Low-carbon Mobility: Making Modal Shift Desirable

UIC actively promotes at the international level a multimodal vision shared with public transport and supply chain stakeholders.

Based on its members’ expertise, the UIC is developing the technical enablers to transform this concept into reality. In order to share the initiatives already taken and to find ways to make modal shift desirable, the UIC is pleased to invite you to a one-day conference on 13 February 2020 in Brussels. It will also be an occasion to rediscover an unexpected advantage inherent to rail, the virtue of frugality.


The programme includes speakers from Asia, Africa, Middle-East and Europe will be soon available.

Round table 1
Moving towards low carbon mobility: the initiatives already taken
Mr. Paul Hegge
Director Public Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility LINEAS, will be part if the Round Table

Round table 2
How to make modal shift desirable: Rediscovering the virtue of frugality

Networking cocktail


Low-carbon Mobility: Making Modal Shift Desirable

Venue: Jakarta – Brussels
Date:  13 February 2020
Registration Link: Click Here
Show website: uic.org