Maha Metro to appoint Detailed Design Consultants (DDC) for various upcoming, existing projects and works

Maha-Metro has invited applications for Empanelment of Detailed Design Consultants (DDC) for Various Upcoming, Existing Projects and Works of Maha Metro to appoint Detailed Design Consultants (DDC). 

  • Tender Ref No.: M1/Consul-04/2021(NCB)
  • Name of Work: Empanelment of Detailed Design Consultants (DDC) for Various Upcoming, Existing Projects and Works of Maha Metro.
  • Tender Document Download Start Date: 23-03-2021
  • Tender Document Download and Bid Submission Last Date: 20-04-2021
  • Tender Opening Start Date & Time: 20-04-2021
  • Pre-Bid Meeting Start Date: 31-03-2021
  • Pre-Bid Meeting Location: First floor, “Metro Bhawan, East High Court Road (VIP Road), in front of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College, near Dikshabhoomi, Nagpur-440010, Maharashtra.

The various projects under pipeline and in advanced stages of sanction in near future are:

  • Nagpur Metro Rail Project Phase-II with a length of 48 Kms approx. with 25KV OHE system and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling.
  • Pune Metro Rail Project Phase II with length of 31.5 Kms approx. with 25KV OHE system and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling.
  • Thane Metro Rail Project with a length of 31.5 Kms approx. with 25KV OHE system and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling.
  • Nashik MRTS Project with length of 32 Kms approx.
  • Any other Works and Existing Projects of Maha Metro.

Services to be provided:

The DDC shall perform the Services set out in this document. These Services generally include, but are not limited to:

  • DDC shall prepare Conceptual & Preliminary designs.
  • DDC shall prepare schematic design based on the approved concept designs.
  • DDC shall prepare criteria to be issued with the Construction-tender documents for the stations.
  • On the basis of approved concept design & schematic designs DDC will prepare Tender Drawings, BOQs, work specifications, construction cost estimates along with rate analysis and reference rates for all items of  BOQ for the associated  construction contract  for tendering by Maha Metro and critically appraise and  modify the cost estimate as necessary before the contract is awarded.
  • DDC shall prepare the Detailed Tender document for construction of stations excluding viaduct. DDC shall take into account that station structures have been  envisaged as structurally independent of viaduct except for the platform and  structures supported on platform. Concourse and its supporting structure including entry/exit will be designed independent of viaduct.
  • DDC will closely interact with viaduct designer and promptly provide him details of loads transferred from station structure to viaduct and any other input that may be required by viaduct designer for designing the viaduct in station portion.
  • DDC needs to design the Station building as per the parameters of the Detailed Project Report, Design Basis Report and SOD will also be taken into consideration. Any changes in  the design parameters will be to the DDC and no extra payment will be charged for the revision due to change in design parameters.
  • DDC will perform cost effective detailed designs of civil, structural,  architectural, E&M, Firefighting & Protection, plumbing, Water, Sewer and interface with other services based on conceptual designs and criteria issued with the tender documents for the stations.
  • DDC will prepare General Arrangement Drawings and detailed drawings of various items of work as per guidelines laid down by Maha Metro. Perform  detailed designs for building works, the fitting out of stations with architectural  finishes and interface with services (including illuminations, lifts, escalators, water  supply,  drainage, power supply and public telephones), signage, rain water harvesting, inter modal integration,.
  • DDC will review detailed designs for temporary and permanent diversion works for all utilities affected by the station works and change as necessary to accommodate public Utilities. Data to be given by Maha Metro. DDC will also provide coordination for this purpose.
  • DDC will co-ordinate and integrate designs and details with contractors and consultants employed by Maha Metro working on contracts adjacent to the site of works for this contract.
  • DDC will prepare and update design stage Combined Services Drawings (CSD),Structural Opening Drawings (SOD) and Structural-Electrical-Mechanical Drawings (SEM) and MEP drawings and Interface/Coordination Drawings. DDC will give all deliverables in a format compatible with BIM and it will be the responsibility of DDC to ensure no ambiguity.
  • DDC will incorporate and co-ordinate changes in design due to system & E&M interfacing.
  • DDC will incorporate changes in design resulting from Maha Metro’s design reviews.
  • DDC will consult and co-ordinate with the various City and Government authorities who interface with the Maha Metro project. Maha Metro will assist in the co-ordination.
  • Statutory approval from relevant authorities will be under DDC’s scope. Design & drawing will take care of fire stipulations as per codal requirement. In case of any approvals from Archaeology Survey of India, the same will be taken up by Maha Metro however a consultant shall assist for the same.
  • DDC will incorporate emergency evacuation considering NFPA 130 (National Fire Protection Association), National Building Code and all relevant bylaws etc.
  • All the station buildings have been envisaged as fully compliant of requirements of solar energy utilization. Solar Energy utilization compliant design is a specialized job. DDC will engage a sub-consultant of requisite expertise with the approval  of Maha Metro at DDC’s own cost for making all designs compliant with solar energy utilization needs.
  • DDC will plan, design, detail, control, co-ordinate, and execute the design phase of the Works for production of drawings, documents and reports to meet the key schedule dates indicated and as directed by Maha Metro.
  • DDC will advise the requirement for ensuring quality control during  construction of the structure.

Documents can be downloaded from Maha Metro’s e-tender Portal

Source: Maha Metro-Tender | Image Credit: Nagpur Metro