Maha Metro signs MoU with DRDO for Biodigester Technology in Pune Metro

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked on January 5, 2021 between MAHA-METRO and DRDO through which DRDO will render technical support for the implementation of its advanced biodigester Mk-II technology for the treatment of human waste (night soil) in the metro rail network.

  • Biodigester Technology is an eco friendly, cost effective, decentralized, on-site human waste treatment technology that uses anaerobic microbial consortium.
  • The advanced Biodigester Mk-II technology encompasses three components:
    • A specially designed multi-chambered fermentation tank (Biodigester)
    • Anaerobic microbial consortium
    • A secondary treatment module
  • The biodigester requires less space as the bio toilet superstructure can be made either just on the top of the Biodigester tank or on the side of the tank. 
  • Moreover, the treated water can be reused for gardening, reflushing, or other suitable domestic purposes.
  • In the context of the ever-increasing problem of water scarcity in Maharashtra and other parts of India, the biodigester will ensure minimum use of water in lavatories.
  • The joint effort of DRDO and MAHA-METRO assumes greater significance and can have far-reaching implications for the state where treated water can be recycled for other domestic purposes like gardening and toilet flushing. 
  • By installing biodigesters, we will take a giant leap in conserving a significant amount of water in a state where water scarcity is increasing day by day.

The MoU was signed by Dr DK Dubey, Director DRDE, Gwalior and Sh. Atul Gadgil, Director, Maha-Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Pune.

Dr AK Singh, Distinguished Scientist & Director General- Life Sciences, DRDO Headquarters, New Delhi, and Dr Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) exchanged the MoU on behalf of their organisations.

Salient features of Biodigester Technology: 

The Biodigester Technology has several unique features which makes it as a technology of choice for providing affordable sanitation solution:

  • Unlike other treatment technologies, Biodigester does not need any maintenance and cleaning throughout its life, thereby saving on maintenance cost.
  • It eliminates practice of manual scavenging.
  • Keeping in view capital and recurring cost comparison, it is a cost-effective technology.
  • It is a versatile technology that can be implemented in diverse geo-climatic conditions.
  • Easier construction of biodigester makes it user-friendly technology.
  • It is practically scalable with regard to any number of users as well as any number of installations.
  • The bacterial inoculum has to be filled only once in its life time.
  • The Biodigester effluent is free from off-odour and soluble organic material, thus it is safe to be discharged into the environment.

Source: Pune Metro-Press Release

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