Kolkata Metro earns 29.47 crores in Non-Fare Revenue till February in the Financial Year 2022-23

Metro Railway, as part of Indian Railways has been playing a significant role in this initiative and various innovative steps have been adopted to increase its revenue which is in general totally dependent o­n passenger earnings.

More Details:

  • Indian Railways is encouraging various initiatives to increase its Non Fare Revenue in order to boost earnings apart from the traditional sources of income.
  • As part of that endeavour, Metro Railway has been focusing o­n generating revenues through advertisements inside and outside Metro rakes, displaying hoardings in open spaces and installing health check up kiosks at different stations etc.
  • Apart, Metro Railway has also implemented innovative ideas like Track Side Walls Branding, Card Balance Checking Terminal (CBCT) Branding, Automatic Smart Card Recharge Machine (ASCRM) Branding, AFC-PC Gates and Flap Branding, installation of food kiosks, Smart Card and Token Branding, installing digital display screens inside rakes for providing infotainment to commuters etc.
  • Efforts are on for Staircase Branding inside Metro stations. Such initiatives have helped to increase Metro Railway’s Non-Fare Revenue to a great extent.
  • With such concerted efforts Metro Railway has earned Rs. 29.47 crores during 1st April, 2022 to 28th February, 2023. In 2021-22 Metro earned Rs. 15.47 crores as Non-Fare Revenue (NFR) till February.
  • This is an increase of 90.5%. Till January, Metro Railway ranked 5th amongst all Zonal Railways of Indian Railways in cumulative NFR earnings, with o­nly 40 stations.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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