MRIDC to reconstruct Reay Road ROB as iconic Cable Stayed Bridge

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The Reay Road ROB near Reay Road Railway Station, undertaken for reconstruction provides a connecting link from Byculla to Mazgaon over the Harbour Railway Line. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between MRIDC and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on 14th July, 2020 to reconstruct old 11 ROBs and 1 RUB in Mumbai and Suburban regions. 

Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, Managing Director, MRIDC informs that the new Cable Stayed Bridge will have a longer span, to minimize the number of foundations as well as shifting of the underground utilities. The proposed foundation arrangement and bridge structure will allow traffic movement to continue through the underpass of Barrister Nath Pai road. Also, it will maintain the required vertical clearance as per the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) standard.

Features of Existing Structure:

  • The existing ROB has a length of approximately 28m (Railway Span) and 25m (Road Span – Barrister Nath Pai Marg) with superstructure comprising of mostly steel girders.
  • The existing carriageway caters 3 lanes of traffic, i.e. 1.5 lanes at each direction.
  • The ROB is perpendicular to the tracks and is thus straight.
  • On the ROB, there is a ramp which connects Barrister Nath Pai Marg and immediately after Railway boundary on Eastern Freeway side there is a ramp which connects to Mahul Road.
  • There is an existing ticket counter at Reay Road station. Also, there is a ramp parallel to existing ROB on Dockyard side from Barrister Nath Pai Marg which connects Sant Savala Mali Marg.

Key Features of the proposed ROB:

  • With the planned alignment, no nearby existing structures need to be dismantled. At both the sides of approaches on Sant Savala Mali road total Development Plan (DP) width available is 27.5m.
  • It is a Heritage structure and the new Cable Stayed Bridge will add more aesthetic appeal to the world class heritage structure. Additionally, MRIDC has designed architectural LED lightings on the proposed Bridge that shall not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also have an added advantage of improving safety parameters.
  • The new ROB is planned in such a way so that the vertical clearance as per India Roads Congress (IRC) standard is maintained, as well, the clear height required for passing of vehicle under Eastern Freeway is achieved. The new improvised design will satisfy the constraints of vertical clearance of both ROB and under the Eastern Freeway.
  • Cable Stayed Bridge will avoid the central pier which is present at West & East side underpass, and thus eliminate the existing accident spot.
  • The pedestrian movement towards Reay Road Railway Station shall be ensured by providing footpath on the Cotton Green side of the proposed ROB. Selfie Point is also provided on the iconic bridge to attract citizens.
  • The length of the new Cable Stayed Bridge is 280 m. and the approximate cost of construction is Rs. 142 Cr. The Corporation plans to complete the construction work is less than 2 years. 

Front aerial view of the proposed Cable Stayed Bridge at Reay Road Railway Station

Construction Scheme:

  • The construction scheme has been chosen to be Segmental Construction which would lead to better quality control and minimum construction time with least disturbance to running trains.
  • The Pylons will be constructed at site. Individual segments will be prefabricated at the fabrication yard, transported through appropriate vehicle, and directly launched at site. This will minimize the construction time as well as cause least hindrance to the people.
  • For straight alignment, a simple steel girder system is adopted for easy and speedy construction. For ROBs, steel structures are preferred and hence, steel girder with composite Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) deck slab with surface wearing coat is proposed in cross section.

Existing Mahul Road and Barrister Nath Pai road will continue to have its connectivity with the proposed ROB

Benefits of the new proposed Cable Stayed Bridge:

  • No additional land will be required.
  • The new proposed Cable Stayed Bridge will be implemented on the same location of the existing ROB.
  • Existing ramps of Mahul Road and Barrister Nath Pai Marg can be retained by matching the profile with the new proposed bridge.

3D representation of the New Proposed Cable Stayed Bridge

About MahaRail:

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC or MahaRail) a Joint Venture of “Government of Maharashtra” and “Ministry of Railways” on 50:50 basis with an objective to provide a boost to the Rail Infrastructure Projects in the state of Maharashtra by providing critical connectivity and capacity enhancement. MRIDC’s aim is to identify the traffic potential of different regions of the state including Rail connectivity to the neighboring states and to find out economically viable projects and implement them with fast track quality construction and commissioning.

Source: MahaRail-Press Release

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