Lucknow Metro Is Setting An Example By Continuously Providing Facilities And Humanitarian Help To Its Commuters

Lucknow Metro is keeping alive the cultural ‘tehzeeb’ of its city by keeping the others need first. Metro’s security guards and employees are doing their duty with complete integrity giving first priority to to the safety and security of its commutersMetro is fast emerging as the most secure mode of transportation. If we look back at some of the incidents of recent past, we find that many times when commuters left their bag or mobiles in train, they got it back in no time due to very responsible and alert security management of Lucknow Metro. In this way, Lucknow Metro is continuously setting an example of best customer service to its commuters.

 Protecting commuters from any kind of discomfort is the most important part of training of Metro employees. In times of need, Metro employees always remain ready for any kind of humanitarian help.  On 28th July, 2018, a dead body of a 70 year old person was found near Alambagh Station Gate No. 01 at around 11:00 A.M. Metro security personnel informed about it to Alambagh police station. After getting information about the incident from police, the deceased person’s wife took his husband’s body from the Metro Station. In an incident, an unconscious man found in an inebriated condition at Gate No. 04, Charbagh MetroStation was sent to Balrampur Hospital through ambulance by LMRC on 21st July, 2018. 

 On 5th August, 2018, Mr. Laal Baboo Yadav – who was on duty on the Krishnanagar Metro Station – found an Oppo mobile set on a bench near Platform No. 01 at the station. After investigation, it came to light that the mobile phone was of a local resident named Mr. Manoj Maurya. After informing his family members, the mobile phone was returned to them after necessary verification. In similar incidents during the last month, commuters also got their lost baggage from the Transport Nagar, Alambagh and Singar Nagar Metro stations. Many a times, the passengers travelling in Metro forget their bags, cash, mobile, precious items, important documents etc. in Metro. The Lucknow Metro employees take these responsibilities seriously and return the items to its rightful owner every time.