Kochi Water Metro update: Bids invited for Total Station Survey and Boundary Stone Laying in Chilavannur Canal

Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has invited open e-Bids for the following work from financially sound and  well experienced Contractors for the work “Total Station Survey and Boundary Stone Laying in Chilavannur Canal.”

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2021-22/013
  • Period of Completion: 24 weeks
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 29-Jun-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 13-Jul-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 06-Jul-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 13-Jul-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 15-Jul-2021

About the project:

  • Kochi Metro Rail Limited is a special purpose vehicle formed between the Government of India and Government of Kerala for betterment of urban transport systems in the city of Kochi, Kerala. KMRL has completed the construction of 18 kms of Metro rail network and also the Water metroProject.
  • Now, KMRL has been entrusted with the job for implementation of the project “Integrated Urban Regeneration and Water Transport System”as a special purpose vehicle by the Government of Kerala.
  • The development of sustainable tourism is one of the key strategies of the  Government  for  the development of Kerala given its potential for providing economic opportunities to all sections of society. 
  • The Government also believes that extensive networks of rivers, lakes and canals are underutilised and need to be essentially reinvigorated so as to bring about a paradigm shift in transportation, leisure, recreation & livelihoods in a more sustainable  and efficient manner.  
  • IURWTS project is to create an efficient, durable and sustainable infrastructure that could foster new activities in addition to supporting the existing ones in the city.
  • It is proposed to develop a network of 34.75 km. in the following 6 canals in this project:-
    • Edapally Canal: 11.23Km 
    • Chilavanoor Canal: 11.15Km
    • Thevara-Perandoor Canal: 9.88Km
    • Thevara Canal: 1.41 km
    • Market Canal: 0.66 km
    • Konthuruthy Canal: 0.670 km.
  • This bid is for Total Station Survey and Boundary Stone Laying inChilavannurcanal.


  • The overall objective of the project is improvement of the transport system of Kochi city and for integration with the Rail Metro and Water Metro to enhance the last mile connectivity. This is proposed to be achieved by canal restoration and urban regeneration of the canal catchment. 
  • The Urban Regeneration and Canal Oriented Development (COD) is not considered as a simple form of renovation or rehabilitation of the obsolete and dilapidated canal infrastructure. The restoration of canals and urban regeneration is aimed at restructuring the urban fabric and renewal of the urban economy and thereby overall improvement of city’s image. 
  • Five canals are proposed to be taken up under the project: Edappally Canal (11.23 km), Thevara-Perandoor Canal (9.88 km), Chilavanoor Canal (11.15 km), Thevara Canal (1.41 km), and Market Canal (0.66 km). 
  • The project command of these canals falls in a rapidly urbanized coastal and estuarine region, which delimits within the Kochi corporation and three municipalities, viz., Kalamassery, Thrikkakkara, Thripunithura of Kochi city. Out of these, Edappally Canal, Thevara – Perandoor Canal and Chilavanoor Canal are three major canals in Kochi City aligned in the North – South direction, cutting across the heartland of Ernakulam mainland. Improving Edappally canal will facilitate to connect the Edappally Metro Station with the water metro route between Vyttila and Kakkanad.
  • Chilavanoor canal and Thevara Perandoor canal are also connected with Periyar river. The development of Thevara Canal will reduce the navigable distance between Kundannur and Venduruthy backwaters.

Scope of work:

The scope of work for Supply & Fixing of Boundary Stone on the canal boundary lines as per the alignment plan by duly conducting location survey along the Chilavannur Canal corridor between canal mouth (near Amrita Institute of Medical Science) at North side and canal mouth (Bund Road Bridge) at the south side and as per the instruction of engineer in charge is as follows;

