MPMRCL invites tender for Design Verification Engineer (DVE) services for various works including elevated viaducts & underground stations for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has invited e-tenders for Design Verification Engineer (DVE) services for construction of elevated viaducts including Stations, Ramps and Tunneling works including underground stations for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects.

  • Tender Reference Number: 1069/MPMRCL/2023/ BHIN-16
  • Name of Work: Design Verification Engineer (DVE) services for construction of elevated viaducts including Stations, Ramps and Tunneling works including underground stations for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects.
  • Completion Period: 1460 Days
  • Estimated Cost: INR 28.71 Crore
  • EMD: INR 29 Lakh
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 19th May, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 07th July, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 09th June, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 30th June, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 07th July, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 08th July, 2023


  • This Contract is for the provision of the “Design Verification Engineer (DVE) services for construction of Elevated Viaducts including Stations, Ramps and Tunnelling works including underground stations for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects.”
  • The Scope of Work for this Contract is further described in the Client’s Requirements (Volume III).

Source of Funds:

  • The Client has applied loans from the various multilateral funding agencies towards the part cost of the Project, and the balance cost through equity contribution of Government of India (GoI) and Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP). This tender package is proposed to be funded through equity contributions of GoI & GoMP.

General Requirements:

  • Proof design checking / Design Verification is the systematic review of design assumptions, calculations, methodology, use of standards and compliance with mandatory requirements as part of the design process by a person who holds the necessary competencies to check design work for the discipline concerned and has had no direct involvement in developing the design.
  • The selection of the appropriate level of checking for each particular deliverable is a matter of judgement for the Design Verification Eng. and the Discipline Design Checker and is most appropriately achieved from consideration of the consequence of failure on a project or a specific element.
  • The following suggestions are for guidance:
    • Satisfaction of requirements for overall suitability and performance
    • Compliance with the Project Quality Plan
    • Approved changes
    • Consistency with other calculations, schedules and drawings
    • Satisfactory interfaces between disciplines
    • Compliance with standards, codes of practice, technical papers, etc.
    • Completeness as per GCC Clause 5.2.2
    • Review of assumptions
    • Consistency with corporate practice and experience
    • Dimensional accuracy and presentation.
  • The design checker will carry out a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the design and ensure that it complies with the Employer’s requirements. The checker will ensure that the calculations are transferred accurately into the design details and drawings and specifications clauses. The checker will be responsible for checking with due professional skill and duty of care.
  • The proof checker will be responsible for the applicability and accuracy of all computer programs used and shall ensure the validity of the programs for each application. The method of analysis employed need not be the same but the designer and checker will consult with each other during the course of their work to ensure that the results they are obtaining are compatible.

Bhopal Metro Rail Project:

  • Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is becoming a strategic hub for various economic activities ranging from different manufacturing industries and service industries which are expanding in pace with the growth of the state in the country.
  • The city’s public transport is currently handled by city buses, mini buses; Tata magic, BRTS, three wheelers (autos) further supported by App cabs and private rent taxi services. Bhopal has been classified as a “National Priority City” by the National Commission on Urbanization setup by Government of India (GoI).
  • To strengthen public transport within the city of Bhopal, GoI has sanctioned a railbased Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) called “Bhopal Metro Rail Project” which comprises of two corridors of a total route length of 29.141km,
  • Karond circle to AIIMS of 16.122 km,
  • Bhadbhada Square to Ratnagiri Tiraha of 13.019 km.

Indore Metro Rail Project:

  • The objective of this project is to provide continuous availability of affordable, reliable, safe, secure and seamless transport system in the urban agglomeration of Indore, so as to reduce traffic related accidents, pollution, travel time, energy consumption and anti-social incidents as well as to control the urban development and land use for sustainability and regional development.
  • Indore Metro Rail Project sanctioned by Government of India comprises the Ring Line called Yellow Line.
  • The total length of the project corridor is 31.23 Kms, out of which 77.23% is elevated and 22.76% is underground.


  • MPMRCL desires to appoint Design Verification Engineer (DVE) for verification and validation of Design and Engineering outputs of Architectural, Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, water supply, sewerage, drainage for Elevated & Underground Sections including temporary and permanent structures for following packages;
    • BH03, BH04 & BH05 for Bhopal Metro Rail Project &
    • IN04 and IN05 Indore Metro Rail Project.

Scope of Work:

  • MPMRCL is implementing the following packages as Design and Build (D&B) Contracts for Bhopal & Indore Metro Rail Projects.
  • DVE services include design verification of Architectural, Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, water supply, sewerage, drainage for Elevated Stations, Underground Works, TBM Tunnels, UG Stations, ramps etc, for the following packages awarded /to be awarded by MPMRCL.

