MRIDC reinvites bids for providing Consultancy Services for detailed design of Tunnels for Pune-Nashik Semi High Speed Rail project

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC), has invited  e-bids in two packet system from eligible tenderers for “Providing Consultancy Services for  Detailed Design of Tunnels in all respect in Connection with Broad Gauge Double Railway Line Project between Pune-Nashik (Operational Speed of 250 kmph) and Association during implementation of project for Design support.”

  • Tender No.: MRIDC/PROJ/e-TENDER/DESIGN/TUNNEL/2021/131
  • Start Date: 04.09.2021
  • End Date: 24.09.2021
  • Consultancy Duration: 180 Days + Construction duration of tunnels (Approx. 36 months from the date of approval of final designs).

Technical Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The Consultant should have successfully completed the Detailed Design Consultancy services for: 
    • Design of High-Speed Railway Tunnel for an Operational Speed equal to or more than 250kmph (both Civil and E&M Design) of at least one tunnel of minimum 4000m length or two tunnels having total length of minimum 5000m, out of which one tunnel should be of minimum 2500m length.  
    • Design of any tunnel(s) by NATM method having finished diameter more than or equal to 7m (or finished area more than or equal to 40sqm) of at least one tunnel of minimum 4000m length or two tunnels of minimum 2500m length each.
  • The similar Detailed Design & Engineering work fulfilling above criteria should have been successfully completed, approved by the competent authority and construction  work should have completed/substantially completed/partly completed (approx.  2000m of tunnel construction  should have been completed) in the last 25 years, ending on the last day of month, previous to the month in which Tender is invited, in India or Foreign country. 
  • All length mentioned herein should be continuous length. 
  • The Consultant has to submit a certificate duly verified by Client that Detailed Design & Engineering work of the tunnels have been successfully completed and actual  construction work should have completed/substantially completed/ partly completed (approx. 2000m of tunnel excavation should have been completed) fulfilling the above criteria.
  • The client’s certificate should inter-alia indicate the date of award, scheduled date of completion, actual date of start and completion, length of tunnel, methodology of tunnel execution & excavated cross sectional area of tunnel. 
  • Successfully completed: It shall mean, that the Detailed Design & Engineering work must be satisfactorily completed in all respects and approved by the competent authority.

About MRIDC: 

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC), is a joint venture of Govt. of Maharashtra and Ministry of Railways for implementation of various Railway Projects in the territory of Maharashtra in India. 

  • The aim of setting up this Joint Venture Govt., Company is to provide a boost to the Rail Infrastructure Projects in the Maharashtra State on the principle of cooperative federalism. 
  • The aim of the company is to take a leap forward in implementing railway related infra projects. There are several regions in Maharashtra State, having long pending demands for construction of new Railway lines, Gauge Conversion, Doubling of Rail Line & Construction of Road Over Bridges. 
  • MRIDC is aiming to complete the above-mentioned task with best possible solutions in the shortest possible time. 
  • Hence, MRIDC is intended to shortlist and approve the experienced and renowned Consultants to complete the work on fast track

About Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Rail Line:

In March this year, the Maharashtra Cabinet approved the proposed Greenfield Semi High Speed Railway Double Line with electrification between Pune and Nashik. The much-awaited Pune-Nashik Semi-High speed Rail Line would bring down travel time between two cities from present 06 hours to 01 hour 45 mins boosting passenger and freight movements.

  • The Semi High Speed Trains will initially have 06 coaches designed to run at speed of 200 Km/Hr with future increment up to 250 Km/Hr on the Broad-Gauge line.
  • The number of coaches will increase to 12 and then to 16.
  • Thus, it will facilitate the creation of the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik golden triangle as an emerging economic hub.
  • Earlier MRIDC had received “In Principal Approval” (IPA) from Ministry of Railways on 02.06.2020 and approval from Central Railway on 10.02.2020 for implementing Greenfield Semi-High Speed Broad Gauge Double Line between Pune and Nashik.
  • The entire cost of the project has been pegged at Rs 16,039 Crore (including taxes) on Debt:Equity of 60:40 basis; wherein Government of Maharashtra and Ministry of Railway shall contribute equity of 20% each of the project cost.
  • While remaining 60% will be raised from the Domestic Financial Institution.
  • MahaRail has estimated to complete the project in 1200 days from the date of its financial closure.

Notice inviting tender (NIT) and Eligibility and qualification criteria (EQC) can be downloaded from MRIDC’S official website and e-bidding portal

Source: MRIDC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MRIDC