LMRC To Undertake “Awareness Drive” For Safe Use Of Escalators And Lifts

Starting 6th April, 2018, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) shall be undertaking a three day “awareness drive” for safe use of escalators and lifts by Metro commuters at all the operational eight Metro stations between Transport Nagar & Charbagh.

This drive shall be carried out from 6th April, 2018 to 8th April, 2018. During this drive, LMRC staff will guide and assist the passengers for safe use of escalators and lifts. They will educate the Metro passengers especially ladies and children and sensitize them about the precautions to be taken by them while using the escalators & lifts at Metro stations.

These are some important guidelines which should be followed by the Metro passengers while using the escalators & lifts.

 While using escalator, the passengers should:

  1. Hold the handrail properly.
  2. Keep feet within yellow lines.
  3. Hold children firmly.
  4. Keep clear of the edges.
  5. Move away from escalator after reaching landing.
  6. In case of emergency, press emergency stop (Red) button located at the bottom/top/centre of the escalator.
  7. Do not keep head beyond handrail.
  8. Not carry heavy baggage.

While using elevator (lift), the passengers should:

  1. Stand clear off doors. They should step inside the elevator (lift) only when it has stopped & the doors have opened fully.
  2. Stay clear from doors.
  3. Don’t step in until lift has stopped at landing and doors have opened.
  4. Follow the principle: last in- first out.
  5. Use emergency alarm/intercom button in emergency.
  6. Preventing doors from closing delay service for other users.

This drive is being carried out by Lucknow Metro in order to educate and aware the Metro users to take the precautions during the use of lifts & escalators and keep themselves safe. 

Image Credit: Alstom