LMRC Progresses The Work Of Rigid Overhead Conductor System (ROCS) Inside Up Line Tunnel Between Sachivalaya & Hazratganj

The work of Rigid Overhead Catenary System (ROCS) is progressing rapidly for the 812 meter stretch inside the UP line tunnel between Sachivalaya and Hazratganj. The work for the DOWN line tunnel in this underground section has also commenced.

The pace of this work is tremendous as Lucknow Metro engineers have been able to complete almost half of this complex work in just 12 days since its start on 11th November, 2017. The job is not easy as it involves installation of anchor drop tubes on the ceiling of the tunnel for fixing conductor rails through which contact wires shall be laid amidst the track laying work inside the tunnel. The conductor rail is then suspended from gliding support cantilevers provided with Insulators.

In the underground section, 25000 volts power to the Metro train is fed through Rigid Overhead Catenary System (ROCS) which consists of rigid conductor instead of a flexible wire. A copper contact wire is inserted in the Conductor Rail and the Pantograph of the train draws power from this ROCS.

 The ROCS has the advantage of maintaining required clearances as per the international safety standards in the confined areas like tunnels. The design and the equipment of the ROCS has been provided by a Switzerland based firm.