Kolkata Metro awards 17 contracts through e-auction and earns more than Rs. 1 crore

Metro Railway has switched to e-auctioning and so far awarded 17 contracts to different vendors in order to bring more transparency and efficiency in the tendering process.

More details:

  • These contracts range from branding of chain handles inside rakes, commercial publicity, hoardings, parking spaces at Metro stations and displaying advertisements outside Metro rakes. Metro will earn more than Rs.1 Crore annually from these contracts.
  • Apart from these, 13 different offers have already been floated through e-auction which would be finalized very shortly. Among these, contracts of parking spaces outside Dakshineswar , Baranagar, Noapara, Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, Netaji, Kavi Nazrul and Kavi Subhas will be finalized o­nce the auction process gets completed.
  • It is to be noted that the Railway Board has issued guidelines recently for awarding of commercial contracts through e-auction. Under this, it has been ensured to award commercial contracts like hoarding, parking spaces, commercial publicity through e-auction.
  • Under the e-auction, the bidder has to register himself o­n the Indian Railways E-Procurement System (IREPS) website and for this, o­ne time Rs 10,000 has to be deposited as registration fee and the bidder has to open a current account in SBI Bank. The e-auction process is completely o­nline, transparent and trustworthy. Any bidder can bid from anywhere.
  • If the bidder does not get the contract, the earnest money is refunded immediately. In this process the bidder also gets to know how many people are participating in the e-auction. Through this e-auction process, the time taken in awarding the contracts as well as paperwork get reduced.

Source: Kolkata Metro -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro