MRIDC invites tenders for railway electrification work between Naghbir to Itwari Section

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Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC) has invited open e-tender in two packet system from eligible tenderers for “Supply, Erection Testing and Commissioning of 25 kV, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Traction Overhead Equipment, Traction Substation, Switching station and other associated works from chainage (-)1.214 to chainage 105.000 & WCL siding, Chord line, loop lines, bridges etc. in connection with Railway Electrification Work between Naghbir to Itwari Section in Nagpur Division of South East Central Railway.” 

  • Tender Value: INR 59,61,54,470/-
  • Completion Period: 300 Days
  • Earnest Money: INR 31,30,780/- 
  • Date and Time of start of Downloading of Tender document: 03.12.2020
  • Last Date and Time of submission of Pre-Bid Queries: 16.12.2020
  • Last date and Time of Downloading / purchasing of Tender document: 06.01.2021
  • Last date and Time of uploading/submission of Bid: 06.01.2021
  • Date and Time of Opening of Technical Bid: 06.01.2021

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC), is a joint venture company of Government of Maharashtra and Ministry of Railways for implementation of various Railway Projects in the territory of Maharashtra.

The aim of the company is to provide a boost to the Rail Infrastructure projects in and around Maharashtra State. There are several projects of new Railway Lines, Gauge Conversion Work and Doubling of Railway Lines, waiting for implementation. The aim of the company is to take a leap forward in implementing railway related infra projects.

Financial Eligibility Criteria:

Contractual Turnover:

The Bidder must have received contractual payments in the previous three financial years and the current financial year up to the end of the previous month in which tender is invited, at least 150% of the advertised value of the tender. The Bidders shall submit Certificates to this effect which may be an attested Certificate from the concerned department / client, Audited Balance Sheet or statement duly certified by the Chartered Accountant.

In case of JV Firm, either the JV firm or lead member of the JV firm must satisfy the Financial Eligibility Criteria defined above and financial turnover of each other partner of JV (Excluding lead member) shall not be less than 10% of the financial eligibility as specified above. 

Bid Capacity:

The Bidders must have available bid capacity equal to or more than the total bid value of the present tender. The available bid capacity shall be calculated as under: Available Bid Capacity = [A x N x 2] – B 


A = Maximum value of Railway Electrification works executed and payment received in any one financial year i.e. Current Financial Year & during the last three financial years immediately preceding the current financial year (current financial year ending last date of the month previous to the month in which tender is invited) taking into account the completed as well as work in progress.

N= Number of years prescribed for completion of work for which bids has been invited. If it is mentioned in number of days, in that case “N” will be calculated as number of days divided by 365 days.

B = Value of existing commitments and balance amount of ongoing works with the Bidder to be completed in next ‘N’ years. Proportionate value will be taken if the works falls during the different financial year. 

To participate in this tender as Joint Venture Firm (JV Firm), the bidder must be registered in Tenderwizard (MRIDC’s e-bidding portal

Source: MRIDC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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