years ending 31.12.2022 as given below:
    • At least one ‘Similar work” of value of INR 2.27 Crore or more, or
    • Two “Similar Work” each value of INR 1.42 Crore or more, or
    • Three “Similar works” each of value of INR 1.14 Crore or more
  • Similar work means work as mentioned in section 1 Instruction to consultants 1) Definitions point (v). 

Details of Minimum Work Experience required:

  • The requirement of designing of Receiving Substations, Third Rail works, Auxiliary Substation works, 750 V DC Traction Substations, HT cabling and SCADA works may be satisfied by members of JV/Consortium together or by the sole tenderer bidding as an individual entity. Besides, the tenderer as a single entity or any of the members of the JV shall have completed below mentioned work as a minimum:
    • At least two 66 (or higher) /33 kV Receiving substation
    • At least 16 TKM of 750 V DC (or higher) Third Rail works
    • At least 03 Nos of 33/0.415 kV (or higher) Auxiliary Substation
    • At least 03 Nos of 33 kV /750 V DC (or higher) Traction Substations
    • At least One work of (66 kV or higher) HT cabling
    • At least One work of designing traction & power supply SCADA system for any Metro Railway system.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded from website http://etenders.kerala.gov.in

Source: KMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Kochi Metro

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