Lucknow Metro Equipped With Advanced Methods And Techniques To Ensure Utmost Security Of Passengers

Keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the Lucknowites, LMRC is not only providing extremely suave means of mass rapid transport, but is also equipped with the finest security equipment where no suspicious activity or  person can remain untouched by the Metro security system.

 One such mechanism in place is the X-BIS (X-RAY Baggage Inspection System) which not only detects dangerous objects but also checks the alertness of the security personnel.Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has used such systems for security checks on its metro stations, which not only detects the smallest suspicious object but also ensure that the security personnel posted on duty is fully prepared or not.

This is done through Threat Image Protection (TIP), a software used to detect the alertness of the security personnel. This software periodically generates a false image of dangerous or suspicious objects (such as a gun or knife, etc.) without any prescribed patterns, and the security personnel sitting on the inspection machine will have to click on the image to make sure that the image of that dubious material is scanned properly. If this image is ignored by the security personnel, then it gets recorded and reports are generated for such lapses at regular intervals.

X-BIS Systems are Emergency ready           

The X-BIS Machines are capable of detecting metals as thin as 35mm and are prepared to provide a backup of half an hour in case the power supply goes off. Moreover, the images of the scanned luggage are stored in the feed machine and if the information of any previous event is required then the respective image can be taken from the  machine. These machines can store up to 50 thousand images and can also check 300 bags in one hour.

9 Zone Door Frame Detector leaves no scope for lapse

Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD) engaged in security checks at all the stations of the Lucknow Metro and examine the person standing inside the frame in such a way that he cannot hide any prohibited items in any part of the body. To ensure this, 9 zones have been created in DFMD, of which there are 3-3 zones on both sides of the machine and 3 zones in the middle. With the help of these zones, every part of the body is thoroughly tested.

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MMRC achieves two more breakthroughs for Mumbai Metro-3 project

Date: April 24, 2019

Mumbai: The MMRC (Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation) on Thursday achieved two breakthroughs at two different places for Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro-3 corridor. The first breakthrough took place at Vidhan Bhavan metro station and the second at Vidyanagari south shaft.

More Information:

  • MMRC on Thursday tweeted,“MMRC’s PKG 1 delivers its first breakthrough at #VidhanBhavan metro station. 95 m long TBM Surya 1 began its Upline journey at #CuffeParade & tunnelled across 1.2 Kms to reach its destination.”

  • “A Robbins make 600 MT weighing TBM Surya 1 started its initial drive on 10th Aug 18 and used 823 rings to complete it’s journey installing at an Avg of 7 Rings per day in its main drive”, MMRC said in another tweet.
  • Immediately in the 2nd tweet, it stated, “TBM Godavari- 4  delivers 12th breakthrough for MMRC & a 3rd one for PKG 5 at Vidyanagari south shaft. With this Metro 3 today accomplished 2 breakthroughs in a day with first one being at #VidhanBhavan stn this morning.”

  • “A Terratac make 82 m long TBM Godavari-4  began tunneling from BKC north shaft on 24th Oct 18 & tunneled across 889 m for 176 days at an avg of 5 m/day to reach Vidyanagari.”
  • “MMRC completes 5 Kms of cumulative tunneling in PKG 5. TBMs Godavari – 1, 2,3 & 4 achieved this feat tunneling between #BKC #Vidyanagari #Santacruz & #CSMIA Domestic metro station,” MMRC said in another tweet.

All Image Credit: MMRC

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