Mannargudi railway station set to be redeveloped under Amrit Bharat Station scheme

In a bid to develop model railway stations under Amrit Bharat Station scheme, one more station i.e. the Mannargudi Railway station is undergoing for major upgrades in order to provide modern facilities to passengers. The transformation includes the installation of digital signage, construction of new waiting halls, improvements in accessibility, and implementation of eco-friendly lighting solutions. 

More Details:

Mannargudi known for agriculture, metal works and weaving is a major station in Tiruchchirappalli Division where the rail network is well connected with the major cities like Chennai, Trichy, Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Kumbakonam etc. It is being taken up for a major revamp under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme which envisages development of stations o­n a continuous basis with a long term vision.

Amenities and Services to be Provided:

  • The redeveloped station will provide amenities and services to the passengers in line with world class railway stations.
  • The revamped station will improve passenger experience by providing amenities like digital signage, escalators / elevators, executive lounges, baggage screening machines, walkways, holding areas for passengers, grand and distinctive roofing and flooring, free and paid Wi-Fi etc.
  • Contract has been awarded and the works has been commenced for various infrastructural modifications at a cost of Rs. 4.69 Crores.

Improvements to passenger amenities at the Mannargudi railway station:

  • The front side of the stations will witness an entrance arch, significant roadwork, with the development of parking spaces and pedestrian walkways, enhancing accessibility and convenience for commuters.
  • New ticket booking counters will be built and waiting halls with improved flooring, seating and toilet facilities will also be constructed.
  • Well designed pickup and drop-off provided for embarking and disembarking of passengers from auto/taxi to reach directly to the porch area.
  • New toilets will be constructed and the existing toilets will be renovated for the use of passengers.
  • Platforms in the stations will receive significant attention, with the addition of benches, drinking water facilities and aesthetic shelters, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for travellers.

  • Well designed ramps are also planned to be provided at the porticos for the Divyangjan and elderly people and the concourse area will be renovated.
  • The station premises will feature new signage boards and LED display boards, facilitating easy navigation and providing essential travel information to commuters. Passengers can take memorable pictures at the new selfie points.
  • To promote energy efficiency, sustainable practices, and tapping into non-conventional energy sources, LED lights will be used throughout the station buildings, to provide better illumination consuming lesser power.
  • An Integrated Passenger Information System will be implemented, providing real-time updates o­n train schedules, platform changes, and other crucial travel information, ensuring a seamless and informed journey for passengers.

Source: Southern Railway – Press Release | Images Credit: Southern Railway