Kolkata Metro introduces innovative navigation aids at Esplanade station

In a bid to enhance passenger navigation and improve the overall travel experience, Kolkata Metro has introduced innovative navigation aids at the old Esplanade Metro station. The new system features special indicative footprints on the platforms and directional arrow marks on the ceilings, designed to facilitate seamless transitions between different corridors.

More Details:

The Metro Railway (Kolkata) has installed special indicative footprints on platforms and arrow marks on ceiling at old Esplanade Metro station. In order to help passengers to switch smoothly from o­ne Corridor to the other at Esplanade.

Making Easier Movement for the Passengers:

  • Esplanade Metro station is the meeting point of Blue Line and Green Line 2 of Kolkata Metro. Daily thousands of passengers have been using old and new Esplanade stations to reach their destinations in and around Kolkata or Howrah.
  • In order to help them to switch smoothly from o­ne Corridor to the other at Esplanade, Metro Railway authorities have already installed special indicative footprints in Blue and Green colours at old Esplanade Metro station as well as new Esplanade Metro station’s concourse area.

  • Now such green footprints have been installed o­n the platforms of old Esplanade Metro station. In addition to that special Blue arrow signs have also been installed o­n the ceiling of the inter connecting passage of these two Corridors as well as the Concourse Area of Blue Line.
  • If any commuter after getting down at old Esplanade Metro station follows these Green footprints installed o­n the floor of the platform and Concourse area, he/she will be able to seamlessly go to the new Esplanade Metro station through the inter connecting passage.

  • Similarly any passenger after getting down at the new Esplanade Metro station will be able to switch easily to the old Esplanade Metro station by following the Blue footprints installed o­n the floor as well as the ceiling arrow signs at the Concourse area of the station.
  • These indicative footprints and arrow signs are easily visible and strategically placed in such a way that commuters, willing to hop Corridors, will be able to follow easily.
  • Apart from this indicative footprints and arrows, banners, posters, stickers are already o­n display at these two stations at Esplanade to guide the commuters to hop from Blue Line to Green Line 2 and vice versa.

Source: Kolkata Metro – Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro

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