Package BH-03 (Approx. 6km):

  • Part Design and Construction of Elevated Viaduct, Six (6) Elevated Metro Rail Stations viz Pul Bogda (a Passenger Interchange station between Orange and Blue line), Aishbagh, Sindhi Colony, DIG Bungalow, Krishi Upaj Mandi and Karond and Two ramps between Chainages 27+000 & 28+375 and 31+765 & 36+139” for Bhopal Metro Rail Project

Package BH-04 (Approx. 3.3km):

  • Design & Construction of Twin Tunnel (Up & Down by Shield TBM), Cut & Cover, Cross-passages with/without sump, Ramps, two (02) Underground Stations (Nandra Bus Stand and Bhopal Railway Station) including Architectural finishing, Water Supply, Sanitary Installation and Drainage works in entire Underground Section from chainage 28+375 to 31+765 for Bhopal Metro Rail Project.

Package BH-05 (Approx. 13.7km):

  • Part Design and construction of elevated Viaduct, thirteen (13) elevated Metro Rail Stations viz. Bhadbhada Square, Depot Chauraha, Jawahar Chowk, Roshanpura Chauraha, Kushabhau Thakre Hall, Parade Ground, Prabhat Chauraha, Govindpura, Govindpura Industrial Area, JK Road, Indrapuri, Piplani and Ratnagiri Tiraha (excluding an Elevated Passenger Interchange Metro Rail Station), between Chainage 50+000 and 62+903, and access to Depot between Chainages 00+155 and 01+020 for Blue Line.

Package IN-04 (Approx. 5.336km):

  • Part Design and Construction of Elevated Viaduct, Five (5) Elevated Metro Rail Stations (viz. Shaheed Bagh, Khajrana Chauraha, Bengali Chauraha, Patrakar Colony & Palasia Chauraha) and Ramp between Chainages 31+755 to 34+898.061 & 3+669.547 to 5+862 for Indore Metro Rail Project

Package IN-05:

  • Design & construction of Twin Tunnel (Up & Down by Shield TBM), Cut & Cover, Cross-passages with/without sump, Ramps, seven (07) Underground Stations (Indore Railway Station, Rajwada, Chhota Ganapati, Bada Ganapati, Ramachandra Nagar, BSF/Kalani Nagar and Airport) including Architectural finishing, Water Supply, Sanitary Installation and Drainage works, Simulation studies, Environmental Control System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) and SCADA works in entire Underground Section from chainage 5+862 to 14+488 for Indore Metro Rail Project.

Services to be provided:

The DVE shall perform the Services as per the Client’s Requirements;

  • Verify and validate all Designs and Drawings at DS1, DS2 & GFC and all Engineering outputs of Architectural, 3D BIM models, Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, water supply, sewerage, drainage, Elevated Stations, ramps, TBM Tunnels, UG Stations, including temporary and permanent works produced by DDC appointed by MPMRCL and/or Contractors’ designers through independent analysis and design calculations. Similar to Category-3 checking.
  • The DVE’s analytical works shall be independent of that of the DDC/s appointed by MPMRCL and or Contractors’ designers and shall be carried out without exchange of calculation sheets or similar information.
  • Shall evaluate, validate the designs using different platforms or software other than used by DDC or Contractor’s Designer/s. The DVE shall provide a copy of the software to the Engineer used for validating.
  • Evaluate the ability of the results or design and engineering outputs meet requirements and obligations of the Contract.
  • All design and engineering documents including engineering notes produced by Detail Design Consultant/s (DDC)/Designer appointed by MPMRCL and or Contractor shall be verified and validated by DVE. These activities shall be documented and reported (communicated) to the Engineer as directed.
  • Shall verify all design documents, drawings, plans and calculations, construction sequences, methods, safety and reports for both Permanent and Temporary work designs produced by the Designer/s and Contractors.
  • Shall confirm that the designs and engineering outputs meet all its obligations under the Contract.
  • DVE shall verify the design documents for the work under the respective contract meet Employer’s Requirements for Safety, Functionality and RAM and comply with relevant codes and standards.
  • Shall not produce any drawings.
  • Quality of the design work must be validated by the DVE at each stage of design submission (DS1, DS2 & GFC).
  • Design and engineering changes must be reviewed, verified and validated please see clause 1.11 below.
  • DVE shall evaluate the ability of the results or design and engineering to meet requirements, identify any problems and propose necessary actions.
  • All revisions of design & drawings shall be reviewed and checked by the DVE.
  • The Engineer and Engineer’s representative shall have full and unrestricted access to the DVE and to all persons carrying out the design checking, and all their data, information, calculations, drawings and records.
  • The DVE shall check or review working drawings corresponding to final design drawings, the final CSD, SEM, RCP and SRS drawings.
  • The Scope of DVE shall include but not limited to; DBRs, foundations, piers/columns, Viaduct, RSI analysis, concourse, platform, technical rooms, paid and unpaid areas, station  entrances, provision for lift & escalators shafts and the rail track guideway (viaduct) including the station finishing of all public and non-public areas, system rooms, internal & external finishes, roads, footpath, plazas, ancillary structures, roofs, entry/exit structures, Foot over Bridges (FOB), TBM tunnels, ramps, UG Stations etc,
  • Any other item of design verification and validation work as directed by MPMRCL/Engineer required to be carried out for construction and commissioning including viaduct, stations and transition span in Bhopal and Indore metro rail projects.
  • DVE shall send all submittals to the Engineer under the cover of a Transmittal Form. The Transmittal Form shall be sequentially numbered and signed in accordance with the Document Control Index. A separate Transmittal Form shall be used for each submittal.
  • Soft copies or excel sheets or native design verification calculations, models etc., shall be submitted to the Engineer. Shall issue ‘Design Verification Certificate’ duly signed by their Team Leader together with their submission to the Engineer.
  • DVE shall submit the Design Verification Certificate in format given below as Annexure-I on organisation’s letterhead duly signed and stamped.

