LMRC Telecommunication System; One Of The Most Advanced Systems In Metro Operation

LMRC’s telecommunication system is one of the most advanced systems in Metro operation which is being used for its already operational 8.5 km “Priority Corridor” between Transport Nagar and Charbagh. Lucknow Metro is using this state-of-the-art telecommunication and has planned to use the same system for the whole corridor in the upcoming underground as well as the elevated sections of the North South corridor (Phase 1-A).

In this system, Gigabit Ethernet is used as backbone transmission network and nodes (stations as well as Operation Control Centre) are connected by duplicate rings of Optical Fiber and Communication system is designed in a way that failure of a single component does not affect availibility of the whole system during the operation of the Metro train.

This system provides video phone facilities at all the Station Control Room and Theatre at Operation Control Centre for communication between train operator and the operation controller by wireless Radio system which is based on TETRA standards. Through this facility, train operators can immediately convey the message in their group (all trains, station control rooms & contollers in OCC) and can take instructions from authorities accordingly.

Announcement system is also available in Lucknow Metro through which train arrival/departure related announcements at platform and concourse level of the station is made through automatic system as per the position and its expectation at stations. Passenger Information Display Boards available in Metro train and at platforms level at all Metro stations display the information of train arrival/departure at the double sided display boards.

Lucknow Metro is the first Metro in the country which has tied up with Radio City 91.1 FM and launched its very own FM Radio. It is now providing specialised content, public announcements, jingles, melodious music at all Metro stations for the commuters of Lucknow Metro.

Image Credit : ABB