  • The land boundary pillars required to be supplied and fixed in place, will be of following type. The cost will include painting as per approved color schemes, numbering and engraving/painting of IURWTS/ KMRL logo/text on the pillars. Hard Stone of size 15cm x 15cm x 90 to 150 cm length, chiseled dressed on all four sides including top. Precast R.C.C Pillars of size 15cm x 15cm x 200cm length in 1:1.5:3 mix (1 cement: 1.5 coarse sand: 3 graded stone aggregate 20mm nominal size)
  • Identifying the location to fix the pillars at site from the alignment plan provided by KMRL using DGPS and rovers/ Total station as to complete the work as per the time schedule using RTK method/ Total station and adequate numbers of Rovers/Total Station/Other instruments to be deployed by the contractor.
  • The cost includes fixing the boundary stones/ RCC pillars, cost of all materials, cost of Survey equipment, cost of all surveyors, skilled laborers/ unskilled laborers, all leads and lifts etc. The cost also includes the clearing grass, shrubs and removal of rubbish etc in desired periphery, earthwork, P.C.C in 1:4:8 for fixing R.C.C Pillars filling back, tools & plants, machinery, all taxes, duties, levies, octroi, royalty charges, statutory levies etc. as applicable from time to time. 
  • The contractor shall clear the site of all rubbish, remove all grass and low vegetation and remove all bush wood, stumps of trees, and other vegetation only after consultation with the Field Engineer as to which bushes and trees shall be saved. The cost shall also include the transportation charges using boats (2 nd class) required if any during execution and validation phase by KMRL/Revenue Dept.
  • In general, the pillars will be fixed at every 15m interval on both sides of the canal as per the alignment plan. In addition, at all the corners where the ROW proposed to acquire makes turn and all tangent points of the alignment, pillars shall be fixed. Pillars can be required to fix at any other locations as directed by the Engineer. All pillars shall also be marked in nearby permanent structures submitted with photographs in Report form.
  • Contractor shall extract the details of the points, inclusive of the chainage and x, y coordinates (Northing/Easting Values) from the CAD drawing of the Alignment Plan provided by KMRL and fix the pillar at the correct location duly carrying out by DGPS survey/ Total Station.
  • The pillar demarcating the line of the alignment/corridor is to be point marked in ascending order L/0001, L/0002, L/0003…etc on the LHS and R/0001, R/0002, R/0003…etc on the RHS of the canal. The completion drawing submitted by the contractor shall also indicate the stones with Km/Chainages marked as above.
  • From the fixed and well definite points/Objects along the alignment as buildings/Bridge etc, the contractor need to measure the distances to the nearest pillars fixed, and this shall also be marked in the completion plan, as the crosscheck for future references
  • Providing completion plans incorporating all pillars which are fixed to be submitted. All the pillars are to be numbered for identification and inter distances are to be marked.
  • Besides, it is also required to submit a statement of Excel format depicting all details of pillars, chainage, LH/RH side, Easting/Northing of pillars etc and any other important feature.
  • Agency will be required to make the arrangements for safe transport all the pillars by road / canal to fix the pillars at all desired locations along the corridor and rate quoted should inclusive of the same. Damaged pillars will not be accepted to use and fix. Contractor shall maintain all pillars fixed till the time of its measurement and inspection by KMRL as well as Revenue Dept. Contractor should restore or re-establish the boundary pillars damaged due to any cause within this time frame.
  • Stacking of materials and excavated earth including its disposal shall be done as per the directions of the Engineer-in-Charge. Double handling of materials or excavated earth if required shall have to be done by the contractor at his own cost.
  • KMRL will provide the coordinates and details of at least one control point to refer to fix all pillars at desired locations, plans indicating Row (Right of way).
  • The contractor shall be responsible for correctness of the location fixed. If at any stage it is found that location fixed is wrong, contractor will be liable to do it again at his cost. Locations fixed at site will be verified again and confirmed by KMRL appointed engineer.
  • Any additional control points required to execute the work will be done by the agency at no extra cost. The report of these control points fixed at site will be included by the agency in the project report and shall be submitted to KMRL. Contractor will preserve all the control points during the entire survey at his cost.
  • Agency will submit the quality test reports of the steel and concrete used as per direction of the Engineer.
  • Agency will give the detailed report about the total pillars fixed at site and drawing indicating the locations as directed by Engineer.
  • It is necessary that all required testing of the materials as aggregate /cement / steel etc as per the related IS code is to be done at reputed labs approved by KMRL, and the sampling of the materials shall be done in the presence of officials of KMRL/Nominated Engineer or consultant.

Tender documents and Tender schedule may be downloaded from the KMRL Website www.kochimetro.org.

Source: KMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): KMRL