Kolkata Metro to run 216 train services from 14th Dec, 2020

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From 14.12.2020 (Monday), the total number of services will go up from 204 to 216, (with 108 UP and 108 DN) and will regularly be available from Monday to Saturday. These 12 additional services will be added between 11am to 5pm. Timings of the first and last services from the both terminal stations will remain unchanged.

  • For senior citizens, ladies and children (below 15 years), e-pass will not be required throughout the day.
  • For all other passengers, e-pass will o­nly be required in between 08.30 hrs to 11.00 hrs in the morning and 17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs in the evening.
  • No e-pass will be required o­n Sundays. 
  • No tokens will be issued and o­nly Smart Cards will be used.

Recent Achievement:

The construction work of Noapara – Barasat via Bimanbandar Metro project has been going o­n in full swing. During Covid times and also in the  new normal situation, a significant progress of this project has been achieved. Top slab casting of the proposed Bimanbandar Station has been completed o­n 08.12.2020. 

  • This work started from 07.12.2020 morning and after 30 hours of continuous concreting in which 1730 cubic metre concrete were used with the help of 20 transit mixtures, this milestone has been achieved.
  • On the same day (08.12.2020), casting work of a diaphragm wall of Bimanbandar station subway was also completed. 
  • 90 cubic metre concrete was consumed to complete the concreting work of this wall having dimension of 18 metre X 5 metre X 1 metre. 
  • This subway will connect Bimanbandar station with Jessore Road. 
  • Apart from this, the abandoned Circular Railway piers at the entry point of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport are also being cut using noise free, vibration free and dust free cutting machines fitted with Diamond cutter. 
  • In the last three days, Pier No: P-84, P-85 & P-86  have been cut.
  • Besides Bimanbander station, work at Jessore Road station has also been going o­n smoothly. 
  • A 127- metre long noise barrier to prevent noise pollution at NAD Colony of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is being erected. 
  • 102 columns of this barrier have already been erected. 
  • Covering work of these columns are now going o­n.

Source: Metro Railway, Kolkata-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Metro Railway, Kolkata

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