LMRC is setting examples of excellence and building public confidence for safe Travel

In an environment where running away with others possessions is a norm , LMRC is leading by examples and establishing the trust in the public transport system where people can rest assured to get back there left over articles in trains and stations , intact …thanks to the good ethical practices inculcated in all the staff be it station controller , security guards , PAC personnel or housekeeping staff and duly appreciated at the highest level by Managing Director  through appreciation certificate and cash award.

Three staff were awarded from about 26 cases of commendable work done by the staff in past 2 months. These are:

1 Vinit Kumar Shukla SC/Transport Nagar
2 Constable Ram Yadav / PAC
3 Imran Siddhique/ Security Guard G4S

MD, LMRC has told that we will be giving such awards every month to motivate high standards of work ethics which will repose  confidence of public in Metro as a safe mode of travel in city.

 Image Credit: Lucknow Metro

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