MMRDA Update: 10 metro stations of line 7 awarded with Platinum Rating by Indian Green Building Council

MMRDA’s 10 Metro stations of line 7 which are operational on the Western express highway are awarded the highest ranking of green building initiative called Platinum Rating by IGBC.

More Details:

  • These metro stations name are given below:
    • Jogeshwari (East),
    • Aarey,
    • Dindoshi,
    • Kurar,
    • Akurli,
    • Poisar,
    • Magathane,
    • Devipada
    • Rashtriya Udyan
    • Ovaripada
  • These stations were evaluated according to IGBC’s Green Mass Rapid Transport System Rating program.
  • Initially MMRDA has applied for certification of above-mentioned 10 stations, as well as evaluation of other stations for ranking is in progress. In future all stations of upcoming metro lines will be made eligible for highest ranking.
  • The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has launched the IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) rating to encourage green concepts in the design, construction & operation of all new rail-based MRTS projects.
  • The certification by IGBC emphasizes the compliance by design to sustainability measures such as water efficiency, energy efficiency, passenger comfort, multimodal integration of the Metro System, etc.
  • This evaluation is categorized into six types of IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System Rating which include – Site Selection & Planning, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Material Conservation, Indoor Environment & Comfort, and Innovation in Design & Construction.
  • Metro has incorporated various measures for universal access in all 10 stations of Mumbai Metro Elevated stations. For wheelchair-bound commuters, all lifts in the station are equipped with wide access doors, handrails & control buttons at a convenient height.
  • Other measures include specially designed wide Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates, ramps to maintain floor level uniformity, dedicated space inside the train close to entry/exit gates, and low-height ticket counters.
  • The Environment Management Plan for Metro Line 7 is highlighted in the Rating Report of IGBC. The report follows the guidelines of Environmental Policy ISO14001. The EMP acts as an apex-guiding manual at the project site level describing detailed aspects leading to adverse environmental impacts and mitigation criteria.
  • The mitigation strategy adopted during construction operations includes ambient air quality management, control of water pollution including treatment and water conservation, spill prevention and control, noise quality management from the plant, machinery, and vehicles, and solid waste management including proper sorting, segregation, storage, transport, treatment, and disposal.
  • The implementation of Indian Road Congress Code IRC: SP:55-2001 has been planned with a sequence of activities related to the planning of traffic diversion during construction including reconnaissance, traffic survey, data analysis, preparation of traffic diversion scheme, consultation with stakeholders, etc.

Shri S.V.R. Srinivas, IAS, Hon. Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA said “MMRDA is focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly development. We are performing sustainable practices and solutions as per the green building initiative of the Government in consideration of the ‘Net Zero initiative by 2070’.”

Source: MMRDA- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MMRDA