Kolkata Metro Update: Bottom Slab Casting Of Bimanbandar Metro Station completed

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Works of the all Metro projects in the city have been going o­n smoothly even during the present restriction imposed due to Covid pandemic. A major progress of Noapara to Barasat via Bimanbandar Metro project has been achieved o­n 29.08.2021 as the casting work of the bottom slab of 64 meter long RCC Box tunnel has been completed. 

  • For this work, 632 cubic meter concrete have been casted below the very busy VIP Road and Airport Entry Road.
  • It was a very challenging work as traffic movements o­n these two very busy roads were not disturbed during this work, except a few diversions. 
  • This casting work was started at 16.50 hrs. o­n 27.08.2021 and it was completed o­n 29.08.2021 at 00.53 hrs.

Rooftop Solar Plant:

Shri Manoj Joshi, General Manager, Metro Railway o­n 27.08.2021 has dedicated a 1.24 MWp rooftop solar power plant to the service of the Nation.

  • This power plant has been installed o­n the roofs of the two major buildings of Central Park Depot of East-West Metro and is scattered over 19173 sq. metre rooftop area. 
  • As a result, Metro Railway will be able to save Rs. 45 lakhs (approx) per annum.
  • This project which has been executed through Public Private Partnership Mode is equipped with all standard protections and safety checks. 
  • Metro Railway has provided the rooftop areas whereas the solar power developer has done complete designing, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning work.  
  • Solar power developers will also operate and maintain this plant for 25 years.  
  • This plant has been constructed as a part of 100 MW-peak rooftop solar generation projects for Indian Railways which aims to become ‘Net Zero Carbon Emitter’ by 2030.
  • Shri Joshi also dedicated Rake No: MR 609 to the service of the Nation today.
  • Shri Manoj Joshi, General Manager, Metro Railway, Shri Manas Sarkar, MD,  KMRCL and other senior officers of Metro Railway also planted saplings inside the Central Park Depot.

Station Branding Rights:

Metro Railway has offered 7 (seven) Metro stations for station branding rights to corporate houses including private universities, banks, health care institutions, insurance companies etc.

  • A tender has already been floated o­n 19.08.2021 in the portal www.ireps.gov.in inviting corporate houses to participate in it through open tender. 
  • 05 (five) stations of North-South Metro namely Dumdum, Noapara, Belgachia, Esplanade & Park Street and 02 (two) stations of East-West Metro namely Bengal Chemical & Sealdah (which will be operational very shortly) have been offered for awarding station branding rights in this tender. 
  • The duration of the contract will be of 5 years. 
  • This tender will close o­n 17.09.2021 at 13:30 hrs.
  • Corporate houses which will get the station branding rights and will be able to add their brand names & logo (prefixed/suffixed) to the station name at all places where the station name is displayed. 
  • They can also put their brand logos and names at all the entry & exit gates of the stations. 
  • Corporate houses will also be able to utilize prime/prominent spaces (of about 1500 sq. ft. at all 06 (six) stations except about 530 sq. ft. at Belgachia) at the concourse and platform levels, o­n platform screen doors, pillar wraps, entry/exit gates wherever possible without affecting and infringing existing Railway installations and structures for branding/advertising.
  • Apart from these, corporate entities will also enjoy the rights of putting their kiosks for promotions/campaigns at the most prominent and exclusive floor spaces at the stations and branding of stations entry/exit structure as well as the inside.
  • It would not be out of place to mention here that Metro Railway has already given station branding rights of Salt Lake Sector V, Salt Lake Stadium, Karunamoyee, Shovabazar Sutanuti, Chandni Chowk, Baranagar, Phoolbagan, City Centre stations to different big Commercial Corporate Houses/Association.

Source: Metro Railway Kolkata-Press Release

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