MPMRCL to enhance fare collection system: Tender invited for selection of financial institution

In a move to upgrade the fare collection system, Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited  (MPMRCL) has taken a significant step by releasing the tender to appoint a Financial Institution in order to enhance fare collection and make it more passenger friendly for Bhopal and Indore metro projects.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Selection of Financial Institution for issuance of Open Loop National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), Transaction Acquiring, and AFC integration related services for Bhopal and Indore metro projects.

Tender Reference Number 1417/MPMRCL/2024/Package BHIN-07-01A
EMD (in Rs.) 25,00,000/-
Contract Period 200 Weeks for Implementation, 364 Weeks for Service Period
Document Download/Sale Start Date 11th June, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date 06th July, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 15th July, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 20th June, 2024
Bid Opening Date 16th July, 2024

Scope of Works for Financial Institution:

  • FI shall ensure offline acceptance of all NCMC EMV contactless card transactions from MPMRCL ticketing ecosystem.

Image Credit (representational): Indore Metro
  • FI shall be responsible for acquiring the digital fare collection transactions done using NCMC cards issued by any Bank which is recognized by Reserve Bank of India and related payment transactions.
  • The FI shall enable all payment schemes (Rupay, VISA, Mastercard and any other card payment scheme), whose standards are clearly laid out for acceptance of cards in transit as per defined EMV and NCMC standards.
  • The FI shall add any new payment scheme within 6 months once the specifications for acceptance are provided by such payment schemes
  • FI shall have in-house payment processors or third-party service providers to process the EMV NCMC card transactions.
  • FI shall be capable of processing the EMV NCMC card transactions for authorizations, clearing and settlement.
  • FI shall be responsible for acquiring, processing, authorization and settlement of transit transactions performed with EMV contactless debit/credit/prepaid cards issued by approved payment schemes and banks (MasterCard, Visa, RuPay and any other card payment scheme).
  • Farebox revenue risk on account of usage of EMV NCMC and EMV pre- paid/debit/credit cards in transit shall be the responsibility of the FI.
  • FI shall provide the TIDs as required & requested for the MPMRCL transit ticketing and POS terminals.
  • FI shall provide the APIs and documentation for the Key injection process with respect to performing the required Key injection to the MPMRCL Terminals without any manual intervention.
  • FI shall be performing clearing and settlement for MPMRCL transit transactions with various issuers/payment schemes at EOD.
  • FI shall be able to manage all types of authorizations required for transit transaction types.
  • FI shall allow you to perform, cancel, refund and chargeback the transactions as per the specification mentioned by the payment schemes of the card issued.
  • FI shall be able to process the transactions as per the ISO 8583 specifications for all transaction authorization & settlement.
  • Fl’s Acquirer system shall share all blacklisted/hot-listed cards’ information for the NCMC including the cards issued by other banks from respective payment schemes on a regular interval as per format mutually agreed as and when the guidelines are issued by payment schemes or regulatory authority in this respect.
  • All offline transactions approved/authorised offline should be processed by the Acquirer system and decline in the approval should be FIs liability after offline approval.

The development aims not only to modernise the fare collection system and prevent the loss of revenue for Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), but also to make the entire fare collection system much more convenient for passengers.

Please refer to tender documents for detailed scope of works. Tenderers may download the tender documents from the official e-portal

Source: MPMRCL – Tender | Featured Image Credit (representational): Bhopal Metro

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