Kochi Water Metro update: RFQ invited for providing Consultancy Services for operation and Maintenance, Capacity building of Integrated water transport

Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has Invited Prequalification Applications for the following work from financially sound and well experienced consultants having experience in providing Consultancy services for “Operation and maintenance, Capacity Building of Integrated Water Transport “, Kochi, Kerala.

  • Tender Reference Number: KWM/WM/AM/2020/002
  • Name of Work: Request for Qualification for Consultancy Services for operation and Maintenance, Capacity building of Integrated water transport.
  • Period of Completion: 36 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 22-Jul-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 06-Sep-2021
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 05-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 30-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06-Sep-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 08-Sep-2021

Scope of the Services:

  • The Consultant shall support the Kochi Water Metro in the set-up of the overall management, operation, maintenance and monitoring of Water Metro services. In a kick-off-meeting to be organized by the consultants with attendance of KMRL/KWM management and the General Consultant, the different roles and responsibilities will be clarified and priority tasks mutually agreed upon. 
  • In principle, the GC is responsible for specifying, tendering, supervising the investments up to approval testing, the AM Consultant for the soft factors such as availability of sufficiently trained staff for the start of operation.
  • In the following chapters, the main tasks and activities will be briefly described. Tasks 1 to 6 give the range of intervention fields for a well-functioning Kochi water metro, which might require advisory services of the consultant. However, the focus in terms of manpower and budget is to be clearly laid on task 7.

Task 1: Consulting in operation concepts and maintenance strategies:

  • The Consultant shall support the preparation of detailed day-to-day operation planning for efficient and smooth operation of ferry services, building on the elaborations of the GC.

Task 2: Support Activities for Operational Readiness

  • Whereas the GC is responsible for the operational readiness of investments (so-called hardware), this accompanying measure is supposed to support the operational readiness of the immaterial investment (so-called software), i.e. the capacity of KMRL/KWM to provide the ferry services to the passengers.
  • The consultant is responsible for supporting the Kochi Metro Water team in its efforts to prepare and ensure the operational readiness of the various implementation components within the project time line.

Task 3: Operation Management & Monitoring:

  • The consultant shall be responsible for providing advisory services in the framework of the following activities to be undertaken by KWM; for example:
    • Appoint sufficient employees to manage and monitor day-to-day operations of ferries. Monitor the ferry operation performance in accordance with relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be defined and mutually agreed upon with KMRL management. Introduction and management of passengers’ grievance/complaints procedures.
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting in accordance with respective standards to be agreed upon during the inception phase.
    • Introduce regular inspection of jetties and terminals, condition of ferries, depots and terminals etc. 
    • Verifying fare structure and ticket prices, supporting fare revision proposals and/or fare evasion minimization schemes in close cooperation with rail metro.
    • Introducing and maintaining manpower planning and scheduling system. Establishing adequate night parking schemes, cleaning, fuelling and charging services for the day-to-day operations.
    • Monitor the module objective to be achieved (see impact matrix agreed upon between KMRL and KfW) and highlight and communicate circumstances and developments which put achievement at risk and propose suitable countermeasures.

Task 4: Maintenance Management, Facility Management & Monitoring:

  • Maintenance of ferries (hull and systems) and facilities such as terminals, pontoons, access roads etc. will be partly outsourced e.g. to the suppliers/constructors, but many tasks will stay within KMRL’s responsibilities. A KMRL owned Boatyard/dockyard will take over important functions in this respect.
  • The consultant shall support activities which include but not be limited to:
    • Support KMRL staff in the planning and monitoring of maintenance and repair of ferries Regular inspection of transit facilities, condition of ferries, jetties and terminals etc.
    • Provision of technical advisors for annual overhauls/dry-docking/ Surveys and maintenance planning.
    • Stock/Spare part procurement/production, stock inventories and monitoring.

Task 5: Establishment of relevant IT / IPTS infrastructure:

  • As part of the project, relevant IT systems are to be established or existing KMRL systems need to be extended, respectively amended and/or adapted.
  • Such IT-systems comprise e.g. ferry operation monitoring and performance control, passenger information on boats and in terminals, ferry tracking, preventive maintenance, stock inventories, asset management, ticketing and revenue collection, accounting, enterprise and human resource planning, etc. (building on elaborations of GC ToR chapter 10).
  • Also system integration potential should be considered.

Task 6: Environmental and Social Management Plan Implementation:

  • Environmental and Social Issues: The planning, design, construction, installation and operations of all components of all phases of the Project shall be consistent with the Social and Environmental objectives of the program. 
  • In principle this requires compliance with World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety Standards and respective KfW guidelines. 
  • The general issues have been identified in the detailed social and environmental impact assessment of the DPR, and in the Wapcos Study and are in the responsibility of the GC during design, supply and construction. 
  • This includes the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), which will have specific requirements for impact mitigation for the design, implementation and operation phases of all program components.
  • However, compliance of the O&M with the ESMP and QHSE needs to be audited.

Task 7: General Management, Capacity Building and Training:

  • The Consultant shall strengthen the capacity of KMRL for the management and monitoring of the ferry operations. This task refers to the establishment of an optimized institutional and organizational set-up including definition of workflows and procedures for the entire KMRL/KWM functions.
  • Advisory services also need to address job descriptions, recruitment, contracting, instructions, and training, equipping all staff levels for all tasks, starting with ship crews, maintenance staff, cleaning staff, ticket vendors, administrative staff and KMRL/KWM management level.
  • Planning and conducting targeted training courses shall ensure knowledge transfer and long term skill development.
  • Development of practical training modules comprising training objectives, training contents, adequate training methods, techniques and training aids.
  • Training measures shall be developed in a participatory way in order to really orient them to daily needs of the training addressees and their understanding. This includes also suitable evaluation mechanisms and establishment of qualification recognition.
  • The Consultant will work closely with the maritime training academies based in Kochi such as the Department of Ports-Training Centre for human resource development, training and advanced training, with relevant certification and testing agencies.

About Kochi Water Metro project:

  • The construction of the Water Metro is progressing at a faster pace.
  • The Kochi Water Metro project envisages the development of 15 identified routes, connecting 10 islands along a network of routes that span 78 km with a fleet of 78 fast, electrically propelled hybrid ferries plying to 38 jetties.
  • More than 1,00,000 islanders are expected to benefit from the water metro.
  • With the introduction of the project that connects 15 routes, Kochiites can reach the mainland in less time.
  • It is envisaged to be a socially inclusive transport system than being just a transport service with focus on improved livelihoods through commercial property development and tourism-based initiatives.
  • The Kochi Water Metro Project intends to introduce modern, energy efficient, environment friendly and safe boats with low wake and draft characteristics at a high frequency to increase ridership.
  • The Kochi Water Metro project has a total value of Rs. 819 crores.
  • Major part of this project is financed under Indo-German Financial Cooperation with a long-term loan agreement of 85 million Euros (Indian Rupees Rs. 579 Crore) with German funding agency, KfW, for the development of an integrated water transport system for the city of Kochi.

The bidding shall be online (Tender) through the Kerala government E-tender Portal http://etenders.kerala.gov.in.

Source: KMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): KMRL