Kolkata Metro commissions new AFC-PC gates at Park Street Metro station

In a significant move to enhance commuters facilities, Kolkata Metro has installed two new AFC-PC gates near the middle ticket counters adjacent to the DN platform of Park Street Metro station of Blue Line for the benefit of the metro users. These new gates will enable the commuters to enter directly to the DN platform from the unpaid area and will also ensure more free flow of commuters.

More Details:

Two new Automatic Fare Collection – Passenger Control (AFC-PC) gates have been installed by the Metro Railway (Kolkata), near the central ticket counters adjacent to the Down (DN) platform at Park Street Metro station on the Blue Line. These newly installed gates are designed to facilitate a smoother and more efficient entry for Metro users.

Enhancing Commuters Facilities:

  • Commuters travelling on the Blue Line can now directly access the DN platform from the unpaid area, significantly improving the flow of passengers and reducing congestion at the station.
  • This enhancement aims to provide a more convenient and seamless experience for Metro users, ensuring quicker and easier access to the platform.

  • The Park Street is o­ne of the busiest stations of Kolkata Metro system, so keeping in mind the rush of the passengers these two entry gates have been installed.
  • These gates can handle 45 passengers per minute. Passengers can punch their Metro Tokens, Smart Cards at these gates to enter the DN platform directly.
  • With the addition of these two new AFC-PC Gates, at present there are 16 such Smart Gates at Park Street Metro station to effectively manage the rush.
  • Out of these 16 gates, 4 gates are o­nly for Entry, 4 gates are o­nly for Exit and 8 gates are bi-directional gates dedicated for the entry and exit of passengers travelling with tokens and Smart Cards.

Recently, three new AFC-PC gates were also commissioned behind the middle ticket counters of the Old Esplanade Metro station of Blue Line for the benefit of the Metro users. Metro Railway (Kolkata) making sure that these new gates have been enabling commuters of Blue Line and Green Line 2 Corridors to exit smoothly from the paid areas of old and new Esplanade Metro stations premises. O­ne out of these three Smart Gates is Bi-directional.


The installation of two new AFC-PC gates is in line with Kolkata Metro’s efforts to provide seamless travel experience, keeping in mind the increasing preference of commuters towards metro travel. The move will cater to the increased flow of passengers, reducing the waiting time and maintaining passenger comfort.

Source: Kolkata Metro – Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro

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