Metro In The Making: From Self-Analysing Surveillance System To Avant-Garde Communication System, LMRC’s Most Advanced Telecom System Ensures Safety And Security Of Its Commuters

Date of Post: 07 Mar, 2019

The hi-tech Telecom System installed in the Lucknow Metro trains and station premises is the most advanced and well-equipped in terms of technology and state of the art facilities catering to the safety and security needs of the Metro commuters. Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has ensured since its inception to provide a smart, affordable, convenient and safe mode of Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) to the passengers, adding to the trust and faith that Lucknowites have on  Lucknow Metro.


The CCTV systems installed at the Metro station premises and in the trains are capable of self-analyzing the scenarios in its view. For example-if there is a huge crowd in front of Ticket Counters (TOMs) then it will automatically raise an alarm to the Station Controller. Likewise, if the surveillance system detects anyone moving in the wrong direction over escalators it will automatically intimate the Station Controller. The system detects any loitering in unauthorized areas and sends information to the Station Control Room (SCR) via an alarm. If any passenger leaves his baggage by mistake or there is any unattended bag (object) will be communicated within 3 minutes to the Station Controller. Moreover, a help phone has also been installed in the middle of the platform area to provide assistance to passengers at the time of emergency. As soon as the passenger picks the help phone, a CCTV popup will appear in Station Controller’s CCTV display/screen and controller will be able to both see and talk with the passenger.


The cables being used by Telecom department of LMRC are halogen free and fire retardant in nature thereby minimizing the risk of suffocation in case of any fire incident in elevated and underground stations (especially tunnels).


The Public Address System (PAS) and Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) are also integrated to each other to display the same information over PIDs boards and Public announcement System (speakers) installed in the station premises. For this purpose Public Announcement (PA) zones have been formed to ease the mode of operation. Similarly Noise Sensors have also been installed at the stations to adjust the speaker volume (for both increasing and reducing) as per the ambient noise levels. The PIDS system is well equipped to display passenger information related to train arrival and departure in real time apart from indoor advertising. The telephone system being used in LMRC is having latest technology of Video over Ethernet along with the old technology.

Source: LMRC