LMRC Underground Track Work Picks Up Momentum; 217 Metre Track Laying Completed In Ten Days

The track laying work for the underground section between Sachivalaya and Hazratganj has picked up a very good momentum. 217 meter of the track has so far been laid inside the tunnel in just 10 days of work since 12th November, 2017 when the work commenced. 

Laying of track work inside tunnel is a complex phenomenon as all activities e.g. carriage of various construction materials, laying of Mass Spring System (MSS) to isolate noise and vibration to adjacent structures, reinforcement steel, making of track parameters to perfect alignment & level and transportation/pumping of ready mix concrete (RMC) to casting site etc. have to be performed in very limited space and sequential time frame inside the tunnel.

The track is being laid and manoeuvred for three curves in the 812 meters long underground track beds inside the tunnel between Sachivalaya and Hazratganj. The work is being done on a good pace besides managing sharp curves inside the tunnel.

The work of track laying in underground section is a big challenge as there are 10 curves in up and down line between the 3.5 km stretch from Charbagh ramp to KD Singh Babu stadium. LMRC is committed to complete the work of laying of track between Sachivalaya and Hazratganj in a very fast manner.