Lucknow Metro registers steady rise in its ridership day by day

Lucknow Metro is witnessing a steady rise in its ridership day by day, with passengers choosing this mode of travel over other modes of transport and ensuring their safety. Our ridership has crossed the 40 thousand mark and is continuously rising every passing hour. 

But knowing that our battle with Corona is not over yet, Lucknow Metro is fully committed towards ensuring complete safety of its commuters by undertaking several sanitization measures and proper monitoring of all trains and stations. 

  • Ever since the pandemic hit Lucknow Metro operations, Managing Director, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Shri Kumar Keshav is strictly overseeing all sanitization measures and conducting regular inspections for Ticket counters, TVM Machines and Entry/Exit points in all metro stations. 
  • Right from the entry point of the stations to ticket vending machines, escalators and lifts, regular cleaning with disinfectants is done after every two hours. 
  • Similarly, the entire metro train is sanitized with UV rays in the metro depot and only then brought to the mainline for commercial operations.
  • It is mandatory for every passenger to wear a face mask at all times, as soon as one enters the station premises. 
  • Also, they are required to record their body temperature near the baggage scanning area to assure the security staff of their health. 
  • All these measures are regularly monitored by UP Metro officials. 
  • MD, UPMRC Shri Kumar Keshav has assured all metro commuters that Lucknow Metro is the safest mode of travel for the people of Lucknow who choose to travel by a public conveyance. 
  • He has also appealed to the passengers to prioritize their own safety amidst this corona dread and make sure that their surroundings are clean and hygienic.
  • MD Kumar Keshav has also assured that not just Lucknow Metro, but these measures are undertaken regularly in other ongoing Metro Projects in Uttar Pradesh, namely, Kanpur Metro Project and Agra Metro Project. 
  • All employees and commuters present in any of our Metro station premises are supposed to follow social distancing and strict wearing of face masks.

UV rays for complete sanitization and disinfection:

  • Since the corona pandemic breakout, there have been many technological inventions to meet the growing urgency of increased sanitization measures. 
  • The use of UV (ultraviolet) rays for complete sanitization and disinfection from viruses was one such excellent invention which was brought to use by Lucknow Metro, ensuring highest standards of hygiene for metro passengers.
  • After successfully experimenting this method of sanitizing the entire Metro coach by UV Rays in January 2021, Lucknow Metro has become the first Metro service in the country to use this technique.
  • Giving boost to the Make in India mission, Lucknow Metro in consultation with an Indian firm that deals in tube lights used in the sanitation apparatus, has developed a UV Sanitisation apparatus which works on Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection method. 
  • It uses short wavelength ultraviolet (Ultraviolet C or UV-C) light of 254 nm UV-C to kill or inactive micro-organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.
  • The apparatus which has been certified by DRDO in October, 2020, sanitises the entire coach in 7 minutes and as added care, we are sanitising each coach for 15 minutes. 
  • The apparatus is operated through a remote and has a Switch on/off button, the radiations start after a minute of pressing the On button.
  • It is imperative to state that this is the same apparatus that is being used by the Medical industry to sanitise Operation Theatres and medical equipment. 
  • The best part of this initiative is that it is very economical, i.e. approximately a Cost reduction to 1/40th (2.5%) of the cost of sanitization through manual mode for 16 trains. 
    • Lucknow Metro the first in India to begin train coach sanitization by Ultraviolet Radiation.
    • Lucknow Metro already has another record to its credit by becoming the first in India to sanitize tokens by UV Rays. 
    • This initiative to provide the safest travel experience to our passengers was not just lauded by the passengers, but also earned accolades from the Government and other metros have also been directed to follow suit.
    • UV Sanitization apparatus at par with the ones used in the medical industry to sterilize surgical instruments and Operation Theaters.
    • Entire train sanitization in 30 minutes. 
    • Time to reduce in future with the procurement of more number of apparatus.
    • UV Sanitization of entire trains costing 1/40th of the cost involved in sprinkling of manual sanitizers.

Source: UPMRC-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): LMRC 

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