MahaMetro invites EOI for supply of 50 Coaches for Nashik MetroNeo project

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MahaMetro) has invited Expressions of Interest (EOI) for providing 50 Coaches (36 coaches for corridor 1 and 14 coaches for corridor 2) for Metro Neo project in Nashik.

  • Tender Notice No.: NS1-RS-02/2021
  • Name of work: Expression of Interest for Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing, Commissioning of Tyre Based Electric Bus Running on OHE at Nashik for Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
  • Date of Pre-EOI Meeting: 20.04.2021
  • Date & Time of Opening of EOIs: 05.05.2021

General Description of the Work:

The Metro Neo system is to be implemented in tier 2 or tier 3 Indian cities with over 8000PHPDT where heavy metro is not viable. This document describes few technical requirements for such a system named Metro Neo which will be at much lesser cost, rail guided, rubber tyred electric coaches powered by overhead traction system running on a road slab (elevated/at-grade).

  • Metroneo’ would also act as feeder system to high capacity Metro in Tier 1 metropolitan cities and shall act as a main transport system in tier 2 or tier 3 Indian cities. In addition to less capital cost, the operation and maintenance cost of Metroneo would also be less making the system more viable.
  • The proposed model envisages to seek offers from applicants for esign, manufacture, supply, testing, commissioning of tyred based electric bus running on ohe and training of personnel (metro neo in nashik) of Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.. The criteria for availability of Trolley Busesshall be detailed in the RFP document. The Contractorshall be responsible for design, manufacture, supply, testing, commissioning of tyred based electric bus running on OHEand training of personnelas per the contract. The Table below shows likely route length of the corridor.

Sl. No.

Name of the Corridor

Elevated/ At Grade (km)

Total (km)



(Corridor-1) 22Km Gangapur-Nashik Road Railway Station





(Corridor-2) 10 km Gangapur-Mumbai Naka




Existing corridor is having 50 coachesout of which 36coaches are for corridor 1,and 14 coaches are corridor 2.

Rolling Stock (Trolleybus) Supply:

  • The Employerat his discretion may advise the Contractorin writing about increased requirement of Trolley Bus . For any increasein quantity, Employermay exercise the option. Contractor shall be required to supply increased ordered quantities at the contracted terms & conditions and determined prices.

Functional and Performance based specifications:

  • The work comprises supply of adequate number of Trolley buses conforming to detailed performance and functional requirements which shall be advisedin theRFP document.The cars required for the corridors shall be of modern design, lightweight made of stainless steel/Aluminium,rail guided, regenerative braking and compatible to work with ATPas available at site. The cars shall operate on 750V dc flexible Overhead Catenary System (OCS).The standard specifications of Metro neo system as issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (India) is to be complied by the supplier and is attached as Annexure 5.

Contract Period:

  • The contract completion period of design, manufacture, supply, testing, commissioning of tyred based electric bus running on ohe and training of personnel (metro neo in nashik) of Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltdshall be 18 months.

Design Data of Trolley Buses:


Corridor 1

Corridor 2

Number of coaches



Maximum Design Speed

70 kmph

70 kmph

Maximum Acceleration

1.3 m/s^2

1.3 m/s^2


More than 20 meter

More than 15 meter


2.55 m

2.55 m


3.5 mapprox

3.5 mapprox

Coach Body

Aluminium/Stainless Steel

Aluminium/Stainless Steel

Axle load

Around 10Tonne

Around 10Tonne

Carrying Capacity


200 Persons


Double Articulated vehicle

Single Articulated vehicle

Traction System

750 V DC

Braking System

  1. Electrodynamic Regenerative Brake
  2. Service or station brakes
  3. Emergency brake
  4. Parking brake

Auxiliary Power Unit

Batteries or/and ultra capacitors

Energy Management System

Lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, actuators, Wi‐Fi, and passenger information systems etc

Interior Layout

More number of standing Area, swift evacuation of the passenger in short dwell period.


Doors of adequate width shall be provided. All the doors shall be equipped with handles, Press buttons shall be provided which will allow the passengers to open and close individual doors from both inside and outside when halting at stops.

Drivers Compartment

  1. The driver’s compartment shall separate the driver from the passengers thus protecting him from disturbing influences. The driver’s compartment shall be designed keeping in view the driver’s comfort and safety. The driver’s seat shall be designed to meet the latest ergonomic requirements.
  2. The instrument panel in the driver’s compartment shall consist several indications which will help the driver to know about the status of he vehicle. The indications may include speed of the vehicle, status of batteries, voltage of overhead contact system etc.

Passenger Safety Features

  1. CCTV camera
  2. On board PA-PIS System
  3. Emergency evacuation system
  4. Fire and smoke detectors
  5. Fire retardant design
  6. Signage for passenger safety and information

Selection of technology

Passenger comfort & safety

  1. Proven equipment with high reliability
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Light weight equipment and coach body
  4. High rate of acceleration and deceleration
  5. Optimized scheduled speed
  6. Flexibility to meet increase in traffic demand
  7. Aesthetically pleasing Interior and Exterior
  8. Low Life cycle cost
  9. Adequate HVAC

Standard Specifications

The Applicant shall comply to the standard specifications of Metro neo issued by Ministry of Housing and urban affairs (as modified time to time).

  • Any Additional Technical Parameters to be submitted By Contractor.
  • Contractor should also submitlist of likely suppliers andtheir provenness of all sub systems & contact details and willingness to support for 10 Years.

Source: NMRCL-Tender