Signatures on drawings:

  • The approval process of 3D BIM models and drawings in the CDE (Common Data Environment) is mandated. There shall be a full audit trail available to the Engineer at any time on any issued document. Licensed digital signature is accepted for PDF submissions.
  • If there is a further requirement for all approved hardcopy certificates / drawings issued to the Engineer/Employer to bear handwritten signatures, then both the Verification Engineer/Architect and the Team Leader shall sign physically.

Revision column in CAD files and hardcopy as follows:

  • CAD File: Shall contain the name or initials of all persons in CAD text.
  • Hardcopy: The original hardcopy plot of the CAD file, used to produce the deliverable drawing sets, shall have the hand-written signature of the person superimposed over the CAD generated initial.

Responsibilities of Design Verification Engineer (DVE):

  • DVE shall verify the design documents for the work under the respective contract meet Employer’s Requirements, Contract documents, Design Basis Reports, project Schedule of Dimensions (SoD), Codes & Standards, good engineering practice and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the project.
  • Review and revert back to the design and engineering outputs with approval/ comments within 14 days from the date of particular submission of design related documents, drawings, plans, calculations and reports.


  • The Tenderer shall submit details of Work Experience previously executed by them to be considered qualified for the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Documentary proof should be submitted, namely; client completion certificates clearly indicating the nature and scope of services, actual completion costs, actual completion dates. Tenders submitted without this documentary proof shall not be evaluated.
  • In case the work is executed for a private client the following shall be submitted: copy of the work order(s), bill of quantities, details of payments received, T.D.S. certificates for all payments received (to be certified by Statutory Auditor/ practising Chartered Accountant) and copy of the final/last bill paid.
  • In case of JV/ Consortium, the quantum of the work(s), if completed by the same JV/ Consortium shall be considered. However, if the quantum of work(s) were done by them in a JV/ Consortium having different constituents, then the qualifying quantum of work(s) as per their percentage participation in such JV/ Consortium shall be considered. This is to be substantiated with documentary evidence.
  • For executed services, the value of service done shall be updated to the end of 30th April 2023 price level assuming 5% inflation for Indian Rupees per year and 2% for foreign currency portions per year. The exchange rate of foreign currency shall be applicable 28 days before the last date of online Tender submission.

Services Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed “Similar Services” as given below within the past 10 years ending on 30th April 2023:
    • At least one contract of “Similar Services”of value of 80% of the declared cost of work i.e., INR 23 Crore, or
    • At least two contracts of “Similar Services” each of value of 50% of the declared cost of work i.e., of INR 14 crore, or
    • At least three contracts of “Similar Services” each of value of 40% of the declared cost of work i.e., of INR 11 Crore. And
  • In case of JV/Consortium, lead member must have executed “Similar Services” from one contract of minimum INR 11 crore and non-lead partner must have executed Design Verification Engineer (DVE) / Proof Checking Consultant / Lead Design Checker services / detailed design consultants for construction of Elevated Viaduct / Elevated stations (Architecture/ structural/ MEP) /tunnel / underground stations (Architecture/ structural/ MEP) from one Contract of minimum INR 7 crore (26% of the declared value of work) for Railway/Metro rail projects.
  • Similar Services for this contract shall be “Design Verification Engineer (DVE) / Proof Checking Consultant / Lead Design Checker / Detailed Designer services for construction of Elevated Viaduct including stations (Architecture/ structural / water supply/ sewerage/ drainage) and tunnelling work for Railway/Metro rail projects including underground stations (Architecture / structural/ water supply / sewerage/ drainage).”

Tenderers may download the tender documents from the official e-portal

Source: MPMRCL- Tender