Kolkata Metro’s GM Shri P. Uday Kumar Reddy inaugurates Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) facility at Sealdah Metro Station

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Shri P. Uday Kumar Reddy, General Manager, Metro Railway has inaugurated Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) parcel facility at Sealdah Metro Station.

More Details:

  • This facility, first of its kind in Indian Railways, will help common people in general and Metro commuters in particular to send their parcels at any corner of the world easily and receive their consignments from this station during the service hours of East-West Metro (Green Line). Shri Subhasish Chakraborty, Chief Managing Director (CMD), M/s DTDC Ltd. was present during this inaugural function.
  • This PUDO facility which is very common and popular at the Metro stations of USA, Europe and Australia will be an added facility available at Sealdah Metro station.
  • Expressing his happiness, Metro GM has informed that this facility may be available in other Metro stations in future depending o­n the responses of the common people.

  • With the opening of this PUDO facility at Sealdah Metro station, which is frequented by commuters of suburban districts, it is expected that a large number of people will be able to book their consignments instantaneously at this counter and also people from far flung areas will be able to receive their parcels from here too.
  • Shri Subhasish Chakraborty,CMD, M/s DTDC Ltd. has expressed his happiness to be associated with this new concept being provided at a Metro station which is projected to become o­ne of the busiest Metro stations in the country. He has also expressed his willingness to open such facilities in other Metro stations too.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release  | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro

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